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Machine engraved Traffolyte labels, Commemorative & Memorial Plaques on Brass, Stainless Steel & Bronze. General engraving on all metals and plastics.

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The Audio Guild

20 May 2016

I can't tell those who are reading this how pleased I have been working with Able Engraving & Design over the past three years except to say that I live in the United States. That's how pleased I have been.



9 August 2012

When our company went looking for an engraver to produce some "vintage" etched brass plates for a product we are developing we were initially disappointed. We found a number of engravers that made etched brass plates, but none of them made them with the baked enamel paint fill that we required. Instead, they only offered a patination process that made the etched portion look kinda sorta somewhat "black."Our search continued until we finally found Able Engraving on the other side of the Atlantic (we're located in the U.S.) and saw that they not only produced etched brass plates, but also offered them with baked enamel paint fill.We decided to test the waters and placed an order for a batch of one of the several such plates we will be using.Bottom line, we couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Our standards for quality work are very high and Able did not fall short. We highly recommend them and are proud to have become their first truly international customer.Steve Eddy & Denny MuratovicThe Audio Guild More...


Qype User philli…

8 August 2012

You are the best engravers (able-engraving.co.uk) in London fantastic service to

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