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Nanaimo, Canada

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Nanaimo, Canada



My business is designed to help you improve your quality of life through safe, progressive fitness systems and solutions.
If your body needs support to tone up and drop some weight, I know how to help you get there in a reasonable amount of time.


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Don Allan

23 August 2019

Great trainer


Jackie Ainey

22 June 2019

Very focused on my health and well being.


David Dobinson

20 June 2019

Germana is the consumate professional. Her knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition as it relates to her clients is excellent. I have had excellent results with Germana as my guide. More...


S. Wood

19 June 2019

Germana is always encouraging and insightful. She recommends exercises appropriate to your condition and goals. She monitors your technique to minimize injury. She has a great reputation which is well deserved after working with her over 10 years. More...


Vivian Billard

19 June 2019

Outstanding! Gentle yet effective!

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I help my clients reach their goals through safe progressive program design, proper technique, body awareness, posture correction and education.

The secret to getting the body of your dreams is to
Accept your body type, somatype (there are three types )
Then take advantage of the strengths of your type and make friends with your weakness.
Then treat fitness and strength training
as a lifestyle. Believe in the power of Free will and choice, participate in a plan that’s dynamic, fun effective and challenging you. Your body will adapt and become the best version of itself with time patience and proper nutrition.

I love helping people to live their best life. It can be to reach a particular goal, improved strength, muscle tone, better posture, reduce injury or stress, or compete in an event.
I Love helping people do something they didn’t know they could do.

I wanted to be able to help people without someone else having the ability to sabatoge my vision.
I started as a rehab consultant for ICBC. After a few years I started working privately with clients in their home and my training studio.
I started my business because we didn’t have anything for people who needed help and weren’t comfortable going into a traditional gym setting

I provide a safe non judgemental atmosphere for clientele to overcome any personal obstacles. I care about your quality of life in Body Mind and Spirit.
What makes your life matter ?
What makes your heart happy ?
What increases your “ YES, I CAN “


One on One Personal Training in a Private Boutique studio

Provide a complete evaluation of your bodies health as it relates to your digestion, endocrine system immune system and blood sugar needs. This program helps you prevent potential long term illness and offers nutritional solutions to help you make choices over the span of your life.

Do you have a gym membership but lack a complete program? I have a program designed for your ultimate success, providing face to face visits via Skype or Facetime with a private platform to give you a Complete program for Weightloss, Contest Preparation or a Bulking Program. This program will help you get in the best shape of your life.

Would like to be part of a small strength training group? Get and stay on track at a fraction of the cost of One on One training 2 months are $210.00 pre-tax Studies show that people who train together feel more connected and support each in multiple ways. I offer a evening Group Monday Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 pm A morning Group Tuesday Thursdays 6-7 am