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19 April 2019

Great shop. Came in with queries about issues with my IPhone XR and a gentleman told me about the issues with my phone and fixed it on the spot. Amazing shop if I have any more problems I will definitely go here. More...


Nina Williams

20 March 2019

I have worked with AA Mac for years and they always go above and beyond to provide great service and support. They are reliable, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with.


Marketa Horsakova

20 March 2019

AA Mac engineers provided an excellent service on each occasion by diagnosing and resolving all my Mac issues. They are easy to reach and always ready to help. I couldn't find a better technical support for my Mac. More...


mark peronius

20 March 2019

Took my son's MacBook Pro to them on Wednesday and asked if they could rush this as he was going back Friday. On Thursday they said it's all done and we can send to home address if needed. I picked it up on Thursday and was really impressed with the service. Fast service and not as expensive as apple.Would definitely recommend them to everyone. More...


Thomas John

18 February 2019

They changed my battery within two hours on one iPhone and changed the screen on another within two days as the screen was not available when I brought the phone in. Very prompt service and not too costly. More...


kishan kirin

18 February 2019

was fantastic. People there were nice and friendly. it is a small shop but the get the job done quick. I found there service amazing. they have nice staff and they replace my iPhone battery under 30 mins. I highly recommend people go there. also when is that iPhone stand coming. you guys said I will get one if I write a review More...


First Name Last Name

18 February 2019

Great service. Replaced my phone battery the same day (even though I came in late and they said were already fully booked). And even sent me a gift a couple months later. 10/10 More...



8 February 2019

Broken Macbook screen, no appoints at Brom Apple store for 4 days, AA Mac was nxt on list of certified stores so booked for nxt day.Worried about parking, not been to area before, but easy to find, they also had a customer space. Greeted by Milan, lovely guy, listened, assessed damage & told me the glass couldn't be replaced, the whole lid needed replacing. He was very knowledgeable, caring, patient, quick & efficient. I then met James (hope I got his name right), I believe he might of been the manager, he was also very professional & attentive. Between the 2 of them they worked fast to give me a quote, order my part and said if the part arrived the next day I could collect it next day (they ordered the part before I even left)Next day a text said it was ready! :DWhile I was in the shop I witnessed other customers coming in for help, they also received the same level of care, info & professionalism.I have already recommended these guys. Thank you so much More...


Sébastien Pezzini-Picart

19 January 2019

Good experience, although booked an appointment via Apple website they didn’t seem to have much of a record of it. However they were able to change my phone battery within just over a day. If there wasn’t the battery offer influx they could have done it in a few hours which would have been great More...


Umang Patel

19 January 2019

Excellent repair, and the engineer kept intact my sticker skin which was on the Mac. Repaired it the morning the replacement part arrived from Apple.I have a suggestion to improve service... when I dropped off the Mac, it was looked at and I was told it would be repaired within 24 hours. However it actually turned out to be three days because they needed to order a part from Apple. Would have been good to have made that assessment initially and given me a more realistic repair estimate More...


Michael Fas

2 November 2018

The best ever complete service that you can find for Apple products.


Jess Chatwal

19 August 2018

Great honest service highly recommend


Chris Pennington

29 June 2018

I have an iMac that is now 9 years old. It had been sluggish for a while and finally stopped working (would not start). After a few personal checks I contacted AA Mac in Wallington. I took the iMac in immediately to the shop. AA Mac explained the process they would follow to check the problem out. A couple of days later they contacted me having identified a problem with the hard drive. AA Mac discussed my options clearly and simply and I chose to replace the hard drive with a new SSD flash drive. They called me the following day to say they would do a restoration from the old hard drive and I received a text the day after to say that I could pick up my iMac.

I found AA Mac to be excellent. Their schedule was clearly described and they stuck to it. Communication with me was first class. They provided everything you need from a contractor. They kept me informed and fixed the problem.


Peter Deering

28 June 2018

Called in yesterday over a problem with my iPad mini and they very kindly sorted it out straight away at no charge . I have always used AA Mac for my office iMacs and have found them to be very efficient with an excellent service.


Robert O'Sullivan

22 June 2018

AA Mac, the saviours of the Apple world. Within 2 months we had a hard-drive failure and battery replacement on two of our laptops. AA Mac have repaired both of these machines to a better than new quality, in an incredibly quick timeframe. Couldn't be happier!

10/10, Absolutely Great Service.


N Fleet

21 June 2018

I've just had another excellent experience at AA Mac. The team couldn't have been more helpful and supportive. They have done a super job for me, with a quick turnaround and a timely follow up call which helped me iron out a minor glitch (nothing to do with AA Mac but they still helped).
It's such a nerve-wracking time when there's a problem with your computer and to have this this sort of service locally is very reassuring.
A big thank you to you all.


Full Time Entertainment

22 May 2018

Really good customer service. I’m impressed :)
Will recommend to everyone.


Kay Hulbert

20 April 2018

Thought my screen had died, popped in and sorted within minutes. Thank you!


Gary Cunningham

19 April 2018

I just want to say a huge thanks for AA Mac as always!
Over the past few years I have contacted AA Mac regarding my Mac problems and no task has been to big or too small !

Thanks for everything AA Mac team


adrien jude

19 April 2018

Aa Mac is top quality service been using them for years with no complaints. Delivery dates always on target and exceptional service


Robert Goddard

19 April 2018

I've sent several repairs to AA Mac and not once have they let me down. I'm always surprised at the speed of their repairs. Unbelievably I've still not had a single issue with any item I have sent, which speaks volumes about the quality of their service. More...


Sara Myers

3 March 2018

Excellent service especially under terrible snow conditions. Much faster than the Apple shops as there is often a wait for an appointment. No wait to be seen and phone was back to me in 2 days.
Thank you


Nige Smith

2 March 2018

Very professional and friendly staff here. after a diagnosis my MacBook Pro got fixed within three days. Very pleased. Thank you.


Max Hutchings

24 February 2018

Great service. Very helpful and knowledgable. Good guys who want to help


Jennifer Corcoran

27 January 2018

I popped in this morning to AA Mac with my MacBook Air. It had the blue screen of death on it so I was feeling very anxious. I had tried to trouble shoot myself to no avail. Within minutes the guys had my Mac up and running and had made a prompt diagnosis. I would not hesitate to recommend these guys, you feel in very safe and expert hands and I will be going to them for all of my Apple needs in the future. I left the shop feeling happy and calm. Keep up the great work guys! More...


Michael Corcoran

27 January 2018

Took problem MacBook to the store (blue screen no start up) . The very professional guy fixed it immediately and gave us lots of advice, and didn't even charge us! Excellent customer service.
Highly recommended.


Lisa Grant

24 January 2018

Brill service! Popped in this morning with faulty phone, and all repaired within an hour Really friendly and highly recommend - thank u!!


Patrick Foune

23 January 2018

Walk-in service is good and very knowledgeable.



20 January 2018

Experienced great customer service. From both the technician and reception. Thank you for your assistance


Ian Mole

20 December 2017

I popped into have new my iphone8 looked at as it kept switching off.
they sorted it straight away at no cost. highly recommended and thank you


Brian Herbert

15 November 2017

Jamie was so helpful great company would recommend


Crown Lane

21 September 2017

Excellent support, and sales over the past 10 years for our business - including assistance just today many years after the last purchase. Very happy with this company.


Eleanor Jones

2 September 2017

Great , friendly staff , unfortunalty inable to fix my iPhone but they tried their best many times and didn't charge me ! Can be busy so recommend booking online!


Serhat Ozberber

14 August 2017

I had good service from AA Mac. Small store but knowledgable and professional individual. They are an authorised dealer which means you get the real deal here. Not cheap but no Apple product is. Replaced my iphone 6s and assisted with complete data transfer. More...


Lucy Maynard

14 July 2017

First class service, very fast, friendly and helpful, my mac is running better than it ever has - thanks so much!


Richard Watson

13 April 2017

They have just replaced the graphics card in my 5 year old iMac and managed to get Apple to pay for it. Everything about this company is first class, phone advice, phone and text contact and fast turn around. Very highly recommended.


Joe Barrington

12 April 2017

Broken iPhone 7plus screen
I've used these guys before for my Apple laptops. They say it as it is , which some people may not like , but I'd rather them be honest to avoid any surprise at the end. Whilst nobody wants to pay for repairs and go for the cheapest option , I'm done with corner shop promises! Phone was dropped in at 9am and returned by 5pm with full Apple Warranty.

Beats doing the mission into Bromley or London Apple Store .

Happily use them again and again



Daniel Mullings

19 March 2017

Great service awarded Apple Premium Service Provider accreditation for 2017 for the 6th year running



19 December 2016

Good product knowledge. Great service and straightforward advice.


Suzanne Looms

30 November 2016

Applestore sniffed at my old desktop computer and wouldn't repair. I rang round and found AA Mac, who were willing to tackle it. We'd had a sudden overhead lightning strike that knocked out IT and phones in the 2 streets. AA restored the data and computer, updated OS and charged a modest price. Excellent customer service (and yah boo to Apple store.) More...


Ramesh Bala

28 November 2016

Friendly staff. Good service.


Lissie Buxton

17 October 2016

Honest from the start thank you Jamie


Zoe Marcuzzi

21 May 2016

They managed to save my Mac and all the data on it - at a price mind but these things are always expensive. Staff were very friendly, polite and efficient. I would definitely recommend.


Hank H'ng

12 March 2016

Logic board issue with my MacBook Pro, fixed and returned within a week. Friendly and extremely efficient service. Highly recommended - much better than going into an Apple shop and having to pay 3x the price for the same service and having to wait 3 times as long too!


Terry Crew

26 December 2015

Our iMac 27" 2011 had an issue when booting up, after a diagnostic fee they kept the computer and a few days later. I collected it with the video card being replaced. After returning home we found that a similar error was occurring, I took it straight back and they discovered the 'logic board' was an additional fault after an extensive diagnosis.

So they replaced both the 'logic board' and video card again for no extra cost maybe due to the apple diagnostic tool missing the fault in the first place. To ensure the error did not resurface they tested it extensively over several days before I collected it again.

In addition they also replaced the faulty screen that was darker on one side than the other that happened a number of months before we visited AA Mac, again for no additional charge. Which they didn't have to do at all.

After all these complications the service was very good as they went out of their way to rectify the problems we faced and I would highly recommend using their services/expertise before going to any Apple Store 'Genius' bar for any apple product I may have in the future.


Oliver Mays

14 August 2015

Took my Macbook Pro to get it repaired under an extended repair programme due to a faulty part.
Would normally go to an Apple store for repairs but there were no appointments for a whole week!
Took it in on Tuesday and they had it back before the weekend which was great, especially as I wouldn't have been able to get it to a store till the following Monday.

The text messages letting me know they received the needed parts and then when my laptop was ready, were very convenient so I wouldn't have to wait and possibly miss a phone call or something.

My Macbook has been repaired with no issues.



Daoud Himmo

11 April 2015

AA Mac Repaired my Macbook Pro under the Apple Program to replace Logic Boards / Graphics Cards in the late 2011 models. They were very open, explained the situation well. Fortunately for me the machine passed the test and was repaired for free. They send you very regular text messages at each stage of the repair and it was even completed on a national holiday showing the guys must enjoy what they are doing. The laptop now works as it should. Fully recommend them. More...