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I run a digital agency called AA Digital in Buckinghamshire, UK where my partner and I design logos, graphics and websites specifically for small and medium sized businesses and start-ups.

Since launching in 2008, we have completed nearly 300 websites and have retained many of our clients for ongoing work to make their business grow.


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26 September 2018

Ayaz designed, developed and delivered a fantastic website for our law firm. All of our team are more than impressed and we look forward to working with Ayaz to further push our firm online.

26 September 2018

Excellent work again from Ayaz. Thanks.

26 September 2018

Once again Ayaz has been superb. Clean design on this one. Many thanks.

26 September 2018

Simply the best designer I have worked with on Bark. Long may it continue.

26 September 2018

Ayaz created a magnificent niche website for our new company he worked alongside us every step of the way. He undertook a lot of self-directed research to produce just what we wanted. We have had top mark reviews from people visiting the site- it has had a tremendous impact on our recruitment of foster carers. Try him, he is great and not expensive! Thank you Ayaz - good luck Marilyn More...

26 September 2018

We first heard about AA Digital following making enquiries on another company's website. I found Ayaz very approachable and showed interest in our new business. Ayaz undertook research on the market and following many conversations for clarification etc Ayaz produced an excellent website for us. Ayaz has put forward other suggestions to promote our services using the social media platform to capture a larger audience. Ayaz is very knowledgeable in his field and we are grateful for his patience at the lack of our (my) understanding on social media and showing an interest in our product. Thank you Ayaz for all you help and support - Norma


19 September 2018

I loved working with Ayaz. He was so clever and patient especially as I didn't have a clue as to what I wanted. Ayaz made my business cards, logo and website and I would definitely recommend that you choose him do design yours too!

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Too many websites are filled with boring information. They act as brochures for the company but don’t help solve their visitor’s problems, needs or wants. What is needed is websites that convert visitors into customers and website users into leads. There are some key factors every website needs to do this:

- Grab attention
- Be intuitive to move around
- Answer questions
- Build interest
- Build trust
- Convert your visitors

What are your online goals?

What is your user/customer profile?

What is the key message you want to get across to visitors?

Do you need your brand to be reinforced?

Do you have any direct competitors we could out perform?

What is your budget?

What functionality do you need from your website?

Discover – The first step of my process covers the start of the project. I look at the world in a fresh way, notice new things and gather insights related to the industry I am working on.

Define – The second step is the definition stage, in which I make sense of all the possibilities identified in the Discover phase. Which matters most? Which should I act on first? What is feasible? The goal here is to develop a clear creative brief that frames the fundamental design challenge.

Develop – The third step marks a period of development where solutions or concepts are created, prototyped, tested and iterated. This process of trial and error helps me to improve and refine ideas.

Delivery – The final step is the delivery stage, where the resulting project is finalised, produced and launched along with as many revisions that are required to perfectly meet our goals.

The more information provided by a client the better the website will be:

- Business information
- Contact details
- Content you want on the website
- Services
- Portfolio/Case studies
- Graphics, photos, logos
- Your business model
- Anything else you may feel is needed to created a definitive final product

I genuinely love meeting new people and learning about their ideas and businesses. I have worked with people from every industry I can think of and there is never a limit or barrier to the level of innovation which can be applied to increase their market share. I enjoy surpassing expectations and going the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.

I have always been inspired by innovative design and technology which is something I have a good knack for. Combining this to business models for small enterprises is something which many struggle to accomplish and this is where I fit in. Seeing the lack of effective digital applications and large amounts of shoddy websites out there, I was inspired to launch my own digital design agency.

I enable small businesses to compete both online and offline using the tactics and resources that big corporations rely on. With me you not only get someone who can design a good looking website but someone who is well versed in business and lead generation. I can give you the massive boost you need using tactics. ideas and resources most small businesses are not aware of.