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We at A1 PC Repairs, situated in Leigh primarily fix computers and laptops for a fixed fee of £45. That includes the call out, the taking away, the labour and the return of your equipment, installation and general help needed along the way. It only doesn't include parts you might require, but we'll even go out and purchase them for you too! All for the same fixed fee. So no matter how big your problem, we can fix it, and the price never changes. Oh and if we don't fix it... We don't charge! Simples :)

A1 PC Repairs Limited Reviews

A1 PC Repairs Limited Reviews

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Marius Tubinis
5 03/03/2018 Marius Tubinis

Highly recommended. Professional service and very friendly staff.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Derek .Heritage
5 02/10/2017 Derek .Heritage

Discovering Dave was one of the best things I've done. Being housebound, with limited mobility, computing is a lifeline for me and on more than one occasion Dave had got me going again when I've had problems. How on earth he makes a living on the modest fixed fee he charges I'll never know! Without hesitation I would recommend his services.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by phil loftus
5 27/09/2017 phil loftus

Absolutely saved my ass when i messed a setting up on my misses PC, thought she was a gonna kill me!, got the PC working (better than it used to in my opinion) saved me much ear ache! Great customer service and fast repair. VERY cheap also. £45 for full diagnostics advice and repair, even taught me what i did wrong and how to fix it myself if it happens again, you are NOT going to get that anywhere else, other places I've been too have charged me that and more just for the diagnostics. i will never go anywhere else from now on

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Jon Taverner
5 26/09/2017 Jon Taverner

Excellent service. Problem solved extremely quickly. Very reassuring to know that there is someone in the local area who is courteous, knowledgeable and professional.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by John Cardwell
5 05/09/2017 John Cardwell

I've been using Dave to fix all my tech stuff for about 20 years! I'm 80 this year and wouldn't even know how to switch a pc on if it wasn't for Dave. I'm so glad he opened up A1 PC and is doing a great Job. Anyone wanting to find someone trusting and caring to fix their phones and computers should look no further! God bless anyone reading this.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Nicole B
5 02/09/2017 Nicole B

EXCELLENT! Would just like to say what an outstanding service from such a professional (Dave). Not only did he do what was asked but beyond! Highly recommend this service and I will be returning when ever in need in the future! Quick, easy and provided the best advice! Thanks again!

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by AnimationTuber HD
5 29/08/2017 AnimationTuber HD

Absolutely fantastic!! sorted my sons computer within the hour free of charge! you just don't get service like that in this day and age! He was rang by a scammer who took over his computer remotely and infected it with all sorts of who knows what. I was so worried but luckily he couldn't give my bank details so they didn't get anything. Anyway its all fixed now. Thank you A1pc Repairs. I would recommend to anyone!!!

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Telford Cunningham
5 14/08/2017 Telford Cunningham

Would award more than 5 stars if I could. Quick, and efficient service, David gave excellent advice and saved me money. Would highly recommend to anyone needing help with PC problems - Make A1 PC repairs your first port of call.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by joe dillon
5 31/07/2017 joe dillon

Dave repaired faulty chromebook. Picked up same day, ordered part & returned it a couple of days later.

Great service.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by William Jones
5 29/07/2017 William Jones

I've been having trouble for a few months with email passwords and been looking for someone to help, but no one seemed to be able to sort it. Then I found A1, who came to my house, and within a few days my emails are all working again and new passwords recovered. Highly recommend!

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Denis Rawlinson
5 10/05/2017 Denis Rawlinson

This is a first class PC service. Dave is a most conscientious and hard working person who provides the A1 Service his company logo infers. Dave provides personal and unbelievably prompt service.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Ian Malam
5 09/03/2017 Ian Malam

I've known David from high school & when my laptop broke I went to him for help. He came through more than I could say. The advise he gave was top notch. Top lad in school & top bloke now. Go to him for your tech needs

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Diane Cook
5 02/03/2017 Diane Cook

Dave is absolutely Brilliant he work's wonder's with computer's I don't know what I'd have done without him, If you do need anything doing on your computer PLEASE contact Dave he will Definitely help in any way he can.........

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Michelle Draper
5 24/02/2017 Michelle Draper

I would highly recommend Dave ! I read the reviews firstly before I contacted him and he came out the same day, fantastic service and great price ! my computer runs like new and i know that i can contact him with any problems I may have and get great service thank you.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Tom Stringfellow
5 26/01/2017 Tom Stringfellow

having trouble with my p.c.looked for local repairers on my phone. found A1PC repairs. phoned 2pm David came out to me same day. repaired fault. then took it away had new hard drive fitted. returned computer 2 days later received excellent.service. computer now running great. he even down loaded all my photos and came back and installed them for me. would highly recommend him

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Kevin Mcg
5 05/01/2017 Kevin Mcg

Saved me a fortune on my pc. Everything works better than i expected. Will use in the future. Great job mate.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by oZiippo
5 31/12/2016 oZiippo

Great service, very friendly, does a great job for a very reasonable price. Incredible service and I would highly recommend him.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Les Greenall
5 27/12/2016 Les Greenall


Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Ian Nutter
5 24/12/2016 Ian Nutter

Always fixed my own PC in the past but age gets us all Thats when A1 takes over and i must say he did a great job for what was a really good price

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Nicky Stott
5 21/12/2016 Nicky Stott

Brilliant customer service, nothing too much trouble, would gladly recommend to everyone I know, thanks very much for your patience

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Yvette Clark
5 08/12/2016 Yvette Clark

Excellent service. Quick call out. Dave is an honest, helpful and genuine person. Very reasonable prices. Comes highly recommended. Will use again.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Michael Gallagher
5 01/09/2016 Michael Gallagher

this guy is holding a gun to my head to write this review !!!!!!!! top man and always ready to help,!!!!! ok hes gone a really top man and no hes not my dad !! hope that is enough butter for you. hope thats enough to get you enough customers to make you a millionaire !! dont foget 10% !!!! cheers dave , michael.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Michael Locke
5 29/07/2016 Michael Locke

My son's laptop keyboard had an intermittent fault and certain keys would stop working. David replaced the keyboard and fixed the problem for a very reasonable fee and in a super quick time. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Thanks.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Carolyn McNally
5 28/07/2016 Carolyn McNally

Brilliant. First class job done (again) nothing is too much trouble for A1 PC repairs. Thank you.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Alan Hill
5 25/06/2016 Alan Hill

i phoned Dave at a1pcrepairs about my laptop running extremely slow, i explained i wasn't available till after 5pm. he came and had a look and explained every detail what was wrong. he took the laptop away and brought it back the following day. when Dave brought it back he sat and ran through everything he had done and made sure i was happy with the lap top before he left. i would highly recommend him and will certainly ring him the next time i need it fixing.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Carolyn McNally
5 10/03/2016 Carolyn McNally

My very unhealthy laptop is now fully restored thanks to A1, who worked very hard removing all my viruses and as an added bonus I had my laptop returned to me the next working day. Thank you so much.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Sue Illidge
5 09/03/2016 Sue Illidge

David was so helpful! Can't thank him enough for coming out so quickly and taking the time and trouble to sort things out for me. I would definitely use this company again in the future and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to anyone else :))

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Owen Clarke
5 12/02/2016 Owen Clarke

Fixed PC and replaced faulty graphics card within 2 days, friendly service and very helpful!

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by janet bilsbury
5 09/02/2016 janet bilsbury

Luckily this is the only time I had to ask David for help. I put the computer on and the screen was blank.
He came the time he said he would and brought me a new screen. Every thing is fine.
I highly recommend David.
Mrs Bilsbury

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by James Cresswell
4 06/01/2016 James Cresswell

My laptop was fix for a reasonable price and in good time. The only issue is now my computer starts up slow but I put that down to the fact the newly installed hard drive is only 250 gig and is no fault of Dave's

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Emma Rooney
5 08/12/2015 Emma Rooney

Got all my computers repaired from A1 for the past few years and have always been very impressed with the service and effort put into each and every one. Highly recommend their services to all.Very reasonable prices too!

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Paul Jackson
5 31/10/2015 Paul Jackson

Great job Fixing my laptop screen and great price too

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Margaret Kehoe
5 27/10/2015 Margaret Kehoe

excellent service,nothing was too much trouble.although it was only my printer I couldn't use with my laptop he also spent a lot of time curing my laptap of other faults.could not recommend him highly enough.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Greg Gorton
5 20/10/2015 Greg Gorton

I have have used A1 on several occasions now, and always found them to be first class and helpful. Dave always comes, is always on the end of a phone to give advice and his fixed fee repair means I always know where I stand when I call. A1 by name and A1 by service. Class!

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by vicki robinson
5 23/09/2015 vicki robinson

Fantastic company. Quick call out, great prices and service. Thank you so much A1 PC repairs.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by SMiLeY QuEeN
5 18/09/2015 SMiLeY QuEeN

I chose to visit A1 simply because I saw it had the best ratings- and it exceeded my own expectations. Both my computer and iPhone had been hacked and I could not access my email account on either and the CD burner wasn't working. From the minute I spoke to Dave on the phone, I immediately trusted him- he will even travel to your home if need be, but I chose to drop my laptop off at the shop. I was reassured by his assistant Vicky that Dave is purely there to help people and sort out the problem, not to rip people off. And I wasn't proved wrong- the ongoing problem with CD burner and internet issues solved within 1/2 a day and such a genuine committed guy- if I had to give any criticism it would be he's generous to a fault- I actually gave him an extra tenner for his efforts. Outstanding service- this guy really knows his stuff and stands out from the crowd!

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Pauline Sullivan
5 10/09/2015 Pauline Sullivan

Thanks to David who did a great job getting my computer up to scratch, he was very efficent , polite and would recommend A1 PC REPAIRS. So pleased when he got my internet back , he is better than most very reliable and the price was right, Nothing was too much trouble to him. Thanks again David.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Emma Rooney
5 16/08/2015 Emma Rooney

Same day service. Used many times and never let me down. Highly recommended.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Chris
5 16/08/2015 Chris

Always professional and polite, knows his stuff but doesn't make you feel stupid. He's done lots of work with my computers and I'd recommend him to anyone.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Mavis Howarth
5 18/06/2015 Mavis Howarth

Excellent service from a very polite young man who I would rely on for help with my laptop.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Susan Arden
5 16/06/2015 Susan Arden

Dave came here at 6pm and knew instantly what the fault was! I wouldn't ask for anyone else and would always ask for him again when ever my computer doesn't work.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Ruth Shorrock
5 01/06/2015 Ruth Shorrock

Been out to me a few times now over the years. Very knowledgeable engineer. Very pleased with the service.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by David Moorhouse
5 31/05/2015 David Moorhouse

Came out on a sunday, fixed my problems in minutes, great service, would use again!

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by neville fullelove
5 29/05/2015 neville fullelove

Makes the complicated seem easy.very competent operator.
Would recommend his services.

Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by graham
5 31/03/2015 graham

repair carried out for reasonable price

Used this pro
Review of A1 PC Repairs Limited by Christine Burkinshaw
5 09/02/2015 Christine Burkinshaw

Just had A1 PC Repairs come and sort out my laptop. He did not do the conventional immediate 'wipe all away job' as most would suggest but took some time to clean it up and boy was it in a mess! David Kenny is to be highly recommended!
Seek him out to help you and pass this on.

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