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Seeing the lightbulb moments-- live! Watching limiting beliefs disappear, and then seeing confidence fill that void instead, is truly a magical moment.

Being a Confidence Coach is inspiring in itself -- I'm inspired to uphold the values and meaning behind what it means to be a Confidence Coach. Beyond that, I'm so eager to share my practice with people that are struggling because it is a means to an end of that struggle, and a catalyst for something greater. Watching that 'something greater' unfold is what inspires me to do this. Rinse & Repeat :-)

I've lived in the same headspace many of my clients are struggling with today. It can be a tough, dark, and frustrating feeling. Through my own confidence journey, I've learned that sometimes it takes a little extra help to figure it out and identify the first step out of that 'stuck' feeling. I am fully committed to being that extra help. I've also learned the importance of having more understanding in your life; an understanding of yourself-- of your needs -- is critical to becoming a confident person, and I will facilitate that understanding and help you unlock the skills you already have to get more confident. If you're ready to commit to that path, then let's work together!