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Onick P.

10 June 2019

My 5 year year old son has been attending A+ since March. He loves going to class each week. The instructors are kind, but firm. The classes have improved his stamina, focus, flexibility and strength. He will absolutely continue attending next year. Senseis Ashley and Adham are professional and talented. They encourage respect and give it. I would highly recommend this program. More...


Daniela A.

6 February 2019

We are very happy with the little dragons class at A+ Martial Arts!  My son initially had a hard time adjusting to the new setting and unfamiliar activity even though he found the class to be very fun.  Sensei Adham worked patiently and persistently to make him feel comfortable over time and gain the confidence to independently participate in class and flourish!  Both Sensei Adham and Sensei Ashley work wonderfully with the young kids.  My son and his friends love the class. More...


Ignazia D.

4 February 2019

My 2 kids have been taking karate with a+MARTIAL arts and have been loving it. The sensei's are patient with children. They are knowledgeable and very professional. They offer classes almost every day. Highly recommend More...


Rona I.

6 January 2019

I was searching for a martial art studio for my  daughter to practice karate, I came across A + and decided to sign her up. She's been practicing about three times a week and so far she loves it. She love her Sensei's (Adham and Ashley) they are amazing a family. She love the practice and she gets so much attention to the details from her sensei. They are supporting and caring. Even offers to help with homework We are very happy we are part of A+ Martial Art family. Thank you!! Easy parking in the back of the building or drop off the kids in front of the studio. More...


Matt T.

28 December 2018

If you are considering learning martial arts or looking to get into shape  I highly recommend A+ Martial Arts. They have adult classes everyday. I take both Adult Karate and Kickboxing and it is an amazing deal. It is very affordable compared to other martial arts and group fitness studios in the area. Both classes are taught by either Sensei Ashley who is currently on the Karate Olympic Team and Sensei Adham who is currently a professional fighter in Karate Combat League.I am a beginner in Karate and have really enjoyed the classes. It is not like other studios/ gyms where the instructor may say one or two words to you the whole class and you feel like a fish out of water. Sensei Ashley and Sensei Adham will patiently give you their undivided attention in making sure you have the correct technique down. They also incorporate fun drills that improve coordination and stretching methods that improve flexibility in hips/ legs. After a few classes your confidence will grow, your flexibility will increase and you will have learned practical self defense skills. It does not matter what age or level you are, they are both truly passionate about Karate and have incredible knowledge. I usually try to stay after Karate for Kickboxing class. The classes are really fun but also a great workout. Sometimes Sensei Ashley or Sensei Adham will join the class in the workout. So you know for sure these are not gimmick workouts, you are literally training like a professional athlete. They incorporate calisthenic workouts as well as punching and kicking the bag which is a great stress reliever. They also motivate you and push you so that you are able to give max effort for every workout. You will get a lot stronger and toned from these workouts and you will see the results within weeks.A+ Martial Arts gives you an extremely unique opportunity to train with two of the top Karate/ Kick boxing experts in the world. If you want to be the best version of yourself, you should have the best people train you. You will not regret it! More...


Lora S.

24 December 2018

Great martial arts school. Karate is meant for kids to learn discipline and self defense and it provides them with self esteem. Plus this school has awesome instructors! They truly care about the kids. Age appropriate classes and levels are offered. Awesome environment. Couldn't be happier. More...


Talia R.

21 October 2018

This is the one of the best karate school you can find It runs by two professionals Sensei My daughter is training with them two years and in these two years she achieved so much She is two national champion And she achieved it with the guidance of her Sensei .It is not another babyistting place that your kids running In their class kids learning and get their foundation of classic karate which prepares them for tournament and for real life. More...


Joshua R.

21 October 2018

Excellent martial arts dojo specializing in Shotokan Karate and kickboxing.  Run by Ashley Davis (US National Team) and Adham Sabry, the schoolexcels in training young competitors for national level success. My 8 year old daughter has been studying Karate for two years under both Sensei Ashley and Sensei Adham. She won the  US Nationals twice (both years) and won gold at multiple other national level tournaments. This is an excellent dojo run by caring professionals who still compete in international level Karate. More...

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