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A&H Accountants

Desoto, Tx

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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A&H Accountants

Desoto, Tx

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


A&H Accountants

We provide bookkeeping, individual, and business accounting information.
Quickbooks Platinum Certified ProAdvisors (CPA Exam Candidate)
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Victoria Price

17 February 2019

A & H tax services are great. Three easy steps. Advanced loans from your returns. Nice friendly people. Mr. Terrell is a very professional man. He gave me my quote and i received just that. I got my taxes back instantly and i would recommend family and friends. Thanks A & H for your service. More...


Mckinnley Washington

18 January 2019

Don't listen to those haters out there! You have to Try them. I highly recommend A&H Accountants, and I guarantee you will get impeccable service. Not just service, but competent, knowledgeable and loyalty. The lead accountant is a CPA candidate. He is a graduate of BU Baylor. He has a Masters degree in Accounting and Taxation. He knows what he's doing. More...


Larry Martin

18 January 2019

A&H Accountant have been doing my taxes for over ten Years.I highly recommend this company. They are honest, reliable, professional and competent. Additionally the staff and accountant is highly educated in the field of taxation and accounting. More...


Richard Smith

18 January 2019

A&H Accounting is a legitimate accounting firm. I highly recommend them.The owner is a CPA exam candidate. He is educated in discipline of accounting and taxation. The staff is nice and approachable. I have had A&H prepared my taxes and accounting including bookkeeping for my business for last five + years. I'm completely satisfied with A&H accounting service. I highly recommend them. More...


Hope Hill

18 May 2018

This place truly gives your taxes fast!!!! I submitted mine on Friday picked up my check the next week. I was also very pleased it is close to my home not including the flexible prices. A&H is definitely where I will be going next year. More...


Ilias Oudri

18 May 2018

This place has been able to help me get the maximum amount of returned taxes for two years in a row.
I'm very pleased by the way this office runs, they are very friendly and good at what they do. Anyone in the Desoto area must try them. More...


Beautifulest b

18 May 2017

They did an excellent job preparing my taxes. They are professional the best tax accountant in Desoto. Texas.


Quincy Terrell

24 March 2017

Thier professional and got me the max allowed tax return. They're friendly their courteous they are the best tax accountant.

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Accountant Skills and Qualifications:

Accounting, Corporate Finance, Reporting Skills, Attention to Detail, Deadline-Oriented, Reporting Research Results, SFAS Rules, Confidentiality, Time Management, Data Entry Management, General Math Skills

To be in compliance with federal, state, and local tax requirements and quarterly, annually reporting
Cash flow management
For Tax purposes
Assets Management
Managing your transactions
Financial Growth
Financial Planning
Any time you have loans
balance sheet and income statement in order to know your net worth
Shows your business position
Business mentor
broad knowledge of business
government reporting
business structure

Accounting has always helped me keep better management of my financials and maintain my businesses going.

Entrepreneur spirited, I've always been intrigued by businesses. I started my journey of quenching my desired for business knowledge by attending a top university. I entered and was accepted into Hankamer School of Business. There I learned of business structures and accounting. Now I'm at a point where I can use that knowledge and education to get my CPA license.

I will work hard for you to make your business aspirations come true. and that you are in compliance with federal laws, federal state and local taxes,



a) Individual Taxes (Federal and State) b) Corporate Tax Filing c) Franchise Tax Report d) Quarterly Tax Annual Report e) IRS Debt Negotiation

a) Monthly Financials b) General Ledger Audit c) Journal Entries d) Bank Reconciliation and Credit Card Reconciliation e) Job Cost Tracking f) Payroll Recording g) Cash Receipts Recording and Monthly Reconciliation of Accounts Receivable h) Posting of Payments and Accounts Payable and Monthly Reconciliation of Account i) Bank Loan Documentation j) Income Statement Balance Sheet