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Bespoke event planning & decor and floral styling that expresses who YOU are.

Creating events that are simply UNFORGETTABLE.

Expertly taking care of everything for you right down to the finest DETAILS.

An event production that is UNIQUE and MEMORABLE.

Contact us today to bring YOUR event dreams to life.


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The fact that it's not a job but a passion that I had the opportunity to bring to life and i jumped at the chance to do it full time. I love and truly appreciate the fact that each and every client we work with is totally unique and each one has a very different idea for what they want ito decor and flowers for their event. It gives us the space to continually learn and grow our skill.

A number of things. I wasn't able to study what i wanted to, which was event management, as my father felt it wasn't a job that would "put and keep a roof over my head". I ended up being a business analyst and did eventing on the side in my free time. Planning birthday parties, team buildings, corporate luncheons, baby showers, kitchen teas, etc.

When i married in 2013, so many things went wrong that i regretted not having someone on board to just take charge on the day and make sure we were oblivious to any issues and it was here that my lifelong dream was jump started once again. 3 Years later i found myself hating my job, not wanting to get up in the morning and unable to see myself working in corporate for the next 30 years.

I decided then and there that if i didn't make a change and take a leap of faith it was never going to happen. I resigned and registered to study full time at The SA School of Weddings where i graduated at the top of my class and received my certification in advanced wedding management. Whilst studying i started my own business and the reset is history as they say.

This is such a personal journey for us and each and every client gets 110%. We truly strive to bring your eventing dreams to life. We're not scared to speak up when you want something we can't do but we know tons of suppliers that we can reach out to to make it happen. Our pricing structure is extremely competitive without undercutting our fellow competitors and we like to be as transparent as we can with our clients so that everyone is on the same page, always. We love what we do, we work with individuals who share the same passion and drive as us and we always give it our all.