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We would like to take the time now to tell you a little about ourselves. We are a small fitness company based out of Detroit. Most of our one on one training sessions take place out of our gym, The Attic. 1973 Clements Det MI 48238. The Attic is a converted upper unit with no frills just space for shredding and gains.


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Sarah A. Mazhar

17 October 2019

Hands down, he is one of the best trainers in the city! I am in my mid 30s and working out can be intimidating when you are unsure of what to do. I needed someone to push me and hold me accountable. If i missed a day, i could rely on getting a text reminder of it. When i was there and whining through a workout..:...he holds me accountable. He listens but doesn’t care about the complaint and will motivate you to become your best self. I definitely saw results when i was attending regularly. More...


Impossible Marie

11 October 2019

Best Trainer In The D.✊ ✊ ✊


Chevelle Harper

23 May 2017

Healthy living is what my trainer pushes..I am thankful for the experience! Can't wait to see my body transform...


Georgia Spade Green

25 September 2016

Keeps you motivated, everyone has their own level, just real gd fun but serious on how to get you fit.��


Shawn Durley

29 April 2015

I needed someone that would push me, because I've never had to workout, but being in my 30's and 2 children later, it was time!! He pushes me, even during all my fussing and refusing (he doesn't care), he still pushes me. I'm there 3 times a week and I'm starting to KIND OF like it. I'm grateful for my trainer, he does an awesome job and I'm seeing results!! #loyalclient More...


India Doubtfire

3 March 2015

Such a motivator, inspire you to be a better you...great meal plans & workout routines


Darniska Montgomery

11 February 2015

Love my trainer so flexible with time, very motivating, makes you feel very comfortable feel great after each workout.


Ebony Young

7 January 2015

Great trainer! He truly cares, dedicated to your success and an inspiration.