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Hello all, I am personal trainer out of Douglasville, Ga and am also mobile and willing to travel. I have education and experience in massage therapy as well and implement techniques for pain relief as well as using electric muscle stimulation with a specialized device.



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In all aspects from exercise training to nutritional advice and supplementation. I have step-by-step instructions as well as video instruction for those when I am not physically present, but I am always accessible.

DIET DIET DIET!!! Discpline and consistency. Achieving goals is as simple as sticking to the plan and not deviating. Proper planning prevents poor performance!

I love everything about my job, the human body is our access means to travel the earth, without a healthy body we are confined to small spaces and limited to movement and enjoyment of our short but plentiful lives. My goal is to keep the strength of all people of the world to live life to its fullest

I aspired to spread fitness in a way that was not available in any corporation and mainstream fitness venue. I then chose to branch off and accomplish all of those things with or without the help of mainstream fitness. I've since had much help from mainstream fitness in achieving and pursuing my goals, we are all a team in life!

My prices are highly competitive with most training facilities in the city for personalized training and optimization. My experience coupled with my education is a unique one, and one of a kind. Training is primarily philosophy, and secondarily fitness. My philosophy is that health is within the mind, and manifest in the body.