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Misty McBride Stephenson

27 October 2018

808 literally changed my life. When I started, I could barely jog. With the amazing trainers and supportive group, I’ve lost 20lbs and counting. I’m healthy, happier, and more confident. I can’t praise Jennifer and her program enough! More...


Ariel Rose Ross

27 October 2018

I love this class so much! Jennifer is so motivating! And my kids love the childcare. Since I've started the work outs I've had more energy and I've felt less depressed. What more could I ask for? I'm so thankful! :) More...


Ashley Fennell

27 October 2018

I Absolutely Love 808Heroics, every time I'm there I get an amazing workout and our instructor won't let anyone slip by her. She is always letting you know the correct way to lift, bend, hold etc and always has modifications if needed? More...


Christina Bell Landry

27 October 2018

This is the BEST fitness class on island. It's so beautiful in Hawaii; it just makes since to workout outside! The trainers are so awesome! And the camaraderie I feel from the other class members is so uplifting. Best part: FREE BABYSITTING by wonderful loving ladies inside the church. I recommend this class to ALL fitness levels - They have classes for beginners and for the super fit! It just works!!! Thanks 808 Heroics! More...


Angel Jackson

27 October 2018

I love this fit fam! I am challenged every workout to reach new limits. The trainers are all educated, skilled, positive, and motivational. I get three hours a week to myself, and I spend it with 808heroics. I feel like I can be a better mama and wife when I take the time to take care of myself. I love working out outdoors too! More...


Lisa Felt

27 October 2018

Jennifer is a fantastic trainer is not enough to explain her... I love how she will give you modifications for each exercise, showing us we really are stronger than we thought! 808 takes all the excuses out. Great childcare is provided with no extra charge! 808 is not just a workout group... it's a family & you will meet some of the most amazing friends here that has the same healthy goals as you. More...


Jacquie VandenPlas

27 October 2018

So happy to find this amazing class. From day one I have felt like a part of the group-the ladies in this class rock! Jennifer shows up every day with fresh workouts and ways to challenge your body. She is a bubble of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. 10 stars! *Free babysitting seals the deal* More...


Tara Clegg-Student

27 October 2018

I absolutely love this workout group/family! Jennifer give me a great workout every time I go! She pushes me to try things I never thought I could do. Everyone is the class is so nice and I have never felt out of place or judged while working out. My kids love the babysitters and all other children. Highly recommend this group to anyone! More...


Nicole Mina Lee

27 October 2018

I've been known jennifer for years she's one of the best,strong trainer her classes are intense trust me you'll get best workout ! I miss her as my personal trainer ! She put herself 100 to group class always she's sweet ,friendly but she'll push you to the edge to get your goals! I love her bootcamp she's very creative you'll have a lot of fun working out with her but she'll kick your butt!! Sweating head to toe !!!! You'll LOVE her personality her energy and her strong passion into it! I love you Jennifer! Can't wait to join the class soon (I've been really sick past week )action speak louder than word!! Go try her class please!!!!! You'll never regret!!!!!!!!!!! #team808heroic More...

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