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I'm Jake. I’m a coach based in Venice, CA.

A little about myself so you can get to know me:

I'm 35.
I have founded and operated 5 businesses.
I studied Finance and Economics as a double major in undergrad, and went back to school for a one-year Master's graduate school program.



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Cultivating disproportionate upside returns from the incremental and systematic "inner" work I put in with my clients.

I thirst for real-world knowledge, exploration, and adventure.

Entrepreneurship is the most graphic education you can receive about yourself, people, and the world in which we exist.

I'm only 35 years old, but have packed a couple lifetimes of learning, adventure, and exploration under my belt.

I established myself among the big-business, c-suite offices, and live and breathe the world of resourceful startup founders. I understand the pain, emotion, focus, and drive required to succeed on both sides better than most.

I'm a deep listener. I want to drill, deep, into the core issues in order to extract and manifest the very best in my clients.

Choose me if you want someone who's going to keep it real with you as your ring-side coach. We're going to put in work together. And it'll be one hell of a ride.