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30 Beta Ct Suite B, San Ramon, CA 94583

3Strong is what is called a “comprehensive exercise” fitness gym. We do not operate under the theory that one size fits all. The truth is that everyone’s body and genetics are different. Every person’s mobility, flexibility, strength, and coordination varies.


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Ramon J.

8 June 2019

I always save my reviews for companies/businesses that really have an impact on me. 3Strong was the case. Rob runs this place with passion, commitment, and upbeat positivity. I've only seen Rob for 2 weeks because I'm new to the area, but I keep coming back because of his commitment to my personal fitness goals.Thank you! More...


Ann Marie C.

7 February 2016

Rob at 3Strong pays close attention to his clients, is thoughtful in how he designs workouts, and he provides precise, useful feedback.  I have been wanting to learn how to lift heavy weights, but I was intimidated by the equipment and afraid of hurting myself.  In thrice-weekly personal training sessions while I was in the Bay Area for about a month and a half, Rob taught me how to lift weights, build strength, and how to design a basic program for when I don't have a trainer. My job usually takes me to countries where the availability of gym equipment is unpredictable. Rob taught me how to deadlift, squat, and overhead press with a barbell, which I loved, and also showed me how to substitute dumbbells and kettlebells for the barbell so I can still perform the exercises even when equipment is limited. Additionally, he made sure to teach me how to add and remove plates, secure them, how to fail safely, and how to think through building a workout under a variety of different circumstances.Beyond Rob's educational credentials and qualifications, he has superb listening skills and a warm manner. His explanations of exercises are clear and he makes corrections in a way that is easy to understand and accept. I would recommend his personal training sessions wholeheartedly and without reservation to anyone seeking expert advice, and will absolutely return to his gym the next time I am in town. More...


Zahra F.

22 September 2015

Rob is simply an awesome trainer. He listens to your goals and helps you reach them. I have worked with other trainers before but Rob is the best


Ben T.

15 August 2015

Look no further - 3strong is the gym for you!  I've been a regular at 3strong for 5mos and couldn't recommend it more.   I always get a great workout in an inclusive and non-intimidating environment.  3strong offers a really motivating atmosphere.  It all starts with Rob and his coaching style.  You'll get exposed to a ton of different exercise movements.  It doesn't matter if you are in great shape trying to push yourself to the next level or you are joining a gym for the first time.  At 3strong you will learn proper technique and never get bored with a stagnant routine.  Even more impressive is the culture at 3strong.  Unlike other gyms, this really is a family environment.  The clientele is diverse and everyone is very supportive and friendly. More...


Ruth B.

11 June 2015

Rob is amazing in every way. I'm a former gym rat and desk jockey whose bad form at both caused a seriously painful shoulder injury. My husband had neck pain from years of bad posture. Our physical therapist told us we needed to focus on posture and strength so we decided on Rob after reading the great reviews.  So thankful for the people who took the time to provide reviews because he has really helped us strengthen the areas we need to so we can work out and build muscle without getting re-injured.My brother is now having 1:1 training with Rob to regain strength after his shoulder injuries from surfing. He told me that he is getting stronger and is finally getting the right strength training for his needs. Rob is very personable and focused on getting people to their goals while having a fun time doing it. I had to move an hour and a half away for work and training with Rob is one of the things I miss most about living in San Ramon. More...


Erin G.

5 June 2015

3Strong has changed my life.  I've been going 3 times a week since last July, and I can't imagine ever giving it up.  I've never had a regular exercise routine other than walking, so when my daughter encouraged me to try this out,  I reluctantly agreed and I never looked back!  It's challenging, fun, invigorating, and what a sense of accomplishment I feel after I'm finished! The people that go are so fun and motivating.  Everyone cheers each other on, no matter what level you're at.  Rob, the owner, is so easy going and will customize any workout to fit my needs.  I can't always keep up with the rest of the group but he always encourages me and makes me feel successful.  He makes it fun, but challenging at the same time.  I have never felt intimidated which is so typical at other workout places.  It's a very friendly atmosphere!  I highly recommend 3Strong for anyone that wants to feel better about themselves, have a higher energy level, and get in shape! More...


Alexcis W.

20 May 2015

I started working out at 3Strong Fitness a little over 2 years ago and I LOVE it! I couldn't be happier with the gym, the coach, the gym community and the workouts.The 3Strong workouts are a combination of strength training and cardio and they produce great results. The cardio portion gives you a total body workout and you get more concentrated workout in the strength portion. The workouts are challenging, constantly changing and Rob pushes you test your limits. Rob really keeps you motivated and helps you reach your fitness goals. The other gym members are very encouraging and supportive, and you never need to be intimidated. 3Strong is a great place for people just starting out, those looking to get back into shape and those who want to push their limits and train hard. It's also great if you are looking to train for an event like a Spartan Race, a Touch Mudder or a half marathon. You will probably also find a fellow gym member to train with and run the race with you.For me, fitness and working out always meant running or doing cardio. I thought that was the only way to burn calories, lose weight and get in shape. I had never lifted weights before and was intimidated by the thought of picking up a barbell. I had never taken a boot camp or group fitness class and I'd never heard of crossfit. I was afraid to start lifting weight because I was scared that I would bulk up, get huge and turn into one of those "meat head" weight lifters you see hanging out around the squat rack in most of your bigger gyms. None of that happened.When I first met Rob, the 3Strong trainer, I was recovering from a broken tibia, a severely torn hamstring and a 30% tear in the meniscus of my right knee. I was in a leg brace from my ankle to my thigh, had only been walking without crutches for about 3 weeks and I weighed 180lbs, about 50lbs more than I did before my injury. I had made it my goal to complete a Tough Mudder in July 2013 and I needed a gym that would help me lose the weight, help me get stronger and get me back doing all of the things I loved, like running, skiing and hiking. Rob and the gym were great. Even though I was just attending the group training classes, Rob sat down with me and got all of the specific details of my injury, my treatment and my rehab up to that point. He was so knowledgeable about the body and what was going on inside my knee, that I actually found him more helpful to listen to than my surgeon or my physical therapist. My surgeon told me that Rob and his workouts are the reason I recovered so well and didn't need surgery to repair my meniscus. Rob recognized my limits and always had another exercise, or exercise variation, ready for me to try and never made me feel like I was holding the rest of the group back or that I was inconveniencing him because I could not do something. And when it came time to race the Tough Mudder, Rob and a lot of other gym members completed the race with me. The bottom line is that I'm lucky to have found 3Strong and I'm in the best shape of my life. The group fitness classes are small, but that means you get a lot of personal attention from Rob and you never feel intimidated or out of place if you don't know a movement or need to modify an exercise. The best part is that the workouts are challenging and you get results. Rob's fitness program will help you get in shape and lose weight and I highly recommend giving it a try. More...


Mike O.

25 April 2015

I started at 3Strong about nine months ago and have been going consistently three to five days a week. This is the longest amount of time I've ever exercised without some kind of break due to injury or just plain laziness and boredom. Rob, the Owner/Coach, is very motivating and provides a great workout that has a nice variety of strength training, cardio and mobility. Just when you think you've figured out his routine, he'll switch it up and start focusing on something new or he'll implement some new exercises. During the nine months I've been working out with Rob, I've already successfully completed several of my fitness goals. As an example, when I first started, I could only do one pull-up. My goal was 10 and I already checked that one off my list. My new goal is 20 pull-ups by July 1st. It's good to have fitness goals and I really believe without Rob, I would still be doing one pull-up.I've always liked the "crossfit style" group fitness classes. Its nice to show-up and have a fitness expert tell me exactly what the daily workout is going to be and provide guidance throughout the entire workout to make sure its done correctly with the right amount of effort. I've tried local crossfit gyms and they were either too crowded or I kept getting injured. The crazy highspeed, repetitive olympic lifts at a traditional crossfire gym can be extremely intimidating too.The group size at 3Strong is perfect. Sometimes we have six or seven in a class and other times, it will just be two of us. Even with the small classes, Rob has developed a great community. Everybody who works out at 3Strong is very friendly and encouraging. There's always a lot of enthusiastic celebration when someone hits one of their fitness goals. Rob is also good about encouraging everybody to train for and participate in events like the spartan race, tough mudder, kettlebell sport completion or road running races. I think Rob has done a nice job finding the "sweet spot" for group fitness. When I travel for work, I'll try to find a group fitness gym similar to 3Strong or I'll jump into a scaled downed crossfit class-not easy to find though. But no matter where I go, I always look forward to coming home and working out at 3Strong with Rob. More...


Mohsen F.

25 April 2015

I discovered 3Strong through one of my middle age friends over 18 months ago and have been a memeber eversince. All of the  group workouts are planned out and always different by Rob, who is the trainer and owner. Gym is clean, very organized and has a wide range of equipments and weights. Other gym members are friendly bunch of girls and boys as young as 20 something to sixty something... Everyone workouts together but Rob monitors and make adjustments per individual ability and needs.I really enjoy my time at 3Strong and have seen a great improvement in my physical ability and hope to be able to join the 3Strong team during 2015 Spartan races...Oh Yeah! More...


Steve B.

5 January 2015

I found Crossfit style gyms too much to handle. Rob at 3Strong creates a more relaxed and fun atmosphere and I get better results. If you are someone who might be intimidated working out with others, or self conscious of your ability, this is probably a good fit for you. Everyone is supportive and friendly.  The bottom line is I am getting great results and having fun doing it. I feel fortunate to have found this place. More...


Brad B.

4 March 2014

Rob does a fantastic job with his fitness training.  I was looking for something I could do twice a week as I travel and am pinched for time.  The classes work for me and for my friends who work out more often.  The classes are challenging, but, Rob makes it fun and interesting as well.  I highly recommend this program. More...


lani d.

1 February 2014

I enjoy working out at 3strong with Rob and the group. Few weeks of workout, I can see results.  Rob encourages and motivates you so you can reach your goals. Thank you Rob!


Mrs. R.

31 January 2014

We were looking for a gym our young son could join that could help him work through some asthma issues.  We were very lucky to find Rob and signed our son up at 3 Strong.  Rob helped our son build up his confidence and helped him learn how to breathe properly while working out.  He also made it FUN which was very inspiring to our son.  Our son can now complete the mile at school without having an asthma episode and he seems to actually enjoy running now.  We would highly recommend 3Strong for anyone looking for a great trainer. More...


John M.

30 January 2014

My wife belonged to 3Strong before I did, but she eventually convinced me to show up.  That was almost 2 years ago now, and I have been going about 4 times per week, each week!  The workouts are designed to be difficult, but also fun.  Rob can quickly make adjustments such that everyone gets a great workout based on their own ability.   The group classes and running club are a lot of fun, and the friendships my wife and I have made with other members over the past two years has been great.  Although I hate to say it, my wife was right! More...


Tim M.

30 January 2014

3Strong is a great fitness facility in the East Bay.  I was looking for a change in my workout routine and a change from the large commercial gym atmosphere.  Too often I found myself a slave to the cardio machines and waiting for equipment.  I had an interest in the bootcamp/high-intensity workout routines and cross-fit style approach.  I found 3Strong online and being sceptical and a little to analytical for my own good sometimes I scheduled a time to meet Rob (owner) at 3Strong and see the facilities.  I decided to give it a try and have had no regrets other than not looking into it sooner.  The facility is small but well stocked with free weights and fitness equipment and provides a comfortable small group training environment.  This is not a gym with all the amenities, it is focused on one thing and that is fitness training.  The trainers/owner Rob and Will are fantastic to work with and big part of the success and my positive experience.  Both are friendly, un-assuming, and un-opinionated.  They work the members hard in a positive and supportive environment that also shows through with the other members.  Everyone is supportive, having fun (even when your legs and lungs are burning), and are attentive to your limits.  The do not take a one-size fits all approach, even in the group sessions, they tailor the activities to the individual and give the one-on-one attention and tailoring as if you were in a personal training session.  There is an attention to detail on form over weight and volume which is important to remain healthy.  Lastly, these guys genuinely care about their clients, fitness, and overall health. More...


Darcy M.

4 November 2012

What I love about 3 Strong is that if you are just starting out for the first time, or you're at the top of your game in your physical training, Rob and Will can customize a workout that totally meets your needs. They provide a friendly, welcoming  and supportive environment that completely puts you at ease. Rob's personal training goes far beyond a personally programed workout. His knowledge base of body mechanics and its muscle groups far exceeds that of any other personal trainer I have ever had. Thanks Rob and Will! More...


April N.

23 October 2012

I was lucky enough to meet Rob as a run coach through our local Lululemon. Rob worked with my physical disabilities, understood my specific limitations, and knew how to push without causing injury. Through his guidance, I was able to accomplish my first half-marathon. I remember when I broke my first 6 mile barrier- he was just as excited as I was! But, there was no celebration until we stretched.This past summer, my son worked with Rob to increase his strength and stamina on the soccer field. He is a center defender for our local club team, and needed to improve both his agility and balance. Rob designed a very specific program for my son, and I can see the payoff when he takes the field. Not only does my son know what he needs to do, but he still begins sentences with , "Rob said to..." some 3 months later. I can't wait for my next teaching break, so I can squeeze in some time at 3Strong with my family. Rob works you out incredibly hard, but he understands how a body works and knows that you have to show up to work and be able to walk! More...


Lauren T.

11 October 2012

3 Strong is a small gym offering group and personal training.  I have had a lot of success there and I would definitely recommend it to a friend. Here is a summary of what it's like to work out there so you can better judge if it's the place for you.  The classes: There are 3 types of group classes.  I usually attend the Burn classes.  Burn mixes strength training (heavy weight deadlifts, squats, etc) with high intensity circuit training (ex box jumps, push ups, kettle bell swings all together in a circuit).  It's similar to crossfit but the workouts a bit shorter and focus more on technique.   Classes are also smaller than most crossfit classes allowing the coaches to work closer with the individual members.  All work outs can be adjusted based on your ability and experience.   Members of the classes are usually at different levels and the coaches do an excellent job of adjusting the work out. This type of work out may be intimidating at first but before you know it you will be racing the other members on the circuits and counting your PR's on the strength exercises. Other classes offered are Lift, which focuses on strength and Bootcamp, which is a typical bootcamp class with high intensity body weight circuits.   All 3 classes start with a warm up and end with some stretching. The Gym:  The gym is small and strictly business.  There are no fancy locker rooms, day care, or smoothie bars. It's not that kind of place.  They have well-maintained and CLEAN equipment, clean bathroom, free towels (very important to me), filtered water and plenty of parking.   Some workouts are done outside in the parking lot, running through the area or hiking up the hill behind the gym.  They always have energetic music on that varies from pop to hip-hop to classic rock to LMFAO, ha! The coaches, Rob and Will, are great trainers and great overall people.  This is the kind of gym where everyone knows each other and it's a very open, friendly environment.  Rob's dog Riley, a med sized golden doodle, is often there and plays with everyone at the gym.  My experience with 3 Strong:  I've been an unlimited member at 3 Strong since the grand opening and was previously a personal training and then group training client of Rob's. I'm coming up on 2 years of working out with Rob or 3 Strong.  This is probably the longest I've stuck with a gym routine since graduating college.  I have continued as a member because the variety of workouts keeps me interested and motivated.  A notable achievement for me is increased upper body strength, which was always a challenge for me.  I recently hit 105#s on push press and bench (my max bench in college was 80#'s).   I also just completed the Diablo Grande Tough Mudder with 3 other amazing 3 Strong athletes!If you are interested in personal training but want something more affordable or want to work out in a group environment but don't want to be 1 of 50 people crammed in a sweaty room at 24 check out 3 strong.   I would recommend trying it for a month to give yourself time to learn the workouts and try the different classes. More...


Flatline F.

1 October 2012

I am the type of person who has always stayed in decent shape until the better part of last year (2011) left me gimped up after a motorcycle crash. I was nursing an unusable left hand and an overall banged up body, and i was watching the pounds quickly add on. Around August of 2011 my wife was introduced to Will and began training with him at his bootcamp sessions and would constantly tell me i needed to join. I was tied up with other endeavors and with how i was feeling physically i was very unmotivated. By december i was heading down the point of no return and packed on the fatness from a fit 210-212lbs normal weight prior to the crash to a belt busting 234lbs. I finally made the commitment in january 2012 to join Will's bootcamp. ( I have been training with Will since january of 2012, and with Rob as well since around June of 2012. )I will say this the first month is absolute hell. But in a good way! if you want to get in shape and shed pounds it takes hard work, and that is exactly what you can expect. You can also expect to watch the pounds fly off, and clothes fit better. I will add that i am also the type of person who loves food, and even with little to no food restrictions, and a slowing metabolism due to pushing 30yrs old, i have still watched the pounds fly off. Do not judge this gym by your first month; as my first month i absolutley hated it and would constantly complain and tell my wife i wasnt going back next month. But by the time the next month rolled around i found myself actually enjoying the workouts. Because it was working, and my body was responding. Once you get through the initial first month your body will easily be able to handle it and keep up. Even with only training at there bootcamp class tues / thurs i was noticing a change in my body. i eventually stepped up to 4 days a week in june, where i would train 2 days a week in Will's bootcamp and 2 days a week in Rob's strength class. As of September, and after 9 months of training with them i have dropped 19pounds (234 to 215). And can honestly say i couldnt have gotten back on track without their help. I am easily in the best shape of my life, and even though i am not back at my original goal weight yet, i will be there soon. I am sure its mostly due to the amount of muscle i have packed on as well.  Each class mostly a different workout so you never get tired of typical repetition like you would at a normal gym.Both Will and Rob are both hella cool dudes and keep the overall energy / moral very high throughout the workout. I can honestly say the only downside to 3Strong is that once you train with them you will never want to go back to a regular gym like 24hr fitness / golds etc. i havent stepped foot in 24hr in over 10months. More...


Sarah M.

8 September 2012

saw their AD in some weekly newsletter and thought I would check out their website. and all i can say is "WOW!' I am deff. gonna come and try this place out...just by looking at the trainers pictures I know I will be hooked to this place... HAHA! More...

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