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Julie Alain

15 September 2019

They make me WANT to go train. Trainers are super friendly and really passionate about what they do. You can feel it. Love it!!


Jennifer P

22 August 2019

Such an amazing place!! The whole team is so amazing and the members are like extended family! Only gym I have ever loved


Chad Tremblay

17 August 2019

Very clean facility. Had a great session with James. The staff are really friendly and really motivate you. The workout was intense but really fun. Not only do you work out, but it feels like you learn boxing techniques at the same time. I definitely recommend More...


Alino Marcogliese

16 August 2019

Come try it out for a free trial. You have nothing to lose. All you need is a 30 minute intense workout and off you go feeling great. A combination of floor workouts mixed in with punching bag. Very entertaining. If interested, send me a private message so I can advise the coaches. Thanks More...


Becky ZT

13 August 2019

The the energy of 360 Punch is UNPARALLELED It is more than a a gym it is a FAMILY. I can’t imagine spending my “me time” in any other space . Thank you for Opening 360 Punch


Anfisa 1200

9 August 2019

It’s incredibly cool. Thank you very much. This is exactly what I need. And not only me. You are doing a great job, my friends :-)Lolita


James Cardinal Lauzon

4 August 2019

My strength and conditioning team ! Coaches are fighters/trainers/nutritionists ! The place to be... they also have a hyperbaric chamber for recovery that has just entered the facility... things just get better every time you step back in that gym! Love you guys ❤️ More...


Stéphanie Coraline

24 July 2019

Finally, a place that just has the perfect formula and unique! Holistic! Plus, shower heaven! I took the signature class with Matt after spending 3 weeks mostly in bed due to a chronic illness. I went and not only was it everything that I needed, but it was VERY manageable and I was super happy, smiling. It's the best addiction. I went the next day to another noon signature class, this time with Josh. At the beginning of the class, he described it as a kick boxing - meditation workout and let me tell you, he worked our brains, coordination, was there ensuring everyone is following properly. Very encouraging (all of them!) A lot of one on one, specifics, and we worked out on the beat of Motown on this fine Sunday. The shower is just heaven. They look better than my own home and the rain head gives a great massage after the workout! Congratulations on an AMAZING place, beautiful and with wonderful HUMANS! Go you!!! Wishing you the best Punch 360 Team! More...


Melinda Holweg

17 July 2019

I have tried many places over the last few years and I would 100% recommend 360 Punch! You leave the class knowing you got an amazing workout. The coaches are great, patient, experienced and very motivating !!! - love this place !!! More...


Tania Orsini

16 July 2019

Great coaches, great workouts (you get your A** kicked that's for sure) great vibe overall. Walk out feeling great and full of energy! Always look forward to another class. More...


Laurie Betito

1 July 2019

I love this place! I’m in and back home in an hour and I get an insane workout in! Coaches are awesome—they adapt all exercises to you, whatever your issues (knees, shoulders, etc). First time in my life i look forward to going to a gym! More...


Stephanie Roumy

30 June 2019

This is the best place I’ve trained. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience from the coaches. They push and motivate everyone to do their best and they keep it positive!


Léa Langlois Ayoub

29 May 2019

360 Punch made me discover a lifestyle I never thought I’d embark on. I no longer train for a temporary result I now train because I’m addicted to the results it gives me consistently. I no longer have a target weight I have a lifestyle. It’s about a lifetime of physical health. Love this team so much, anyone signing up is in for a new family More...


Lily .Bilodeau

13 May 2019

Great atmosphere and beautiful gym! All the coaches are super welcoming and knowledgeable. You'll have no trouble finding motivation once you're there!


Raphael E

11 May 2019

Very friendly environment to workout and to make new friends! Many of the coaches are pro MMA fighters with great knowledge and wisdom. Wether you are a beginner, intermediate or advance, you will feel welcome at this gym. Highly recommend it! I can see this gym becoming a mecca for martial arts and working-out in the near future. More...


Steven Venditto

11 May 2019

The best new gym on the west island. All of the coaches have so much experience and really make training fun. No martial arts experience is needed so I really recommend it for anyone looking to try something new !!


Sanjay Patel

11 May 2019

Amazing coaches at this gym! They really take the time to coach you and give you specific tips on how to improve yourself weather it would be to get into shape or for people who are a little more advanced! Would definitely recommend trying out! More...


Josée Boisvert

8 May 2019

Une vrai famille avec des coachs en or!


Michael Tremis

4 May 2019

love everything about this place! coaches are extremely knowledgeable and qualified in their field, workout equipment is top notch, and their showers are something out of a 5 star hotel. there really is no place like 360 punch, a unique and unforgettable workout experience that leaves you eager to come back for more! More...


Faizan Khan

4 May 2019

What an amazing facility! The whole idea and concept is very unique. What makes this even better is the fact that I can have a workout in 30min and I’m dripping in sweat! The best part by far are the amazing coaches, whom motivate you day in and day out! Highly recommend to anyone seeking a new twist on going to the gym! More...


Tawaab Ahmad

4 May 2019

Awesome gym, was trying to look for a training and conditioning gym here in the west, and found a really good one here. Training is tough and fun in the same time and coaches always pushes you none stop making sure you reach your limit so you can improve! feels like home over here.


Marly Rizk

27 April 2019

The coaches here are so devoted! They really push you to your limit. I’ve set goals with them and they were really attentive to make sure I get the kind of training I need. Fun, new & clean gym is a bonus!


Eva Gourdji

7 April 2019

Amazing spot! I came with my friend thinking I'd just go once to try it, but I was back first thing the next day. It's one of those rare places where after one workout all the trainers know your name, and every time you walk through the doors you feel welcomed and happy to be there! 10/10 would recommend :)


Sydney Goldman

17 February 2019

WOW!! Awesome gym! Amazing experienced coaches/instructors that know what they’re talking about. Killer workouts that are explained well and made simple for everyone even if you’re inexperienced. Felt really comfortable and welcome, great vibe! More...


Kyle Murray

17 February 2019

Thank you for a GREAT workout! I would recommend this to everyone who can strap on a pair of gloves. I felt great during the session and left with so much more energy SOMEHOW Also grateful for the trainer's high energy, exactly what I need in my workouts


Daniel Fiesta Huizar

11 February 2019

Excellent place to training.


Isabelle Morin

6 February 2019

Love Love Love! Team there is very welcoming and fun! The class was a bit challenging for me but only because I'm not used to that kind of training. But who doesn't want a challenge? That's how we improve right!? You must try it out! ;) More...


adam goldman

4 February 2019

Amazing atmosphere. Top notch facility and program. Plus they have Rain showers!
They have really created something special.


James Cardinal-Lauzon

2 February 2019

Even though it’s for beginners I had plenty of boxing experience and this was very fun for me! Super hard work out in 30 minutes and all the coaches we’re very engaged. Awesome !