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Allegra S.

7 July 2019

You don't realize how bad pie can be until you have the good stuff. This is the good stuff. - Prices are high, and they always somehow seem to be closed when I go even though I try to check hours before hand, BUT it is a small local business, so you can't expect the same things you would from a McDonald's. I say definitely worth it. - I get their mini pies and end up eating them in the car before I even pull out of my parking space. More...


Martin M.

23 June 2019

Nice small bakery with coffee, pastries, and savory options. The gluten free chocolate chip bar is excellent, as is the peach pie bar (sorry, not gluten free).


Casey B.

21 June 2019

Walked into this cool little bakery on a Friday a coupleof months ago. Knew it was cool because I immediately saw these old guys who looked like they wandered out of a Social Club in Little Italy, sitting silently in the corner. Before I walked in I expected to get a pastry and a coffee (it being a bakery and all) but after seeing and smelling the amazing pizza coming out, my mind was made up. I talked to the guy and gal behind the counter about Loganberry Books and the neighborhood. They were super nice, chill and they told me their names that I can't recall now.The slice of green olive and gorgonzola pizza was freshly baked heavenly perfection. It was huge and it was delicious. Washed it down with a Boylan's Black Cherry soda that hit the spot too.One of the best slices I've ever had. More...


Jennifer M.

8 February 2019

I bought tea and a blueberry scone and I loved both- best scone since I went to Ireland! The staff is very friendly and I'll be back to buy the frozen pizza dough.


Amanda L.

19 July 2018

This place is pretty stinkin' cute. Selling personal pies to eat with fresh veggies and meats inside. They have drinks like espresso, coffee and cappuccinos! I didn't try it but they seem to have a big buzz on their pizza and sandwiches! They have baked goods such as pound cake, banana bread, scones, muffins and cookies on the counter! They even had little testers to try when I stopped in one early morning on Thursday! More...


N L.

1 July 2018

Rarely, it can be said, does can a place so good fly under the radar for so long. Well this is the place!If you're looking for something new, or for just a change of pace, this is an absolute can't miss. (Allow obsession to ensue)After stumbling upon what might be one of the best bakeries on the east side of Cleveland, if not one of the best in Northeast Ohio, I'm hooked. Everything I've tried is delicious. From scones, to biscuits, sandwiches, croissants, European delicacies and more, there are so many things right about food that is this good. The artistry and quality of the bakes is superb. There's a reason why butter is such a key ingredient in so many treats, and their execution is a testament to why. For example: Cheddar and herb biscuits. While almost everywhere else are gritty, their's are melt-in-your-mouth delicious, just sweet enough, and with an herb blend that is truly unique. More...

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