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Since 2007, we have been providing quality web design, development, and Internet marketing services to over one hundred clients. Our creative team consists of web designers, web developers, Internet marketing experts, server administrators, copywriters, and security and regulatory experts.


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16 December 2019

I went to Chris for several quotes, and services, over the years to build websites for numerous businesses and he always came back with accurate quotes that includes both resource hours and hardware costs required to get the job done. He combines the knowledge to help you solution your architecture and the pragmatism to make the solution cost efficient to fit into a stringent budget. Love 2Leaf. More...

23 November 2019

2 leaf has over 12 years of web development experience. Chris the business owner gave me advice on not only my website, but also tips for my business. They offer services of web design, web development (there is a difference), support, and ADA compliance (new law). They were very accommodating with my budget concerns, and met all my needs. Would highly recommend! More...

30 September 2019

I was referred to Chris Mendes at 2Leaf back in January 2014 after I fell in love with a friend's website.  I was skeptical, at first, because I live in Miami and I wasn't sure how this would work long distance. However, it turned out to be a fantastic move.  This was my very first website so I had a lot of ideas and thoughts. I was constantly making changes! Chris guided me patiently, made any changes needed, and the end result was a very professional website that I loved.  2Leaf is a very friendly, communicative, helpful company that is easy to work with and produces high quality websites.  I recommend them highly! More...

31 January 2018

Fast. Friendly. Functional. Five Stars. Chris was super helpful with the process and was able to switch my domain with ease after some headaches trying to do it myself. Highly recommended!

19 January 2018

Professional, honest, creative and driven by customers needs. Solutions are custom made and right on the target for every customer’s budget.

16 January 2018

I would highly recommend! Good at making great websites :)

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A great website looks good, is fast, and is going to help drive customers to make a purchase. We use an analytics approach with SEO on every new website to optimize all those things. If you sign up for one of our support packages (optional) we will even re-evaluate your website with the analytics data and offer suggestions.

I ask three simple things:

1. What is the goal of your project: Do you want to increase your sales, get more customers in the door, or simply just have an aesthetically great-looking website you can brag about?

2. What are the specific requirements of your project: Do you need a content management system? Do you need e-commerce? Do you need SEO? Do you have content ready to go? Is there any website you like the look of? I will need about 5 minutes of your time in order to go over this properly before giving you a quote.

3. What is your budget? The more I know about your specific budget, the better able I am able to make suggestions based on your goals and requirements. We have low prices and our prices do not change based on your budget. Our recommendations will. For example, I may recommend starting from a template instead of starting a design from scratch in order to save costs. If you have the budget for the design from scratch I would usually recommend going that route instead.

I love our customers! 30% of our customers are non-profits and 50% are small businesses! Those are the best to work with because I feel like we can help them the most. Also, our employees are awesome!

I started 2Leaf in 2007 as a hungry college student. Now, 2Leaf has 7 employees and two locations and I still personally oversee every single project and do the programming. All our work is done in California and I am very proud of that. -Chris Mendes

It depends, but in general, we can outperform most other companies based on: budget, support, and quality.

So many of our customers come from other web development companies that they have had horrible experiences with, then stay with us forever. One of our customers has been with us for 12 years!

We are the best :) Check out our reviews online!



All our websites include: * Strategy and planning consultation * At least five different design options * Changes and revisions to your design * WordPress (or your choice of another CMS) * Mobile and responsive design * 100% valid, SEO-optimized coding * ADA compliance (very important!) * A personal project manager assigned to you who will keep you updated * All work will be completed in California (no sending your work overseas!)

Our SEO services include: * A personal project manager * Search Engine Optimization * On-site SEO * Local SEO (Google Maps, Yelp, and other services) * Competition analysis * Keyword suggestions * Other recommendations * Analytics implementation * All work will be completed in California (no sending your work overseas!)