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28 Day Flat Belly Formula

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Expert weight management consultant and health coaching specialist.

* Specialising In 28 Day Transformation Programs For Men & Women.
* One On One Online Health Coaching For 40+ Age Group Only.
* Elite One On One In Person Coaching & Training for 14 or 28 Days (selected applicants over 40 years only).

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Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Nicollette Lum
4 10/07/2017

Love it because it was simple and wasnt to hard to follow , but in saying so , if you want results you need to put in the time and effort to get results , there are no simple methods but this works and you can fall back on it when ever you feel like your flailing or you can make it a lifestyle if you choose..

Nicollette Lum
Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Renee
5 29/08/2016

The 28 Day Flat Belly Formula works, is easy to follow and easy to stick to. Neil is very passionate about helping people to achieve great results. I would recommend his program to anyone ready to commit to being healthy, fit and strong.

28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
Thanks a bunch Renee :)

I'm glad you found it easy to follow and stick to. You're absolutely right, it is my passion to help people achieve great results.

Your success is my success so I'm stoked you were happy with it.

Thanks for the recommendation.
Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Nat
5 28/08/2016

This was one of the best things I decided to ever do, it was cost effective and I achieved great results that I am still benefiting from without much effort.

28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
That's awesome Nat and thanks so much for the great review!

Enjoy your effortless health and fitness for many years to come :) Neil
Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Diana
5 28/08/2016

I have no regrets whatsoever being part of the 28 day program. A 28 program that runs for 365 days – smooth transition in changing your lifestyle and not treating food as your worst enemy. I too tried so many diets, name it – I did it and would always gain the weight back with few extra kg’s. This program was easy to follow with delicious recipes and appropriate exercises. To me, this wasn’t a ‘diet’ at all but a healthy way of eating and enjoying food. Neil has always been there, to give support, answer questions, give advise and would spend time in explaining things through. I really appreciated in being asked how things were going and if there were any queries as the days went by, before asking first. Even now, when not on the program, but do have a question, Neil would always reply with a lengthy email. I highly recommend this program. It really works; support is there and you are not alone; no pre packaged food and you are your own chef in preparing meals but also creating your own dishes. It has been a great successful journey. Thank you Neil and I do appreciate your professionalism, passion, support and for being a great friend that cares and listens.

28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
THANKYOU Diana for the detailed and fantastic review!

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write this for me ... friend :)

I appreciate you too, for your personal effort and dedication to my program and your ongoing health and fitness and for becoming a great ambassador and caring friend who always checks to see how I am doing as often as I check on you :)

Stay awesome!

Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Karryn Hancock
5 27/08/2016

Yeah g'day fellow none believers.. Yep I thought sure as shit I ain't going to loose much weight in 28 days let alone shift it from places on my 43 yr old body that I wanted it to move from..As well as manage a constant back problem 2 slipped discs and a torn alnar which is the connective tissue in your spine supporting the back... However with Neil's patience and advice and also showing me what other different exercises I could do to slowly build up to a level I felt safe to try weights or different stretches to help support my back instead of.work against it I was actually pleasantly surprised... My first week yeah sticking to what I found more than enough food and shakes was easy enough it's just getting you head space into a new outlook and out of bad habits and actually making time to eat correctly instead of bad habits and by the 3 Rd week I didn't even want to eat junk food or whatever I liked on my special day.. My goal weight I lost was 10 -12 kg bit unrealistic I thought and no I didn't get thier however I lost just under that, and the most shifted in the first 2 weeks but the skills I picked up along the way I am truly thankful for. We are all capable but Neil's guidance and knowledge and patience is what kept me striving to better myself for me...

Karryn Hancock
28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
Ah Karryn, thank you so so much!

You were wonderful then and you're wonderful now. You overcame your hurdles and despite some set backs and travel for work you still did amazing.

Thankyou for the awesome review and your dedication to improving your own health. fitness and well-being.

Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Susan
5 27/08/2016

Absolutely fabulous! Did the program 3 years ago and lost 15 kilos over 3 months. Best thing I ever did and have still kept it off! Lifestyle change just when needed! Thanks Neil!

28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
Thankyou Susan for the great review and so happy to hear that you have maintained the healthy lifestyle which gave you those awesome results. Stay lean and healthy for life :) Neil
Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Belinda Barndon
5 27/08/2016

After trying all sorts of diets to loose weight I tried the 28 Day Flat Belly Challenge and it actually worked. Along with great support from Neil and our online group I lost 6.5kg in the 28days. I hadn't felt this good in yrs. Highly recommend anyone to try this as it is a life changing challenge for the better.

Belinda Barndon
28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
A great big thanks to you Belinda, I really appreciate the great review and recommendation, thanks so so much!

You forgot to mention you WON the challenge and so well deserved indeed; your effort and dedication saw you overcome the initial injury you had to come back strong and WIN, superstar :)

Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Lillian
5 27/08/2016

I found working with the 28day flat belly to be a great learning experience. It's easy to follow and easy to involve the whole family on the meals.

28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
Thanks heaps Lillian, I'm glad you found it helpful and educational and with suitable meals for the whole family.

From my recollection you also achieved fantastic results of over 8 kilos weight loss in the 28 days, sensational effort & results :)
Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Lucy
5 26/08/2016

I was lucky enough to take part in one of Neil's programmes earlier this year. Neil is a fabulous motivator, especially if you lack a bit of confidence. The results were quite incredible over such a short space of time and I would recommend to anyone. Thanks Neil :)

28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
And I thought it was I who was lucky to have you on board Lucy haha.

Thanks so much for the glowing review and it was great to witness your personal success during the challenge. Your confidence grew session by session and your health and fitness was the winner :)
Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Kylie Turner
5 25/08/2016

This formula is wonderful and does work. I did this challenge in October 2015 and lost just under 5 kgs. I also won the Flat Belly Challenge for that month. Neil is a great coach and is there all through your journey.

Kylie Turner
28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
Thanks heaps Kylie for your review, sincerely appreciated.

It was great to reward you with cash for being the Flat Belly Challenge winner in October 2015. You were an awesome challenger and well deserving winner, proving that massive weight loss is not needed to completely transform your figure and your life.
Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Susan Kelliher
5 24/08/2016

What can I say? It was a life-changing experience for me! It worked and I have maintained my 15 kilo weight loss for the past 3 years! What more can one say??? Other than it is a brilliant program and he is my son after all! :-)

Susan Kelliher
28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
Awww, thanks Mummy-Sue.

What can I say, if you can't help your lovely Mum why would you be in the health business?

I'm happy to have helped you and proud of you and your achievements in getting and maintaining your results.

Love ya. xo
Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Kristan Lum
5 24/08/2016

I struggled at first, but once I got into the flow of it, it was fantastic. It worked wonders, I felt light internally and definitely had more energy.

Kristan Lum
28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
Thanks heaps Kristan!

Not only were you internally light but by losing 10.2 kilos in 28 days at the ripe 'young' age of 43 , you achieved the best ever results from all challengers by %.

You rock :)

Thanks again.
Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Marianthy Tsatsakis
5 23/08/2016

I am lucky to have known Neil for many years, initially meeting during PT lessons. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and type 2 diabetes. I found the 28 day flat belly formula to fit in perfectly with managing my conditions and without feeling hungry or that i was missing out on yummy food. Neil's support throughtout the plan and his post care is amazing and i cannot recommend the formula & Neil highly enough. The health industry needs more people like this man. Thank you

Marianthy Tsatsakis
28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
Aww I think I'm blushing Mary ;)

Thanks so so much for this wonderful review and kind words. I'm so glad that I've been able to help you over the years.
Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by Laura
5 23/08/2016

BEST program I've ever done! Have tried many many things to lose weight & this was by far the most effective.

I also suffer chronic pain & when doing the 28 day Flat Belly challenge my pain levels decreased significantly due to the reduction of inflammation in my body.

Would recommend to anyone, any age. It's definitely not hard to follow and your body will love you for it :-)

Thanks so much Neil!

28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
And ThankYOU so much Laura for the great review!

I'm stoked we found each other and my program was the best you have ever done, that's awesome :)
Review of 28 Day Flat Belly Formula by nisha
5 29/07/2016

Great help and advice
Keeping in touch to help me further
Amazing results and great to talk to.would really talk to neil

nisha Used this pro
28 Day Flat Belly Formula replied:
Thankyou sincerely for the wonderful review Nisha.

It has been my pleasure to help you and I look forward to assisting you further with your health and well-being.


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