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Hi There! I'm an NYC based photographer, and I shoot just about everything. I mostly do street photography, but I can also shoot portraits, events, sports, skateboarding, cityscapes, experimental, animals (mostly cats =^.^=), and Behind the Scenes for photo/film shoots.



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A lot of people think that photography is about "having the eye." In my opinion, it's about having the EAR! Every great photograph is a conversation with the universe. It presents itself - it's up to you to listen, and capture those moments.

What is the style you're looking for?
What do you hope to accomplish with these photographs?
Tell me your creative thought process.
Indoor or Outdoor?
When is the best time for you to shoot?

Being creative is one of the top three needs of my soul. Collaboration is one of the top four. Experimenting is one of the top five. I always feel the need to try new things, meet new people, and gain a better understanding of art with every single take. I believe in movie magic, and that artists have the power to change this world.

I once took a photo for a friend, and he used his for his new Facebook and LinkedIn profile photos. Within a couple weeks, not only did he four new job offers, but he also picked up a few dates. With just ONE photo. It really made me feel special that with just one little click of a button, I changed someone's world.

That's what I love. I love being able to experience the world, and freeze time to make that experience last forever.

I've been shooting photography all my life. I just didn't realize it until about this time last year. It was then that I started working towards building my portfolio. I'm quite happy with my body of work since then.

I've been working at a rental house for almost three years now. While it's been great to expand my knowledge, and experiment with different cameras, I'm just ready to start transitioning back into a creative life. The 8-5 has treated me well, but my wings are aching to spread out and fly!

My dream is to own my own Production House and Studio, and use it to launch artist communities. I love bringing people together, and having fun doing what we love to do....to create.

I'm very versatile. Not only can I work in different genres, but my skills carry across different types of cameras. I also work with stills and video. I have a wide verity of skills and experiences that come in handy with any situation, and I can be very flexible with client needs.

I know what it's like to be the client, and I know what it's like to be the contractor. My clients know that art is a team effort...when you hire me, we work together; we're not finished until you're absolutely satisfied with the product.



Filmmaking is my first passion. I've worked on commercials and shorts, as well as edited actor's reels. Please feel free to see my body of video work at https://vimeo.com/rcscott