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1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra)

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I have 15yrs experience working in the medical field . I work closely with other medical professionals to obtain the best care plans for our clients. I studied at the INSTITUITE OF CLINICAL HYPNOSIS and obtained my Masters qualification. For many years I worked at Harley Street, and then further went on to write my book and produce my self help DVDs and video pop ups. I have also produced an intergrating DVDs which personalise your self help refresher hypnosis. To a better stronger ,empowered healthier ,happier you.



I am half Indian and half gypsey Spanish.
I have practiced clairvoyant and medium work since the age of 16 with my mother now more than 20 years.

We also sell hand made magic bean spells uniquely put together for your individual needs which have been very popular at the price of £5 a bag.

These work extremely well if once the spell has been bonded the sack is left on the window ledge to work with the moonlight and the origical hours of the rise and set of the given day.

All photos and videos have been attached below

1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) Reviews


Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Fiona Miller
5 16/05/2019 Fiona Miller

Charlotte is absolutely amazing , I just wish I had asked for help with my depression a long time ago. Living with it has been like a bad reaccurring nightmare , I feel free now. Thank you , bless you

Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Alex moore
5 20/09/2018 Alex moore

I was in a time in my life where I felt lost and confused. I lacked motivation and direction. Lots had happened and now it was time to focus on myself and where I needed to go, I actually didn't know where to begin. The counselling , life coaching and hypnotherapy I had as a package really helped me step by step, and the personal dvd as been really helpful. Now I'm ready for another major move and ready for a relationship , I will be considering the new package By Charlotte detox and reboot . Recommend Charlotte any day

Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Adlibris bokhande
5 20/09/2018 Adlibris bokhande

Everybody said I looked Not well and withdrawn. I knew I didn't feel myself but couldn't put my finger on what it was . It started with me wanting to cry all the time, then tired and exhausted , then feelings of falling, and then the panic attacks started, and sleepless nights, guilt, anxiety and it got so bad that I actually went to Charlotte when my girlfriend recommended her. I didn't believe in alternative therapies, but I knew I needed help and the doctors only answer was antidepressants and diazapam. After a course of 6 sessions I feel like myself again, and no antidepressants or diazapam. Charlotte helped me because she was able to get to the core of my mental melt down and help me reboot again. Recommended highly by me. I still can't believe how it's helped.

Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Leo Mackintosh
5 20/09/2018 Leo Mackintosh

I had suffered depression and anxiety for 8 years , and after 4 sessions with Charlotte, it's been amazing. So much I had to work on and I was never aware, because I was to scared to face my demons. I feel like a different person now and not afraid anymore and living life the way I want to. Your amazing Charlotte I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back.

Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Bethany
5 19/05/2018 Bethany

Charlotte was really clear with her reading, she was able to tell me things which I had only shared with my nan, and thank you for the magic beans I felt that my wish was heard and I'm feeling much more positive about moving forward.xx

Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Toni.  Courtney
5 18/05/2018 Toni. Courtney

charlotte I absolutely enjoyed the experience today . Never had a crystal. Ball reading. It's was gob smacking experience.

Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Seema khan
5 18/05/2018 Seema khan

I've just joint the circle and had a really shocking reading by Charlotte with the crystal ball. I didn't believe in but was not totally a no believer . It was so strange seeing and feeling my spirit through the crystal ball

Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Mandeep
5 13/03/2018 Mandeep

I have always been intrested in hypnotheraphy ,but never really tried it in till today with work colleagues . I have been suffering the baby blues and been feeling really low. Today for a long time a felt really relaxed and as if I had actually had a full body detox and revitalised, I will defiantly be coming back in May with my girlfriends for a hypn spa. Detox day, thank you Charlotte

Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Becky
4 13/03/2018 Becky

I really enjoyed the experience ,and the therapy. Charlotte made me feel really relaxed within the set team for detox therapy

Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Dave
5 13/03/2018 Dave

There was 6 of us including myself . We all work in the medical profession as a team, and we came for the group relaxation detox therapy . I'm sure everyone will write their own review. However for myself I found it very relaxing and I was able to switch of and re charge. I would most definitely come again. Extremely pleasant experience .

Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Donna
5 12/03/2018 Donna

I have suffered from mental health for many years, and to actually sit with Charlotte and just made me cry because she understood, and after the therapy sessions, I have now just started to go out on my own. Your an angle and you helped me find myself. I recommend Charlotte to anyone who really wants to make the change.

Review of 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) by Jamie
5 12/03/2018 Jamie

Charlotte made me feel comfortable , relaxed and reassured before we started the therapy ,this really helped me and after the therapy I was able to feel more confident and didn't feel anxiety but instead I wanted to start fresh with everything that was worrying me. Thank you so much for making me better

1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra)

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1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra) Q&A

Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I love seeing my clients see the rewards and actually seeing the hypnotheraphy work for them. It's the most rewarding feeling for myself and my client. It's as though you've reached a goal together and travelled the experience together. Like they say every cloud has a silver lying, and that's my job and apart of myself I give as you the client see the silver lying.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I struggled with mental health myself for many years, and had a child with mutisium . I wasn't going to let my mind take over my body and soul in this negative way . It was a horrible dark place with no light at the end of the tunnel.and as a single mother it was affecting my special needs child to. So I studied the mind and learnt the power within the subconscious mind to heal, and after helping myself and my son to spk whose now a genius I learnt I could share this and make it my work and profession to help others. Self healing and ones inner power is an amazing tool once learnt and shared.

Why should our clients choose you?

Clients have a choice they don't have to choose, there mind will work with them and thier inner feelings of their needs for a safer, happier reassuring therapy , with a deeper emotional understanding, and we provide this as intergrated therapy of hypnotheraphy , counciling and life coaching all 3 in 1 . So our client feels they have had the best care plan from the beginning to the end. We also have our own personal book and self help DVDs, plus hypnosis pop ups as extended after care.

Services provided by 1 hypnosis (Charlotte Sra)


Life coaching , counciling ,

3in 1 hypnotheraphy , counciling and life coaching

Music therapy

Using different types of rythems working with the subconscious mind to send electrical impulses to identify the roots of all thoughts emotions and behavior .


Sometimes working backwards to our problems helps us realise how they developed in the first place or what was the build up to it all, and through hypnosis regression these pin points and be identified and worked on.

Indian head massage

Another alternative therapy we offer . It has been known to man for many years now that the head can hold any illnesses as tight crystals and that through the traditional Indian head massage it can be active as an antioxidant and break down the toxic crystals


A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch to activate the natural healing processes of the patients body and restore physical and emotional well being.

Sensory theraphy

Relating emotions with touch, smell and hearing. Evaluating , detaching and re- allining your core issues with positivity of the senses and subconscious affirmations . Re charging and re booting the mind for a new re start. Excellent for detaching or re attaching to emotions re for example relationships, your relationship with weight gain, or anxiety etc.

Cognitive therapy

Working with your thought process and behaviour of habit , changing behaviour, changing bad, changing thoughts, changing to a more stronger , healthier , positive you.


Mirror therapy for relationships

Working with reflecting mirrors, Communication Connection Counselling Marriage. Allowing transformation-change-healing

Relaxation detox hypnotheraphy

Releasing any stress and unwanted issues, and muscle pain with a deep cleansing hypno spritual detox Can be booked as a single therapy or group therapy . Special offer £20. Kick starting the Spring Season.

Demelza house ( terminally ill children)

Every year we donate to a charity that has been chosen by our clients . This year we are working closely with Demelza House for terminally ill children. So through out the year we send out discounted taster invites where all monies are donated to the chosen charity. It is also optional for you as a client if you wish to donate £5pounds from your cost of the therapy to the charity. Or any additional donations. Please let the therapist know on payment. We are also booking for tarot, and crystal ball taster readings all monies will be donated for the charity. Bookings are subjected to availability only and selected days.

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