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We offer personal and group training covering everything from cardio fitness, strength and conditioning, diet and endurance.
We also have a huge class schedule including kickboxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu, boxing and judo.
Our instructors have decades of experience working with beginner students all the way to professional athletes and can help you achieve your fitness and health goals on your time at a tailored pace for your needs.

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Andrew Hiett

6 May 2019

R.I.P. Pat Kirby


Tabea Kühn

6 May 2019

It was my first time there and the trainer was really helpful and open to my non experience, I had a feeling that this would be a place where you can achieve your goals quickly


Future Classics Paradise

6 May 2019

I have been training at Wai Kru for close to a year. I have notice a great deal of effort from the staff to constantly improve the program and the level of instructions...as well as the gym itself. I like the fact that all levels are welcomed and how the instructors work with the students. It is a straight forward program without being pretentious.Thank you... More...


Justin Isaacson

6 June 2018

Excellent instructors, flexible hours, intense workouts, VERY good customer service


Haley Prytherch

6 June 2018

Hard work but really worth it!


h feng

6 June 2017

I first came to this gym in 2008 when I was a junior at Babson College. I had a great experience, what surprised me the most about this gym is how friendly and eager the instructors were to teach. They were also very attentive and made sure you got the techniques right. I went to other boxing and mma gyms, and very rarely would the instructors be attentive to their students and provide personalized feedback. I had stopped training, because my college classes got too hard and it was tough to find the time to train.8 years later I decide to visit this gym again because of the amazing groupon deal (seriously, if it's still available I highly recommending getting it because it's an amazing deal). This is a place for people who are serious about training, martial arts, and who want to learn from experts. I just did a one hour private workout with Kru John, who is the owner of the gym. Kru John is still a great instructor who is eager to teach and very attentive to his students. He made the workout challenging, but fun at the same time. He was very generous by allowing me to go over the hour in order to get a great workout. At the end I was totally spent, but I really enjoyed the challenge and can't wait to come back.Tips for visiting this gym: 1/ make sure to bring your own water because you'll be sweating a lot and there isn't a water fountain.2/ bring your own gloves and wraps More...


Reynardo Rivera

6 June 2016

They are good people, they work with you


Andrew Nguyen

6 June 2014

Been going here the past year and a half and the Muay Thai instructor, Kru Mark, is intensive, strict, and skillful. You always regret coming in during the workout, but man, you never regret it afterwards! The classes are challenging and brutal, but you learn proper technique while getting the best workout of your life. Real talkThey also offer Jui jitsu classes as well. More...


John Nelson

6 June 2013

I've been training here for 4 months it's the most challenging thing I've ever done. The trainers are not looking to be your best friend and aren't afraid to point out your weaknesses. They are there to make you tougher in everyway. We sparr everyday and yes sometimes people hit too hard but, we are there to train to fight. I never liked running or cardio activity and now it's all I do. I'm more confident than ever and my skill and technique are getting better by the day. This place really does become like a second home once you start taking the training seriously and everyone here is great. Sign up. No excuses More...


Jon Leaman

6 June 2013

I did a trial run of a few gyms around my area. I was looking for as place that challenged me while I learned an art -- and maybe someday I will fight too, that would be fun! Anyway, after testing out a few places that didn't really push me I walked into Wai Kru. My first day was a Thursday. They told me to jump in the ring with a jump rope, then we do some abs and legs, then we do some practices. After we work technique we do a rigorous ab workout. I was sore for three days after my first day, now I can get back to the gym next day and I've only been going for three weeks. If you are looking for a place to push you, this place will do the trick.I'm relatively new to the gym, but I haven't seen anyone at the gym act in a behavior that Drew described. They can be rough around the edges when they tell you to pick up the pace, or if they think your giving less than 100%; but I haven't seen any name calling or personal attacks. During my last class a bigger man was at the gym who couldn't keep up during abs and was going to walk out, but the trainer convinced him to stay and just do as many as he could and finish the workout -- he did.Drew, I read that you didn't want to throw punches at a Muay Thai gym, you think the women there aren't able, and you "realized your trainer was a moron." I'm thinking the problem probably wasn't Wai Kru. More...

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Each person has different goal along with different body types, metabolisms and athletic abilities. We custom tailor our programs to fit each persons needs with a well rounded approach including nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.

There's no secret that works for every one person, but dedication and a willingness to move forward with your goals is the most important first step.