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New Hope Counseling, PLLC is my (Dennis Tucker, LCSW) personally owned and operated private counseling practice. I provide traditional office visits as well as phone counseling, for individuals, couples, and families.

To put you at ease I offer the first session for the affordable fee of $50.


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Amelia Joyner

9 July 2019

10 years I have been in therapy, and nobody has been able to help me this much

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I love helping people believe in themselves again. I also enjoy aiding in resolving relationship challenges.

I responded to an email request to work for a local trauma center, though I never heard back from them. I decided that if I was willing to work for someone else, then why not work for myself. I then began my current counseling agency, New Hope Counseling, PLLC. I later learned that the email response I sent the people wanting to hire me was never sent. Instead, it was 'stuck' in my email server. Yet, it fulfilled the purpose intended for it. It got me to do what before I was afraid to do.

I have extensive experience in working with clients. Furthermore, I fundamentally believe in the clients innate goodness, no matter what they have been through. A client should always choose someone to work with who believes in them. I also strive to make counseling affordable for the people coming.