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29 April 2019

Polite, detailed painter’ but can be a bit quicker


Olga Tangemann

19 March 2019

I am very happy with the job that was done by Mr. Rodrigues and included fixing the conservatory gutters . Good quality work for a very reasonable price. Mr. Rodrigues takes time to do the job properly. I would definitely recommend him and hire again for some other jobs around the house in the future. More...



31 December 2018

Excellent job, very reliable person. I definitely recommend M. Rodriguez!



3 September 2018

Great, friendly , professional service. Willing to come out to work from early in the morning to evening.
Highly recommended

Thank you very much very kind from you. Is true I don't look at the time I believe is different way of good customer service Well if you happy with my services I will be happy also.



13 August 2018

Nice and friendly –– and very professional.

Hello Sonia . Than you very much for your rate it means a lot to me . You have very good eye for detail. That mirror was impressive how you head the exact location even in cm was in the right place. Hope the chandelier still in place as it was under bit pressure. Anything don't hesitate to contact me. Free of charge as one bonus from my side up to 25£ r/h.



28 July 2018

Excellent work, came on time & was so respectful and kind. Would definitely recommend

Thank you Edil you are amazing person very open minded. I never give up from my works always improving even small things . I couldn't do that without open minded people like you . Still a lot to do but most important ,well done and properly.



22 July 2018

Great quality work with good advise. He doesn't cut corners and he does the work right. Would definately recommend and use his services again.

Thanks a lot Salima I am very happy that you liked my job . I always do my job secure for everyone specially you who requested me to do the job . If you happy I am happy. Thank you very much.



16 July 2018

Mario is responsive and flexible, he has done a great job. Thanks.

Thank you very much very kind I appreciate a lot you're feedback . Have lovely day


Nigel Hobden

5 June 2018

Great fun helpful guys, recommend, beware of parking limitations, but haven't had a ticket just yet :)



3 June 2018

Mario was amazing, He was friendly, professional and the work he done for me is done to a high standard. I would recommend Mario to anybody, will be using him again for definite. Thank you mario!!!

Thank you very much I appreciate your recognition.



31 May 2018

Mario did come to do my job he is a very nice person and provides excellent customer service.

Thank you very much I appreciate a lot what you did for me and I'm glad you liked my services I will continue to keep the same . If you happy I am happy.


Mauro Couto

20 May 2018

It have a good choice of building materials and tools, good prices when compared with other high street retailers. Good and quick service.


Megan Rutherford

12 December 2017

Amazing team! They always go out of their way to help and always put the customers first. They are all really friendly and always managed to put a smile on my face with their banter! Definitely one of the best stores I've ever been too! More...


Andrew Gurgel

7 December 2017

Great staff. Absolutely awesome that they're so close. I'm in there nearly everyday and love seeing the cute guy with long curly hair

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The fact you're own boss.
Diversity of jobs and easy to access them

The fact that I was successful in all jobs that I have made

Because Mario Rodrigues is professional.
Quality is main factor on my duties.
A perfectionist in most off all .
Well you'll be there you'll see it