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We are Toronto based wedding and portrait photographers with a passion for capturing precious moments and ensuring treasured memories last for a lifetime.

Photographs are one of the few things that you get to keep after an event is done. They let you relive your special moments and remember how much fun you had.



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Creating a great image is not about the camera you have. A great image is one that evokes emotion. A good photographer can anticipate moments and capture them before the moment is gone. A good camera helps, but it isn't a substitute for a good eye.

For wedding clients, I like to know their love story. I ask them:
What made you fall in love and decide to get married?
What do you enjoy doing together and what makes you smile?
What memories would you like to take away from your special day?

I love the happiness and joy on my clients faces when I show them what we just created in the back of my camera.

I've always wanted to make an impact on people's lives. I get to do that through my camera and lens now. When clients see my photos after the wedding and are truly thrilled, I know then that I've left a mark.

We go above and beyond to make our clients satisfied. We're the cheerleaders, the hype people and the all-round supporters of our couples. We help do final close of dresses if needed or drive bridesmaids to venues when they are running late.

We exist to please our clients.



It's all about the experience!

We offer great packages to ensure that your wedding day experience is truly exceptional. Visit our website for more details and pricing.

A good portrait speaks volumes about who you are and what you’re all about. Your uniqueness captured in a great image is one of the best ways to present and promote yourself.

Whether you’re looking to make an impact on LinkedIn or visually improve your personal brand, we can help you deliver the best version of YOU!