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Saint-Lambert, QC

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13 hour response time

Get a free quote from this professional


Zaico Holding Inc is a holding company with 2 entities focused on construction equipment rental and real estate flipping and selling from our Carpenter`s team depending on our schedule we will deliver your service time effectively and environment friendly.

13 hour response time


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The quality of the result of my work
My team attitudes, customer interactions, transactions negotiations management.

I am passionate about restoring your idea to life
I am good and confident with my skills sets
I intend to kill competition and leave this to my kids

I love life so much I could restore almost anything like God

Yes we can
We are open to suggestions on our website

As a health and safety officer, I have upgraded my tools and procedures compliant to the covid19 contamination elimination.


Interior and Exterior Painting for Residential and Industrial units
$1000 for a full House.

Install and Restore windows and doors
$1000 for a full House.

To remove and install new drywall boards, supply and install no insulation

Install wooden and chain fences for residential.

Supply and Install