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8 April 2019

Their services is too good to be true! they will answer any of your questions and help you for future plans and guiding, Great Service!

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3 April 2019

I've always filed my own taxes but with this year being a not so straight forward kind of year I decided to seek some help. From my initial outreach, which was on a weekend, to completion, it was less than 5 days. Paul, who did my intake assigned me to Jordan. He immediately gave an estimated time of completion based on the intake. He was knowledgeable, asked the right questions, and was available for quick exchanges once he got back in touch with the nearly finished product. The only way it could've been better was if he was in the room with me. I feel confident in referring this business to friends and family alike for its affordability, it's simplicity, and their professionalism. I also feel confident that they can provide aftercare services if for any reason one should require them after filing a return. Thanks guys! More...

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6 November 2018

Patrick is a pleasure to work with. Everything done seamlessly through email, he's very responsive and so easy to work with. I would recommend anyone to see him, especially complicated sales taxes. He maximized my return!! You have a customer for life. Thanks again for everything. More...

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10 May 2018

If there was a way to leave 10 stars, I absolutely would!For the second year in a row, Patrick has been beyond kickass! Here are just a few reasons why:1. He's patient and helpful throughout the year with all of my crazy questions.2. He knows his stuff. He also gave me some tips and suggestions from last year about this year, so I knew what to do for my business ahead of time and that's really paid off in spades!3. He loves what he does, he's great at explaining everything and helps me think ahead to the next year's business and income related stuff so that I can be prepared and know what my options are.4. I am always grateful to have him as a solid resource who is thorough as well as being an excellent communicator in all areas. SO GRATEFUL! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

26 April 2018

Just wanted to thank Modern Accountant for reaching out, giving me a lot of information and referring me a company that would be able to better assist in a particular situation. I really appreciate the help and I will definitely come back next tax season More...

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12 April 2017

Had Patrick again this year, everything went smoothly, he is convenient and knowledgeable.

Reviewed on Yelp

16 March 2017

The reviews are legit - KHF is the real deal. Patrick came to my office for my small business (sole proprietorship), carefully went through my documents, and filed my entire tax return including HST in under an hour on the spot. He was professional, friendly, and a pleasure to work with, and the price was very reasonable. KHF has an impressive system that allows them to work anywhere: they bring a laptop with a mobile hotspot, payment processing system (credit/debit), and they don't need a printer or internet, you can sign your documents with a stylus on their phone. They save by not having to lease an office, and that savings is passed on to you - plus the convenience of having your accountant meet you at your home/work/favourite coffee shop. Great idea and a pleasure to work with. More...

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16 February 2017

Incredibly impressed with the service: knowledgeable, professional and personable. Patrick patiently answered all of my questions on how to properly set up a business, offering free alternatives wherever possible. Other quoted me a minimum of $200 for this same service. I will be coming back and referring Patrick's services to others. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

24 January 2017

UPDATE:Every year I trust these guys to come by and handle my taxes. I have work income, as well as rental income and expenses, as well as a side business income and expenses. They take care of everything. Here's the update: I actually referred my mother, who in turn referred her neighbour, their across the street neighbour, and my grandmother. As far as I've heard, everyone's happy, 5/5. More...

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6 July 2016

Patrick was very prompt to reply and provided useful guidance to help me complete my tax return. Highly recommend his service!

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15 June 2016

I didn't file a decades worth of taxes YIKES so I called Patrick to help me out and he was efficient, quick and reasonably priced. KH Financial is convenient as f*ck because he can come to your house and do all the work right there within an hour (well it was about an hour for me anyway, plus some additional time later on needed to mail paperwork but it wasn't a big deal)Plus my dog fell asleep at Patrick's feet while he filed my taxes, if my dog trusts Patrick, I can trust Patrick! He really made what I thought would be a nerve-racking experience to be pretty quick and painless. I thought I would have to owe the equivalent of gallons of my own blood in back taxes and penalties to the CRA since I was sooooo behind, but I actually got a refund!!!  Shhhh don't tell my husband, I spent it on shoes! I Would definitely recommend Patrick and hopefully I won't get behind again, but if I do I know I can count on Patrick and KH financial. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

16 May 2016

I've always filed taxes on my own with UFile, however, my income this year was a bit more complicated as I had some self-employment income.  I was completely expecting to owe the government money this year based on the numbers I had initially entered into UFile and that was when I called KH Financial.Booking an appointment was easy - I left a voicemail and Patrick returned my call within a few hours.  He gave me a quick rundown over the phone regarding his services and I did not feel pressured to book or use his services at all.  Patrick was able to meet me at my home in the evening.  He walked me through everything and gave me tips for future tax returns.  Everything was filed online and was done within the hour.  This is probably the best part...he somehow worked his magic/wizardry and I actually received a return this year!Will definitely be using his services again in the future. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

5 May 2016

Patrick is still the best. My partner and I met up recently to file her taxes for 2015 and mine for 2014 and 2015 and everything was smooth and professional. Even though this was far less complicated than my first meeting with Patrick in 2013 (when I filed for 6 years, multiple provinces, moving across the country, RRSP withdrawals, tuition credits, donation credits etc), he still gave an immense level of attention to detail to make sure things were accurate.Email communication was quick and despite conflicting work schedules of my partner and I, it only took a couple emails from first contact for us to decide on a time and place that worked for everyone. The fact that he is mobile and can show up to meet nearly anywhere makes a world of difference and means - this is a very appreciated level of customer service.I've recommended KHF to a bunch of friends and have no problem doing the same to a bunch of strangers on here. When I decided to hire Patrick in 2013 I did it based off of a couple of yelp reviews - so I feel compelled to encourage others to make the same choice. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

11 April 2016

It was my first time filing taxes so, initially, I went to HR block, but faced unprofessionalism and total misunderstanding on the other part of the table. On the other hand, KH Financial understood at once what was required and kept everything professional. Fantastic experience. All communication was via email only. Very fast responses. Everything was done online: sending files, signing, paying - very convenient for me. Definitely recommend. Thank you, guys! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

7 March 2016

Last year I filed my tax with another Tax filing company. I ended up paying way more tax than I Should have, cause they did not deduct mortgage interest from my rental income. This year Patrick did the tax filing for me, everything is digitalized. He did a tax adjustment for the overpaid part on my rental income last year. He walked me through my tax with a lot patience, most importantly he explained the entire process to me as clear as it gets. I would go with KH Financial for my tax filing next year again. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

6 March 2016

I found KHF doing a search on Yelp and after seeing all the good reviews they had on here I decided to give them a call. Hey if this works to help me find good coffee why not give it a try to find my tax return experts. After having called a few small local shops and some larger ones like H&R I was getting a little annoyed at the fact that the service was either overpriced or that the person on the other end of the phone simply didn't have proper interpersonal skills. Patrick answered my call, he was very professional, helpful and very quick to respond. He helped me cross check every document I needed and guided me on how to upload all the docs via his secure website. By far the best experience I have ever had when doing my taxes. - Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful- Very efficient online process- Price is very reasonable, far less that H&RThanks again Patrick More...

Reviewed on Yelp

27 August 2015

Patrick came by the office and consulted with me on how to best setup the accounting systems for my small business.   His advice was easy to understand and  timely.   We're looking forward to working with Patrick on an ongoing basis.  Give him a call! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

1 June 2015

Having Patrick walk us through our taxes this year was the best decision we made. My husband and I typically do our own taxes, but this year things were a little more complicated. We had Patrick go through our personal returns, take a look at our investments, and also work through my new small business files to make sure that our returns were completed properly. Patrick sent us a list of the documents we should have on hand, and came and met us near our home in the evening. In just over an hour we had everything thoroughly examined and filed.We were extremely pleased with our experience using KH Financial and for the price, they can not be beat. We'll definitely be returning again next year at tax time!Thanks Patrick! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

10 May 2015

Highly recommend!!Amazing, amazing, and amazing!!I'm never going back to H&R Block again. He gived me a lot of advice and I pay half price for what I use to pay for H&R block. .. (no hidden fee! I love it !! ) Thank you Patrick!! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

8 April 2015

Patrick is really helpful, and the pricing is extremely reasonable for downtown Toronto. I met up with him at a Starbucks to take care of my student tax filing (which I neglected to do for way too long), and he took care of it very quickly and professionally. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on Yelp

6 April 2015

Patrick did a great job for me on my taxes this year. I just recommended him to a friend.

Reviewed on Yelp

28 March 2015

Stellar service!! Patrick is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful his customer service skills are insurmountable I highly recommend him he knows his taxes!!

Reviewed on Yelp

19 March 2015

I needed to find someone to file my taxes this year, the friend who has being doing them not being as readily available. Based on the reviews here I decided to contact Patrick and can only concur with everyones comments. We met downstairs in my office building; my taxes are very basic and after going through my documents, while I was completing some basic information, Patrick was working on his computer and I didn't even realize he was doing my taxes there and then! Not being as up-to-date on today's technology, I didn't expect this at all!!! Our meeting was finished in less than 45 minutes. Could not be more pleased. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

30 November 2014

Patrick knows his stuff, provides amazing customer service and doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Indisputable 5 stars.I called Patrick on the Sunday before the filing deadline in a  bit of panic. Thankfully he was able to accommodate my schedule and agreed to come to my house at about 9:00 pm.He was on time, and in very good spirits even though he had a very busy day. He explained things well although a bit too fast. I guess he had been repeating himself the entire day.Patrick's calculations were corroborated to the T by the government. I am very impressed. I hope his business grows by leaps and bounds. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

29 October 2014

It is rare for me to corroborate a unanimous five star rating on yelp (I'm usually nitpicking) but KH is worth every star! I called Patrick today about filing late 2013 taxes (I know, I know). Given the f-up year I had, it took me a while to work out/up the details/nerve, and I did not want to entrust my filing to h&r block this time around (they are so hit and miss). Plus, I must confess, I did not want to have to leave my house to file if I didn't have to. A friend and I recently joked that it would be wonderful to have someone walk us through filing in the comfort of our home ("like a bossss!), and here I am, a mere 3 days later, getting someone to do just that at a reasonable fee ($40 standard filing)-Patrick asked me all the right questions on the phone to ensure I had the required documentation. -He was able to fit me in the same day! -He was super punctual, arriving at precisely 2:30 as promised. I mean PRECISELY.-Filing was relatively quick and painless, about an hour. I only wish I had done it sooner. -Patrick gave me great advice to get the most out of my tax filing as a self-employed/unemployed individual. It's a fine line, folks. I RECOMMEND- you give Patrick a call if you are not a self-filer but are tired of the H&R machine. I will definitely be calling KH Financial in the new year!EXTRA TIP- Paying was also easy breezy, with many forms of payment available: Cash, e-transfer, credit card, PayPal... More...

Reviewed on Yelp

28 July 2014

Patrick had done my taxes for the two years that I've been in Canada and has provided the BEST service. I've chosen to do everything via email and he is always quick to reply, goes the extra mile to explain anything that I have questions about, and he knows what he's talking about! I HIGHLY recommend Patrick and KH Financial for an easy, AFFORDABLE way to get your taxes taken care of. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

8 July 2014

Tax prep made easy, thanks to Patrick! He was kind, super knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything that we were confused about- plus he give us helpful tips for how to manage our personal and business finances. Absolutely nothing negative to say -- I highly recommend KH Financial if you prefer to have someone come to your home to save you time and find you money. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

14 May 2014

Great service. This year was my first time filing as a common law partner and my partner is self employed so I needed help.  Based on all the positive reviews on Yelp, I decided to go with KHF.  I was not disappointed!  Tax filing was painless, they came to my condo based on my schedule.  Answered all of our questions knowledgeably.  Numbers were bang on with the CRA and I got my tax refund quickly.I couldn't ask for more in a service!  My partner even mentioned it's the first time that tax filing hasn't been painful for him. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

7 April 2014

I needed to do some catch up on my taxes... and I didn't really want to go to H&R Block. I figured I'd try someone else out. ..Patrick was super friendly and helpful. Very prompt and knowledgable. He got my caught up on my taxes and gave me some sound advice for the future.He also gave me his card and told me to contact him if I have any questions or concerns in the future!ALSO he came and met me wherever, super nifty and handy! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

26 March 2014

Amazing service! Patrick was incredibly polite, professional, and extremely helpful. Can't express enough how well served we are.

Reviewed on Yelp

15 September 2012

Great service, great price, and they come to you!Patrick comes to your house (or wherever), is really helpful and friendly, and will even help you after your taxes have been submitted by giving prompt replies to questions or emails you send him, e. g. if the government sends you a cheque or letter you weren't expecting.Definitely recommend Patrick and KH Financial! You could do your taxes yourself or you could save some time and stress and get them to do it for a very reasonable fee for you. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

16 August 2012

My wife and I usually do our taxes at H&R block, but not anymore! The representatives for this company are both more personable and thorough with their work than H&R ever was. Also, the cost in comparison was a lot more reasonable.    After discovering the fact that this company was operating in a mobile sense (and soon to be online), we met with Patrick at a place of my choice and he brought his laptop. He was very accommodating and informative while patiently processing our information.  I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to avoid the hectic mad dash that is tax time. These guys will come to your home or anywhere else, minimizing the stress that is usually involved. More...

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