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Laura is the lead business coach at Venture Coaching International in Calgary, AB. With over 25 years of counselling and coaching experience, she helps business owners and executives across N.

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28 January 2020

I enjoy working with Laura of Venture Coaching as she has the skills and tools to help me direct my focus and develop strategies to grow my business.

Venture Coaching
Venture Coaching

Reply from Venture Coaching

Thanks for your review, Jeff! I feel privileged to be supporting you as you grow your company. I'm looking forward to 2020 being a stellar year for you!


I love helping people be the best they can be, no matter what that looks like to them. I feel honoured to help my clients set goals and work through how to achieve those goals. I love helping people get out of their own way so they can see and pursue new possibilities for themselves. Supporting them to take action steps and grow into the business owners, partners, parents and people they most want to be is very fulfilling!

I watched my husband sacrifice his well-being for the sake of his business and our family. I thought a better way was needed...a way to enjoy success in life and business without sacrificing health and relationships. As a helping professional already (previously I was a Social Worker), I decided to move into business and leadership coaching I could help owners love their life and business.

I bring experience and pragmatism to the table. I've been coaching owners and executives for over 15 years and helping people for over 30 years. My "claim to fame" is my ability to help people bridge theory to practice. Business and leadership ideas are only as good as their execution. I help my clients understand best business practices (if they don't already) and I help them break these practices down into actionable steps they can implement at the office and at home.


Venture Coaching International is a business coaching company in Calgary. Since 2003 we’ve worked with business owners and executives across N. America. Many of these owners started out as subject matter experts (SME).

As an expert, you trained to be a professional engineer, a developer, lawyer, doctor, etc. But now you’re running a business and leading a team. These roles require you to step up to a new level of business and personal performance. You need skills you haven’t needed before. The need to learn these skills feels urgent. You want to achieve tangible performance breakthroughs as quickly as possible.

These breakthroughs are diverse, but how they’re achieved is not. Breakthroughs come from upgrades to the way you think, how you communicate, what you choose to focus on and your willingness to accept and act on feedback.

Our program focuses on helping experts like you, develop the skills to succeed in your new roles. To learn more about our coaching framework and your business development journey, visit our APPROACH PAGE at: https://bit.ly/32CutM9 and DOWNLOAD our free ebook. It’ll put your situation into perspective and show you the path forward.

If you’re considering business coaching, accept a FREE Discovery Session. Goto: www.VentureCoaching.ca to book your session.

Many executives step into leadership and don’t enjoy the experience. They find it stressful and isolating. They experience self-doubt and they question their decision.

If you’re not enjoying being a leader it’s because of your own blind spots and ineffectiveness. The good news is, you are the solution.

This is where leadership coaching comes in. I help you uncover your blind spots. Together, we shift your mindset and you learn to apply effective leadership skills. This work transforms your life and business!

If you’re ready for breakthroughs in your leadership, I’d love to help! Call 877 669 8684 and request a FREE discovery session. Let’s discuss your situation and challenges and give you an experience of coaching.

Are you frustrated with communication issues? You’re not alone. Ineffective communication damages families and costs businesses billions each year. It taxes you mentally and emotionally. It’s exhausting and can feel hopeless.

Resolving poor communication and the conflict it creates is not hopeless! But note, the main problem to address is you (not everyone else). But that’s good news, because you can master effective communication.

Mastering communication skills gives you the power to compensate for the worst communicators around you.

This is where communication coaching comes in. I help you change your understanding of communication. Then, we transform your communication approach and skills. You’ll revolutionize your leadership and family life!

If you’re ready to transform your communication skills, I’d love to help! Call 877 669 8684 and request a FREE discovery session. Let’s discuss your situation and challenges and give you an experience of coaching.