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I am a Coaching Professional with over 30 years of Success & Life Coaching. I specialize in relationships and life success to help clients overcome self-doubt, get clear on their goals and take action, leading to greater confidence, self-esteem and career and relationship success.

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6 September 2021


I am so grateful that Tina reached out to me when I needed help! My 46 year marriage was in crisis mode. She listened patiently and compassionately to my concerns and offered expert advice and strategies which gave me insight into how differences could be harmonized in a relationship. My husband and l are now communicating better and we are on the path to” happily ever after”. Thanks to Tina for being honest, sincere and non judgemental during our sessions. I highly recommend her professional coaching. More...

31 August 2021


My time with Tina was very helpful. I had 4 sessions with her when I was going through a rough patch. She is a great listener, very insightful, pays attention to details. She helped me see and understand things differently. I would highly recommend her. Thank you!! More...

24 June 2021

Life Coaching

We just had our first session yesterday and it went great!

15 May 2021


We haven't used the first session but so far I think it's going to work out really well I had the first half hour free to find out if we could work together and I'm looking forward to our first session

2 April 2021

It has been great working with Tina. She is warm, honest and has helped me establish boundaries with men again. After a 25 year marriage that ended in divorce, I appreciated the guidance she gave me to enter the dating world again and to become aware of my own blind spots. I feel supported and confident I will make good love choices going forward More...

31 March 2021

Tina has been an inspirational coach, she leads from her heart. She has amazing tools, strategies and techniques that give you the ability to get what you want. I highly recommend her.

31 March 2021

Very insightful.... I not only enjoyed my experience but looked forward to meeting every week. Discovering more about my relationship and myself helped me communicate and Especially listen. She is one of the best Trainers I have ever had the privilege to learn from. I would highly recommend her and the programs she offers. More...

31 March 2021

Tina has an intuitive mind and the listening skills that are off the charts. Her passion for others is unmatched and this is so evident in her quest to draw out the deep meaning of those she engages with. My personal experience was the freedom to be vulnerable knowing that it was in the safest environment and that my best interest were the first priority, and that it was and continues to be a sacred level of trust. The best of coaching is always about the client, Tina excels in this as a superpower, and her level of awareness is off the charts. I feel an immense amount of gratitude for the opportunity to have been the recipient of her coaching and the friendship that has developed out of it. She is a true gift, not only in the coaching space, but to all who interact with her. More...


I really love the study of human behavior. This put me on a path study, of teaching and coaching everything from tennis, english as a second language and for many years sales and business success. And, for me it is in those lightbulb moments with clients, when they come to a big realization, feel finally freed from an old limiting belief or reach their personal goal - that I feel truly rewarded.

The most fulfilling aspect is seeing people shift out of frustration, pain or hopelessness and feel empowered to make postive changes and thus elevate everyone around them. We all have unlimited potential and sometimes with the right guidance and support (that I have received at times as well), great things are possible.

I was inspired to be an entrepreneur for over 30 years now because I love the freedom, independance, creative potential and flexibility. I started as a self-employed sales rep, became successful and then hired and trained others to financial and personal success.

Although successful in business - personal relationships were another story. I turned my biggest life challenge into another passion and it became a quest in the 2nd Act of my life - to figure out how to find and hold a great relationship.

My journey and additional Coaching training have been so rewarding. I now have a relationship methodology formulated by experience and training to help people find love and vastly improve their most important relationships. And, BTW, I am in a beautiful relationship and enjoying every moment.

I think clients choose me and stay is because they feel I really put their interests first, am fully present and guide them with personalized exercises towards their goals. Even though there may be hiccups along the way, I am always there in a compassionate and non-judgemental way to keep clients accountable and moving from where they are to where they want to be.

Yes - my services are provided only through Zoom, Facetime or phone call. It is preferable to conduct the sessions via Facetime or Zoom as facial expressions and body language are key to effective communication in these settings.

My clients are from around the world and this is the most efficient and cost-effective method.

I see all of my clients remotely through Zoom or Facetime. I have seen that this works very well for all concerned, as there is no travel time and having to worry about proper protocol or even curfews.

And, the contract and billing are done remotely as well. My client are very satisfied with this process.


Weekly one hour coaching, with exercises to integrate the learning. Minimum of one month.