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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


We are the best rated roofing company in all of GTA for the last 5 years! Founded by the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year.

At Tiltop Roofers, our mission is to provide tailored roofing services by using innovative solutions which makes it easy to hire a roofer for your project.

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15 August 2021

Awesome roof inspection, courteous and professional. They did a great job. Thanks again for an awesome experience.

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5 August 2021

Quick Respons
On time
Professional people and highly qualified
Do try

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3 August 2021

Their prices are the most expensive and they call it an offer!

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11 December 2019

I had a roof leak and after getting a few quotes and reading the reviews. I decided to go with tiltop roofers. They gave a a fair price and fixed the issue the same day. I highly recommend this company.

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11 December 2019

Great workmanship and service. I would highly recommend this company.

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11 December 2019

Their office staff was very friendly and quick to respond when other companies have not even returned my calls yet.

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15 November 2019

best customer service and reliable work. They will do the work and beyond that. Thank you tiltop roofers for helping me.

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18 October 2019

After not hearing back from another roofer (D'Angelo) after calling twice These guys were quick to respond, very professional and did an amazing job.Highly recommend

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11 October 2019

Great company to work for !!!

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9 October 2019

Prices were very competitive. Good value for the quality shingles they used and what they recommended for my house. It was very easy to get an estimate from them and get the work done. Definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a good roofer ???? More...

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17 September 2019

Reliable and good prices.

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17 July 2019

Excellent customer service from start to finish. After it was all done tiltop sent us an inspector to make sure the roof was done properly. Ali made sure that we were satisfied until the very end and the inspector pointed out a few things that needed to be fixed that Ali got done within the next day. Our roof looks really good and we’d recommend Ali’s company to anyone looking for a roofing service More...

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25 February 2019

What an amazing experience. They were at my house within a day after I called them and showed me the roof with drone pictures. I saw exactly what was wrong with my roof and then they offered me a decent price for the repair. Next day the repair was done and I was at my work. They showed me pictures after the repair and I am impressed from how smooth this transaction went More...

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24 February 2019

After calling a lot of roofing companies tiltop was the only one who called me back and now we have an appointment for inspection, so far this has been a great experience I will post more after thr service.

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9 December 2018

It was a bit frustrating at the beginning with respect to booking an estimate.  But after all that was sorted out, the work and the final product was incredible.  Assuming that the estimate booking issue is now sorted out, I would certainly recommend Ali and his company for roof repairs. More...

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3 December 2018

Drone pictures were impressive and work was done with great attention to detail. Ali also gave us photos after the work was done and we are very satisfied. Already gave their reference to my brother in Guelph. More...

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17 November 2018

This has to be one of he best experiences I have had when dealing with A service request for my home! Ali was professional and prompt with his quote including the service performed. The job was documented with trone photos on what was required to be done and after the work was complete. This should be a service model for anyone in the trades who want to elevate their business. I would happily recommend Tiltop to
anyone who needs any type of roofing work to be done.

Reviewed on Home Stars

17 November 2018

Ali and his team did a fantastic job replacing our roof. Ali was very professional and very helpful when showing us the various tiles and never pressured us into any quick decision. He was very informative about the types of tiles out there, and made us feel comfortable with our choice. The Tiltop team did a fantastic job on our roof, and were very respectful to our property (there was no damage to trees or bushes from falling tiles, and everything was cleaned up to perfection. The job was done in one(1) day. The roof looks fantastic. Thank you Tiltop for a job well done. We would recommend Tiltop for your roofing repairs. Andrew Godfrey . (homeowner Milton Ont) More...

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17 September 2018

Great company to work with. Ali was very responsive when I called, and rushed us in for an appointment after the last wind storm stripped some of our shingles. They took a couple pictures with a drone to verify the damage and did a terrific and professional job.Would recommend this company to anyone.James More...

Reviewed on Home Stars

17 September 2018

Ali book the appointment, provided a quote and pictures of the damage on our roof. The repairs was done the next day. Fantastic, given we have been waiting on another roofer for over 1 month. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for professional and efficient service. Wish you continued success Ali. More...

Reviewed on Home Stars

15 May 2018

I had high hopes since this company was referred to me by a friend who's experienced excellent service from them. I, unfortunately, can only rate based on my experience. Looking for a quote for my roof and originally an inspection for the insurance company, I booked TilTop to come not only to do the inspection but also to quote me on the full roof on May 7, 2018. The company was a no-show, claiming to be too busy, they showed up two days later only to take pictures with a drone, drop off their business card and I have yet to see a quote. (I am also confused to know how they can quote when I didn't get to sit with them and see the product they use or upgrades I am looking to do). More...

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1 November 2017

Tiltop Roofers just finished re-roofing our town home and went above and beyond my expectations. Not only did they install good shingles, upgrade the venting, install a solar tunnel and clean up the site, what you cant see is the year of guidance that they gave regarding my warranty claim for previous 13 year old shingles installed by the original builder. I am probably the third owner of this property and knew when I bought it three years ago that the shingles were not in good shape. I lucked in to meet Ali, the owner of Tiltop Rooofers Inc. When discussing the prospect of a warranty claim he offered to guide me through the process. It took a year! No fault of Ali. and now as a senior citizen I am immensely grateful for the financial relief I will be receiving from the original shingle supplier. Hats off to Ali for his knowledge, guidance and roofing leadership. Keep up the good work! Harvey Talbot, Milton home owner. More...

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We have been in business for 5 years and have created an unmatched reputation for quality work and world class customer service. Our technicians who perform the services have well over 15 years of experience. All of our technicians are Licensed, Insured, and Background screened.

We offer a 10 Year Double-Backed Warranty on our workmanship that is a first of its kind in the Roofing Industry.

We love that we get to help home-owners make informed decisions for their projects. We carry un-biased solutions from various brands and educate our clients about the pros and cons of each solution. This sets us apart from the rest of the roofing companies and builds trust amongst the home-owners before they make a decision. Absolute transparency in all of our services guarantees our client satisfaction. This is what we love the most!

The founder of this business is well-known Finance student in all of Ontario. Winner of the 2016 Student of the Year in all of Ontario for his efforts in innovating existing procedures in any industry as well as his determination to help the members of the community.

Here is what our founder had to say when asked "How did the idea of your business come to Fruition?"

It all began when I was waiting for my co-op to begin at Town of Milton as an accounting clerk. My friend had called me asked me to join him for some door-to-door sales for a roofing company. Being a finance student with no construction related background I decided to give it a shot since I had always been involved in retail sales. Our job was to let the client know if they had any missing shingles you could see from the curb and then quote them, once they agreed, a crew that was with us on that street would go ahead and do the repair.

Once the technician was on the roof they would then check out the neighbour's house and let us know if they noticed any missing shingles. If they did, we would knock on the neighbour's door as well and ask them if they would like their roof to be repaired as well. The customer would be shown a picture of the damage once they allowed one of our roofers to go on their roof.

This all seemed great until one of the workers boasted about going on one of the neighbour's roof we just sold our services to and admitted to ripping shingles off just to 'create damage' so we can get a sale out of it. I was in complete shock that they had just done that an hour ago and I was the one who did the sale thinking that they genuinely had damage.

I quit the next day for ethical reasons and it kept me wondering that there had to be a better way for home-owners to be protected from fraudulent sales as such. I was quick to realize that the company I was working for wasn't the only one doing this. Roofers had been abusing the home-owners lack of ability to go on their roof and were at the mercy of these roofers to believe whatever it was that they say their roof has suffered.

Combining my passion in innovation and creativity from Sheridan Pilon School of Business, I decided that we could use Drones to become the first-ever fully transparent roofing company that showed home-owners their roofs without ever going on top and creating further damage. Home-owners get a copy of all the pictures and videos taken during the inspection and can make a decision based on trusted diagnosis.

5 years later we are a leading roofing company in Milton.

We are highly focused on client satisfaction more than any other roofing company out there. Our client's interest is always kept above everything else. This is why we have implemented Drone Inspections to increase transparency in inspections as well as effectiveness of the solutions offered.

We are constantly improving our communication and client management tools to make our sales process easy and convenient while maintaning zero presure sales tactics.

Our approach for every client is very educational and we like our clients to make informed decisions based on real information rather than getting coerced by aggressive sales reps. This is why we are always updating our material offerings and products that we suggest to make sure that all of the recommendations that we make meet our high standards and are up to date with the market.

No biases. High Transparency. Custom Solutions.

This is the value we bring to all of our clients and have become the icon of Roofing Made Easy.


Some shingles are missing on your roof. You see little black spots on your roof or in some cases you may even see your plywood exposed. You are experiencing a leak or hearing a flapping sound in the wind. All of these can be an indication of Roof Damage and require a professional roof repair. Call us to book a FREE Inspection and Estimate

Your shingles seem to be curling up from the corners. You find an occasional shingle or two in your backyard. Shingles seem to be fading. You are experiencing a leak or your insurance company has asked you to get a new roof and replace your old shingles. We can help, call us for a FREE estimate and we will go over many options available to you and tailor a solution that works best for you. Payment plans via financing and lump sum discounts available

Your roof is Leaking! If the drywall on your ceiling is having water stains that grow every time it rains, you can hear a dripping sound above your ceiling on the top floor, then there is water leaking through your roof! Call us for a FREE Inspection and Estimate. Our well-trained experts are excellent at diagnosing all roof leaks and can provide you with an affordable solution to repair any leaks.

Even if you roof does not show visible signs of damage from the ground, our experts can assess your roof and inform you of any potential risks or damages that can occur in the near future. Be Pro-Active and get your roof inspected and maintained often to avoid extensive bills of repairing any damages caused inside your home. Maintenance can include a full inspection, replacing any missing shingles, Caulking and sealing wall flashings, caulking and sealing exposed nails, adding adequate nails in vents and sealing the nails, replacing old vents, etc.

Don't go into winter with clogged eaves-troughs. All blockages and debris in your eaves-trough can cause major flooding hazards if not cleaned out. Not only does it pose a risk during summer when it rains a lot, it also poses a serious risk in the winter when the inside of the eaves freeze and turn into Ice. This can cause the water to back up into the house and cause a lot of damage. Clogged or dirty eaves-troughs can also get very heavy with the debris and cause the eaves to hang or break off. A blocked eaves-trough is also responsible for letting stale water stay in your gutters that is a leading cause of West Nile virus infection. Protect the health of your family and have your gutters cleaned and maintained by our experts. Ask us about Eave Guards!

Get your Skylights caulked and sealed to ensure they are water tight and wont pose a risk of a leak during rainy days and winter season.

You see water overflowing from your eaves-troughs when it rains, Don’t worry there might just be some build-up from leaves, twigs, and other debris. We can repair leaky eaves/gutters corners, attach back broken or hanging eaves/gutters, and also replace the old eavestroughs with new 5" gutters.

An animal broke in to your attic through the soffits or you just have a few missing pieces from a storm. We can replace the missing pieces or use an existing one if it is in good condition. Call us to have a technician come by for a free estimate to tend to your soffit needs

Is your fascia hanging or broken from a recent storm or if you need a new fascia installed around a new build home, call us and our experts can be there to give you an estimate

Improve the ventilation in your house drastically by having a Canada Go Green Solar Vent installed. A highly innovative vent designed to cater to the Canadian weather. Reduce overheating and humidity in your attic during the summer. Reduce the risk of condensation and moisture buildup during the winter. Each solar vent covers up to 500 sq feet of attic space. Having adequate ventilation lengthens the life of your shingles, improve the comfort level in your living space and reduce the temperature difference inside the house.

You want some extra light inside your house without hiking up utility bills. Looks like you need our Skylight services. We work with well-known and reputable brands such as Velux and our technicians have an expertise of installing these skylights.

60% of energy loss is through the attic. Top-up your insulation to a maximum efficiency level of R60 as recommended for the Canadian Climate. Insulation settles over time and becomes ineffective, which can lead to increased utility bills. Poor insulation levels (below R60) can allow energy to escape into the attic and then out of your attic. That is your hard-earned money leaving your house. Top-up your insulation to start saving at-least 20% on your utility bills! We only use the best brands such as Owens Corning Blow-in Fibreglass Insulation for best results

Old Insulation can show signs of mold or water damage. All of the damaged insulation must be removed and replaced with new insulation. Once we remove the old insulation, our technicians assess the attic to see any openings and seal them with spray foam. We also assess your vapour barrier and replace this or repair in in areas needed. We then install baffles to maintain air circulation from the soffits to the vents. Once everything is ready, use Owens Corning FIbre-glass blow-in insulation to make sure it is at R60 for maximum efficiency. Call us to get a free estimate