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5940 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 2G4, Canada

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I work with those who want greater satisfaction in their personal and professional life success. This is achieved by improving the way they communicate with themselves and others, thus enhancing their connection, and removing the road blocks that keep them from succeeding in their goals.

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There's this moment during the session when my client has this heightened awareness. It's like a shift in their thinking and how they feel about a certain situation. And I was there to be a part of that experience.

Human behaviour has always been an interest of mine. And after working with others over the years in retail, real estate and corporate, I found that I would be of more benefit helping people achieve their personal fulfillment rather than buying merchandise.

Many of the situations my clients have gone through, I have in the past: divorce then dating, teenagers, building my business, perfectionism, conflict at home and at work, anger management, and discovering myself. To help overcome the difficulties with these new situations I chose to hire a business or personal coach depending on the need. So I know the benefit that this support can bring, and the fulfillment I experienced from it. My clients feel the comfort knowing that I understand, to some degree, of what they're going through.

Yes, I do. I've provided online coaching sessions for over three years through the Zoom platform. This has enabled me to engage with clients all over the world.

The online platform, Zoom is ideal during Covid-19. Although, my office provides adequate distance to keep my clients safe.


This is a monthly program to assist clients in reaching their goals at a more rapid pace. We start the month with a planning session and then meet weekly throughout the month. With regular sessions my clients have improved their success and satisfaction in reaching their personal, academic and professional goals.

This program was designed to create increased success in three main areas of my client's life: Self-Management, Rewarding Career, and Quality Relationships. Each of the three areas is broken down into components that my client is able to choose from depending on their needs and desires at the time, thus making this a very targeted and effective coaching experience. My clients have found this program to be engaging, rewarding and easy to address the road blocks they encounter. One client even said this was "fun."

Some of my clients come to me with a certain issue or problem they want to tackle, or merely to get unstuck from a situation. For this need, one or two sessions a month is enough.