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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I am a Professional Hypnotist and Trainer with the I.C.B.C.H. ( International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy ). I provide unique programs that are tailored to each individual. These programs teach people how to use self hypnosis along with other tools and techniques that allow you to identify the limiting beliefs and behavioral management issues that are preventing you from reaching your desired goals.

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21 November 2019

Incredible experience with Mark’s pain management program. I was suffering daily due to a degenerative disease. In a matter of weeks after working with Mark, I was achieving restorative sleep that I hadn’t had in 7 years. I’m regaining my flexibility, have better balance and look forward to enjoying life again. More...

10 July 2019

I took a hypnosis course led by Mark to combat anxiety.

After our first class together I had real tools that I could use. My favourite is the confidence anchor. It's something no one else can see but helps me over come obstacles. I went to a job interview out of my comfort zone. My confidence anchor was a huge part of me being able to do that. And to sit through an entire hour of being interviewed.

I continue to use Mark's tools and techniques. But the best parts about Mark are his enthusiasm and non judgement. He is passionate about what he does and that rubs off on you. He doesn't judge or reprimand.

If you have ever considered learning self hypnosis to help you take charge of your life then Mark is the man to help!

26 June 2019

I first met Mark at an open house he offered. What he spoke about at that open house felt as though I was supposed to have met this man to learn more to better my situation.
I have since taken a group course and had a one on one session with him. Mark has provided me with the tools and knowledge to have confidence in myself and to start my journey of self worth. Something I had lost throughout the years.
Marks calm demeanour and knowledge left me in a positive state of mind ready to take on my life in a more positive manner. However, he is not a magic pill that will instantaneously work and fix all of my problems. I still have to do the work. Mark merely handed me the wisdom and shovel to go to the walls that are blocking my confidence, and smash it down myself.

I love knowing that I have him to go to when needed, as I am aware that there will be road blocks along the way.

I highly recommend him.

25 June 2019

Amazing! Mark is a fantastic Hypnotist and provider of great help. I'll definitely be recommending him!

20 June 2019

Mark at The Hypnosis Experience is amazing. He is relatable and sincerely interested in improving making other people's lives. His boice is very soothing yet assertive, so it is easy to listen and follow instructions. And after every hypnotic experience, in person and using his audio files, I awake feeling fantastic...refreshed and recharged. He is amazing at reframing limiting beliefs, and has a knack for teaching the why behind the methods and workings of hypnosis.

I personally highly recommend Mark and the Hypnotic Experience. I completed the three week stress and anxiety class, and am looking forward to persuing weight loss program.


The greatest thing about being a Hypnotist and allows me to love what I do is. It allows me to help other people completely change how they view themselves as human being. They learn the skills that will empower them to develop self-confidence, self-reliance and the ability to take action to change their lives for ever. Allowing them to remove the fear, stress and anxiety that stops most people from succeeding in life.

Hypnosis allowed me to identify and remove all of the things I believed about myself that were holding me back. The limiting beliefs and behaviors, along with the negative thoughts I was choosing to focus on that created the negative emotional state that I viewed my life from. This negative mindset allowed me to believe that success was not possible for me. Once I completed my Hypnosis training and started applying the techniques to myself I realized that thoughts are real and we are what we think. This was the moment I became inspired and wanted to make sure that I take what I have learned and share it with other people so they can transform themselves in the same way that I have. The best thing about going through this process is that you can teach what you learn to your family and friends as well. Giving this investment in yourself even more value.

I am focused and determined to make sure that people who choose to work with me succeed. I help guide each person through this process of change and adapt my processes to their needs. I Make sure that they realize I am not their magic pill and they have to take responsibility for their life and do their part in order for them to succeed. I only want to work with people who actually want to succeed and change their lives by taking action. The people who will choose to apply what they learn after each session to their life, because both of our futures depend on that individuals success. I do not want to develop a bad reputation because someone chooses not to take action and then blame me for their own failure.