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There’s a growing demand for solid marketing right now among small and midsize businesses. You can’t afford bloated agency retainers anymore. You need proven tactics: sales funnels that actually sell. High-converting websites. Lead generators that get the phones ringing.

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People do not buy the best products or services, they buy the ones they can understand the fastest. At Summit, we believe in helping business owners getting clarity with providing clear and simple messaging to their prospects in language that is understandable. We also believe in making websites that are also clear and simple to navigate and find what the prospect is looking for; focusing on customer journey and leading them to convert of take an action to engage with you.

For any website project, we have an onboarding process that asks some key questions important in the basic definition of the site. This could be as simple of your company vision statement, to more detailed questions around product pages and target markets. We also try to understand the key drivers for success in your business to be sure that is mirrored on your website.

Helping entrepreneurs by having a material impact on their business growth.

Many answers to this question. More freedom to have choices was a primary goal.

Experience (Over 10 years), customer focused, results-based, attitude, processes-based approaches based on proven working models. Certified Digital Marketing Consultant.


If you are looking to give your business a kick-start as we re-open from COVID 19 as well as significantly increase the visibility of your business, you've come to the right place.

Let Our Team Optimize Your GMB and Dominate Google’s Snack Pack Over Your Competitors!

When it comes to optimizing a Google My Business page, there are many factors that are involved in getting Google to rank you in the top 3 for maximum visibility and lead generation.

Having a solid GMB profile is the key foundation to local SEO. With the Summit Protocol team of GMB experts, we have a proven manual method of getting this done right so your business is front and centre for local search.


Looking for a seasoned SEO expert that delivery a strategy to drive more leads to your business?

Contact us today to learn how we can help raise your brand visibility online and convert more leads.

Whether you are looking for a basic website from a template, to more customized designs; we can help.

A new website shouldn't need a mortgage to get up and running.

We work on WordPress as our standard platform, and can have sites up and running within a week for a basic template website. For larger projects, we typically see development times of 4-8 weeks, depending on the scope and scale of the customized website.

For more information visit here: https://summitprotocol.com/calgary-website-design/

Technical SEO often gets overlooked by “bigger” and “shinier” topics like keyword research and link building.

But ignoring technical SEO issues on your website can be the one factor that holds your website back from higher Google rankings.

If you would like us to review your website and find opportunities to boost your websites authority, we are here to help.

The quality of your business is driven by the quality of the questions you ask of it and yourself. At Summit we know how to ask the right questions that will bring your businesses power through better digital marketing aligned with your businesses goals and mission, and which will get powerful results.

As a business, it is imperative therefore that you have a strategy for your digital assets based on detailed analysis of your market online, rather than guesswork and some generic keyword phrases.

Technology is also evolving with Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Voice Search and other new technologies appearing all the time. With marketing though, some of the fundamentals remain at the foundation of everything you do. Don't stand still as technology evolves, but also don't forget the fundamentals.

Need a digital strategy for your business? Want to understand how your website performs against competitors and where the gaps and opportunities for improvement are in your market that will generate more leads? We can help.