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I am a registered psychologist with a focus on couples, family therapy and individuals. My focus is to empower clients to regain their emotional balance, understand each other, improve trust & cooperation.

Our emotional and other needs are important.

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I love to see the changes in people during the process of counselling. Their 'aha' moments are deeply satifying and bring me joy.

Having my own business gives me flexibility to provide the best services for people.

I am a compassionate and empathetic person who is able to listen to your ideas without judgment and help you with my experience and knowledge.

Due to increased numbers with Covid at this time, I am providing counselling in an encrypted and safe online counselling platform. It follows HIPPA and PIPA regulations which are provincial regulations that are established to maintain confidentiality and privacy for clients.

I do this by ensuring that we meet online until it is safe to meet in person in the office.


Do you have arguments that are getting you down? Is the situation so tense, it feels as if you are walking on eggshells? You can improve your relationship, express your desires and learn to hear each other. Does that sound like something you would like, then give me a call.

Do you revert to old habits when you are with family, despite your best effort to do things differently? You can change this by learn boundaries for yourself, and saying what you want appropriately. Or your challenges may be something else. Come in for a session by yourself or with another family member and learn how resolve your differences.

Do you feel wherever you look, all you see are problems with others? Do you want to change this and learn assertiveness? Do you feel insecure when others express themselves? Are these lowering your self esteem? You do not need feel overwhelmed. You can learn skills to improve your self esteem.

Anxiety is meant to help us deal with crises or danger. This is why our bodies respond with fight, flight or freeze response.
Anxiety becomes a problem when our fears interfere with everyday life or with our jobs, relationships.
You can help yourself by learn coping skills during sessions. You can find out with help what is causing anxiety and how to reduce it.

Do you feel low about yourself? Do you blame yourself for things that may not be your fault? If you do this then you may be feeling low self-esteem.
Our self esteem is formed by many experiences in our life, our interactions with people, academic performance in school and many others.
Well there is good news, you do not need to live this way; you can learn skills to improve and change how you see yourself.

Parenting is not easy but no one tells you this. We go through this wondering what you are doing right.
Do you know what is your parenting style? Authoritarian/Disciplinarian, Permissive/Indulgent, Uninvolved or Authoritative?
It is common to for parents to have different parenting styles; but do they need to end in fights? You can discuss your differences and come to an understanding of shared goals.
If you are a single parent or in a blended family, you may have other challenges. Find out what you can do to help yourself. It is important to help yourself so you can be a successful parent in your own views.

There is no difference between men's or women's problems. Men however seem to be reluctant to say they have problems that need to be discussed. So there is space here; there is no judgment. It is okay to find help with problems, such as depression, stress, anxiety, and relationship concerns or others. It helps to just talk. You can decide how much or how little you want to share.

Transitions are changes in our lives; change is hard because they may challenge our identities. Change is disorienting. Transitions can be: starting family, children leaving the home (facing an empty nest), divorce, job loss or retirement. These can be a time of ending, or letting go, creating stress for us. In our society, we do not talk about such deep and personal ideas with others, making us feel lonely and isolated. You can change this. You can learn to heal yourself.

Sometimes when we experience loss or a deep change they may lead to a crisis of faith. This could affect us in profound ways, affecting our goals, attitude or beliefs.
Surprisingly, as human beings, we do not need to be especially spiritual in order to be affected at such a deep level. Come in to find a safe space to express your ideas without judgment. You may be surprised by how light you feel.

We use gender and sex interchangeably. They do not refer to the same ideas. Gender is not always the same as sex.
A person's gender have two parts: our internal sense of gender identity and how we express our gender to the world.
Sexuality refers to our romantic attraction to a person who has same/similar gender orientation as us, or different gender orientation to us.
These may be difficult or confusing to accept within ourselves, as we may not be accepted by family members, friends or we may not be recognized by the larger community. This can lead to deeply held pain and we may develop a unhealthy sense of self. Learn how to cope with painful aspects, heal yourself and set boundaries with yourself and/or others.