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Statemint is a relatively new accounting firm created by CPA's with a focus on bookkeeping and preparing monthly financial statements for small to medium sized business using the technology available to us make the bookkeeping process smooth, efficient and cost effective.

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Statemint provides monthly bookkeeping and payroll services as well as working with entrepreneurs to set up systems and processes so companies can get their accounting up to date and have reliable financial data to make informed decisions on their businesses future.

For a business to reach its full potential, its needs support from its advisors who have specialty knowledge and experience to aid businesses in making decisions the help the business grow.

I love interacting, advising and watching my clients businesses grow. Talking to entrepreneurs about their business and hearing their passion for what they do makes it easy to go to the office every day.

We started Statemint due to the serious need for companies to have their records on a accurate and timely basis. In my experience working with nationwide accounting firms, we consistently saw companies struggling to keep their accounting records up to date which would lead to misinformed decisions, inability to gain financing as well as filing penalties with CRA. So we created Statemint to help entrepreneurs and companies get on track and alleviate that stress of constantly being behind.

Expertise, experience, and great value. We provide accurate financial statements on time and on budget.

Yes, the vast majority of our clients are serviced remotely. We use software and apps available to us today in order to streamline the accounting process as well as eliminate the need for paper documents. We also use online tools to have virtual meetings so in person meetings are not required.

As our business was already fully online, we haven't had the need to make any major changes. The only thing that has changed is that we are doing a lot more of our meetings virtually.


We provide accurate and reliable online bookkeeping services with a proven steamlined process to ensure your businesses financial records are always up to date.

We will prepare file your monthly/quarterly/annual GST/HST returns with CRA to ensure that none are missed and late filing penalties are a thing of the past.

We will prepare and file your monthly/annual PST submission.

We can provide full payroll services, calculating and submitting your payroll remittances.

We will provide personal and corporate tax planning to ensure that you and your business are paying the lowest tax rate avaiable.

We can provide a financial forecast for your business so you can see where cycles in your business and the cash flows needs to grow.

We have a very experienced staff of CPA's and CFA's and can help you grow your business.

We will help you apply for all subsidies that are available as well as keep you updated on any subsidies that come available.