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My purpose as a therapist and coach is to help women realize their value and potential through the power of self compassion, self acceptance and self care. Life is complicated and messy and it’s common to find yourself feeling confused and overwhelmed.

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Every counsellor or coach is different, and it’s important for you to feel confident and comfortable with your decision. I’ve been a Social Worker for the past 23 years and have found that I am most effective at working with women and teen girls. I’ve learned that women are fierce, compassionate creatures who have the ability to love and care for their children, partners, friends, parents, colleagues and those they serve in their work. Many women feel they must sacrifice their health and well-being so those they care about can thrive. My role is to empower women to identify what's holding them back from reaching their goals, lessen their self doubt and prioritize their health and wellness. I'm passionate about helping women to value their unique qualities that make them who they are!

I chose to start my own business because so many women are just trying to survive but aren't thriving. There's a huge difference. Society has told women that we can have it all-career, marriage, family, and a social life while also being told we need to be thinner, healthier, more fit and younger looking. We aren’t told how to balance caring for ourselves while caring for others. We are taught that self-care is synonymous with selfishness, therefore, we put our health and wellness last. Women are also very hard on themselves when they can't 'do it all' and this inner dialogues of negative self talk wears on them to the point where stress, anxiety, helplessness and hopelessness sets in. I can help you to change that dialogue. When we change our thoughts, our feelings change and when we change how we feel, our response or behavior changes as a result. This is what I teach and it's a game changer. I've done this work myself over and over again and the impact it's made on my relationship with myself and with others has been life changing. I can help you do the same!

Whether your struggle is related to stress, anxiety, body image and food issues, weight loss, emotional exhaustion from giving to others, life stressors, relationship issues or something else, I can help you work through with what's holding you back to so you can reach your goals and become the best version of You!


Women often compare ourselves to other women who we feel are thinner, smarter, prettier, a better mother, a better partner, and more successful in their careers. We tend to internalize these comparisons and in turn, talk negatively to ourselves, sabotage our own efforts at leading a healthy and happy life. We beat ourselves up emotionally when we don’t feel we measure up to that unrealistic bar we’ve set.
The good news is these thoughts of self-doubt and negative self-talk can be changed. When we change our thoughts, this changes how we feel and when we change how we feel, our response or behavior changes. It just takes effort and practice. This is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Cognitive Behavioral Coaching and it's a game changer!

Are you sick and tired of scouring the internet, for the perfect diet that’s going to be the answe​r to your weightloss? Are you exhausted from being told that in order to lose weight you must get rid of carbs, eat high fat, drink these shakes, take these diet pills, do this cleanse, count calories, points, or macros or do these workouts? Women are continuously pummeled with these types of ads in magazines, on social media websites and on television. We try and try so many new diets, thinking it's the One and sometimes it starts out well....for few days or weeks. But then it happens- the really crappy day. The day that everyone and everything is getting on your nerves and the next thing you know, you find yourself diving into a bag of chips, a candy dish at the office or a box of cookies in your cupboard. In come your thoughts—‘I just screwed everything up’, ‘I have no self-control’, ‘I will never lose weight’ or the big daddy thought of them all- ‘I might as well just eat what I want since I already messed up my diet. I can start again tomorrow or on Monday’. Basically, your inner critic is on overdrive, you are beating the crap out of yourself and throw in the towel because you've lost that motivating, hopeful feeling. This negative self talk is what causes you to quit on yourself over and over again.

I can give you the tools to lose weight while being compassionate and kind to yourself. I can teach you to trust that your body will tell you what it needs and how to work on the thoughts that sabotage your weightloss efforts. I can be your cheerleader when you’re doing great and I can coach and support you when you’re struggling (yes, there will be times that you struggle and that’s okay). Weightloss is not a linear process because we’re human and life happens. As long as you have the willingness to learn, together we can do the rest!

Do you feel guilty that you don’t give enough to your partner, children, parents, friends, clients, students or patients? Do you find yourself always putting other people’s needs ahead of your own? Do you take pride in helping others because it makes you feel valued and worthy? Are you beating yourself up because no matter how much you give, it never seems like enough? Are you exhausted with being exhausted?
The only way to refill your 'giving' tank is to start making YOU a priority and I can show you how. It’s time to start showing up for yourself by developing your non-negotiable self-care strategies. I’m not just talking about bubble baths and manicures I’m talking about the simple habits that you will build into your daily or weekly routines. Self-care is the deliberate practice of knowing your needs and desires, taking responsibility for them, and then living your life in a way that honours them. If you aren’t sure how to start, I can show you the way back to YOU.