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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Soul Journey was created to empower people on with tools to discover who they are and create a life they love.

After my life fell apart, I realized I had become bitter and angry and felt like I had lost myself and had no idea how to be happy.

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4 July 2019

What a great experience! I recently attended one of Michelle’s workshops “5 magic questions to create a life you love”. Michelle is truly an amazing coach with the ability and insight to ask the right questions to get you to see what you need to do to make positive change in your life. Loved this workshop and look forward to attending more of Michelle’s events. More...

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4 July 2019

I was lucky enough to win a private session with Michelle. The experience was amazing and she helped me to dig deep and see things in a different light. Michelle has a beautiful soul and you can feel the love she puts into what she does. I highly recommend Michelle as a coach if you are looking for some guidance along your path. More...

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4 July 2019

Michelle is an incredible soul with many gifts and much wisdom to share! I attended one of her "5 questions to create the life you love " workshops and was super impressed by her ability to help us drop deeply into ourselves and come to a profound awareness of what's holding us back In our lives and why we do the things we do that keep us stuck! Brilliant questions from a fabulous coach! I can't wait to do more work with Michelle. Highly recommended to get connected with this fantastic love filled lady! � More...

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4 July 2019

What an amazing experience! I recently attended Michelle’s 5 questions workshop and had a huge self realization. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is willing to find the deep root meaning to their current runts, cycles, way of thinking, then free themselves from it. I went into Michelle’s workshop not really knowing what to expect, nor what I wanted/needed to let go of, through her process I figured it out and what I was holding on to blew my mind. Michelle’s has a wonderful ability and insight to ask the right questions to get you from where you are to where you want to be. More...

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4 July 2019

I too recently attended both “the 5 questions to create the life you love” and Breakthrough Journey workshops. I will be forever grateful to Michelle for her support and guidance to find my inner peace and learning to love myself again! I feel as though a new chapter in my life has begun and it will be amazing!

Michelle you have a gift, this movement will change so many women’s lives...

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I am so passionate about helping others and seeing the growth and transformation as they find freedom and excitement to live life again. There is nothing more rewarding then being of service to others in their journey to heal and grow. I love the tribe we have created and watching them continually live life in a whole new way.

My life fell apart and that pain led me to search for how to be happy. I had this insatiable hunger to learn everything I could and it was a vibrating excitement within me. Once I totally transformed myself and my life, I knew that we aren't taught this and I never wanted anyone else to feel as lost and hopeless as I did, so I knew this was my purpose in life. As a single mom of teenage daughters I didn't think I could be self employed, but after loosing my job, I knew I had to take this huge leap of faith and trusted the universe would support me and it has been the most amazing experience of my life. I'm so blessed to do what I am most passionate about and be surrounded with amazing humans all the time.

My clients really appreciate feeling loved and safe as they explore deeply the pain that they are struggling with, knowing they are safe and supported without judgement. They also appreciate my kind honesty, my realness to share my own struggles and the vulnerability that exists between us. We also have a lot of humor to help lighten the journey and enjoy the process along the way. The see results quickly and say it's the best thing they've ever done for their life and they are forever grateful that they created a life they love.


Are you wanting to feel alive, happy, inspired and fulfilled yet not sure how to get there?
Working together one on one, you will get to know yourself, get clear on what you want, get rid of what’s getting in the way and make it all happen.

• Do you want to feel happier with your life?
• Do you want to figure out what even makes you happy?
• Do you want to give yourself permission to do things for you?
• Do you want to wake up excited about the life you’re creating?

Perfect! Together we can make that your reality. You will feel inspired and empowered to live the life of your dreams.
Say good-bye to feeling lost and un-fulfilled, questioning if this is all there is for you...to living a life of peace and happiness. I am here to bring you value in this journey together and create amazing results in your life.

• You will embrace the beautiful and powerful woman that you are
• You will learn how to find the blessings in life
• You will see that you have the power to create the life you love
• You will bring your dreams to light and make them happen

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