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SIMPLISH PLUS is dedicated to helping people become hybrid athletes through a simplified approach to fitness. We believe that everyone has the potential to become a well-rounded athlete, combining strength, speed, agility, and endurance into a single, powerful athletic form.

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Taking those big goals and breaking them down into smaller more measurable goals helps make the final objective feel more attainable. With my clients I have them write their goals out physically to make it feel more tangible and realistic. Once that is done we break down the goal into smaller landmarks that they are able to complete based off their current skills and abilities and we reassess every few weeks to see if we are on schedule or ahead of schedule. I find this works extremely well because as you conquer the small goals you set you gain more confidence and consistency which pushes you to work harder and go beyond what you thought was possible.

The secret of getting the body of your dreams is hard work and discipline. These two factors are important only once you've figured out what works for you and best fits your lifestyle. This can take time. During this process experimenting with different activities foods and workouts gets you moving and gives you a better understanding of what you enjoy doing and how your body works. Once you've figured that out then you can build a schedule and slowly build the discipline and apply the hard work it takes to build yourself up. There are many different ways to get in shape and stay active. There's no point in putting in hard work and being dedicated to something that makes you miserable, because that just leads to wasted time and half commitment.

I enjoy helping people learn that physical activity and exercise doesn't have to be intimidating and hard. Finding the activities that you love as well as a routine that fits your needs can make the difference between sticking to a plan and deciding to quit.

I saw that the fitness industry was saturated with too many trainers and influencers promoting unrealistic and sometimes unhealthy products that made people fearful and hesitant about getting active. I wanted to help people see that exercise is a multifaceted art and that everyone has the potential to be great at it. I believe that sharing this philosophy with as many people as possible will help increase peoples quality of life. I believe when you can move better you have almost no limitations.

Fitness has become a major part of my life so, whatever it is that I ask or tell my clients to do I am already implementing it into my own routine. I practice what I preach. I understand the struggles that come with getting active. Whether that's money, time, or not being able to afford the proper equipment or foods to fuel your body. I've experienced all those things and have worked with clients of varying backgrounds. I believe this gives me a better understanding of how to approach and prepare my clients for success regardless of their goals or obstacles they believe are in their way.

My goal is to give my clients the best opportunity to add fitness into their lifestyle and remote and virtual fitness are a great way to do it.

I offer simple online programming as well as interactive programming where I train with you to keep you accountable and motivated so that you feel like we are working together.

With covid 19 I have all of the proper sanitation equipment and wipe down procedures. Masks are worn when I am training clients in their homes and at the gym


Push yourself, and train to the best of your abilities all from the comfort of your own home.

Gain all the benefits of in person Training no matter where you are in the world. Receive just programming or workout with your trainer.

Learn all the ins and outs of working out with in person training as you get real time corrections and a large array of equipment to choose from.

Feed off the energy of the group to hep you stay motivated