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I help my clients unlock their inner wisdom to handle life’s ups and downs and achieve their goals. I’m a Certified Personal & Professional Coach and a Certified Energy Codes® Coach and Facilitator. Learn to work with the energy of life to uncover your authentic self!
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16 October 2021

Silverstone Coaching was shared with me by a dear friend. I was hesitant at first to make the connection with Jeffery, but I am really glad I did.
We spoke about a lot of personal blocks that I had been having and the imposter syndrome I had been having.

Jeffrey had given me the opportunity to not only express myself, but would kindly guide me back to kindness and provide me with the tools I still use to help keep myself grounded and moving forward in the chaos that is todays landscape of life.

The process and progress I've had and shared with Jeffery has been beneficial in so many ways, drawing my attention to my truest self has brought so many rewards that was always celebrated and Jeffrey really made me feel seen.

A true blessing was being able to work with Silverstone Coaching and more over connect with Jeffery and truely understand and appreciate my higher self and the light I have inside me.

Thank you Jeffrey, truely 💖


It’s an honour to partner with my clients and see them transform their lives from the inside out.

Helping people unlock their inner wisdom is a calling. The kind of joy I experience in what I do can’t be found by working for someone else.

My clients and I choose each other if it’s the right fit. I want to be inspired by my clients - their commitment to change and devotion to their own growth is my motivation. My clients choose me because I am a “whole person” coach. There are a lot of great coaches who specialize in achieving specific goals. You’ll want to work with me if you're looking for something deeper. I can help you connect with your authentic self and free you from the suffering that comes from being stuck in your mind (which leads to anxiety and depression).

I work with my clients via Zoom or telephone. If you are in the Montreal area I also provide socially distanced sessions in my backyard, weather permitting. All my training in energy management techniques has been done over Zoom. Yes, our energy fields connect via technology!

Online sessions keep my services 100% COVID safe.


The Energy Codes are a proven system of practices and principles that help people discover their true self, get unstuck from life’s problems and lead a more joyful life.
Based on my unique blend of Dr. Sue Morter’s Energy Codes and traditional coaching models, I will guide you through breath-work, embodiment practices and exercises to train your mind to slow down. Live a life of soulful purpose!