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At Silver Fox Accounting, we appreciate your business and personal challenges. We also understand the importance of having profit and growth specialists working on your issues. That is precisely why we have a team-oriented, partnership approach with every one of our clients.


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22 July 2020

My initial interaction with Silver Fox Accounting has been very positive. Andy is a pleasure to talk to and has made the process less daunting.

12 February 2020

He Responded very quickly. I was also impressed that he was willing to come to my place of business to meet with me.

9 January 2020

Is there a such thing as a tax phobia? Because I find tax season intensely fear inducing. Andy set me completely at ease and I feel confident that my business needs will be well looked after going forward.

7 January 2020

Silver Fox Accounting was very helpful and understood what needed to be done to help my business.

19 December 2019

The entire experience was professional and efficient but there was also the human factor—Andy was personable, easy to talk to and insightful. Some accountants do have a silver lining! I highly recommend Andy Silman. More...

15 November 2019

Andy was prompt, helpful, and thorough. He anticipated a lot of my questions and was quick in his responses to my phone calls . He was also patient with me as I tend to become overwhelmed with accounting and administrative matters. More...

5 November 2019

Extremely kind, efficient and helpful!

30 October 2019

Andy was very quick getting back to me, set up an in-person meeting very quickly and analyses and offered me a solution and fair rate soon there after. Wonderful and trustworthy feelings all around. More...

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We provide full accounting and tax services imncluding payroll and bookkeeping. We also do tax returns but do not do audits. I work with my wife to ensure that our clients understand the recommendations in plain English as well as the technical nuances behind it. We also pride ourselves on prompt communications. We guarantee to respond to all telephone calls within 4 business hours. We also guarantee an initial email response within 24 business hours.

A good accountant does not cost you money. A good accountant saves you money. We identify cost-saving measures, review your margins and provide competitive intelligence when it is available. A good accountant will also pick up the phone when he spots something in your financial picture where your immediate attention to a specific detail could save you money or avoid trouble.

We both love helping people by keeping their taxes to the legal minimum and their books in good order. There is nothing as gratifying as unlocking a CRA garnished bank account so that the business can get back on their own feet again or getting a large tax refund for a client. While not as exciting, it is also very rewarding to take a bag of receipts and compile financial statements from these fragments.

I originally started my career in IT but I saw a greater long term future in accounting. After I became a professional accountant, 40 years ago, I found out that the last 6 generations of my mother's family had been accountants so I guess it was ordained. I started my own business after retiring from working for all three levels of Canadian governments and wanting to continue to help people in business.

We truly care about people and we always try to help. While this gets us burned sometimes, it is worth the effort of caring.

We also go the extra step to ensure that our clients are satisfied.



Let us do your corporate or personal taxes. We will do taxes as far back as 10 years. If you wish, we will review your previous years' taxes to provide sound financial and tax planning advice top maximize your take-home amounts as well as tax-deductible benefits. I have also helped a number of corporations with their employee benefits and succession planning strategies.

Let us evaluate your current and forecast business results to identify and help minimize future pressure points such as cash shortfalls. One of the recommended but infrequently used capital minimization techniques is the lease to own option. We can also help you develop and monitor budgets including activity-based costing and monthly variance reporting.

We will keep your books for monthly and annual accounting and bookkeeping whether you are a corporation or just starting out as self-employed. You have your choice of using quickbooks either on-line or desktop or any other accounting package. We also provide payroll services and full government compliance reporting from HST to Corporate tax Returns.

If you have let your accounting and books slide, let us take your receipts and develop financial statements from your input. We will keep your costs to the minimum using the latest Artificial Intelligence receipt processing software. We will also retain electronic copies of your corporate records to the 7-year term as required by law.