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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Certified coach, helping leaders achieve stronger business results with clarity, focus, and confidence.

Are you struggling with?
• feeling stuck and don’t know how to move forward
• a lack of self confidence
• staying focused on the right priorities

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5 November 2020

Shawna is a great coach. She is very caring, smart and a wealth of knowledge and great ideas. Would recommend Shawna to anyone looking for a great coach.

5 November 2020

I would highly recommend Quigley Coaching. Shawna has helped us successfully execute a number of strategic decisions in the past few months that has led to improved operations, customer service, and sales. She brings expert advice in all business areas, and keeps you accountable. I enjoyed her coaching services so much that I renewed our contract. I look forward in continuing to be coached and mentored by Shawna. More...

5 November 2020

Quigley Coaching not only helped me to create my business strategy, she enabled me to execute. Through planning, implementing, supporting me through client challenges and embracing opportunities, my business has grown to what I today consider to be successful. I now consider myself an entrepreneur, an effective business developer, and this is undoubtedly thanks to the support I received from Quigley Coaching. More...


The most rewarding part of my business coaching is seeing my leadership clients change from struggling; stressed and frustrated with the rate of company growth, dealing with issues of low morale or a lack of accountability. Helping you grow in both self-confidence and confidence in your actions. To see you achieve your goals and develop strong leadership skills to create a high-performing, loyal group of employees.

I believe it’s been my life calling to help others overcome their challenges. Some of my proudest moments are when clients begin to transition from struggling with self-confidence and frustrated by prospects saying no. Emerging, empowered and motivated, achieving the success they hoped for in life and work.

Clients seek me out because of my business development track record and my proven sales expertise. My Focus5 Framework is designed to give my clients the best overall business and growth experience they can get. In one place.

I’m an award-winning sales professional, with a proven, natural ability to teach others. I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, especially if what I’m sharing makes the team more productive. I strongly believe in business competency and professionalism.

I’m always gathering new knowledge and looking for ways to help my clients with sales training and coaching. Which has led me to (just a few!) certifications and accreditations:

● Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation
● Certified Executive Coach (CEC) from Royal Roads University
● Certified Sales Leader (CSL), and Instructor for the Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)

Services can be provided virtually across North America through Zoom.

All services and training programs are provided in a virtual setting.


Develop critical business skills as well as the ability to build the CEO mindset. Reverting back into the classic entrepreneur mindset - doing all the things - is normal and natural. One of the most important roles of a coach is to keep you accountable, helping you focus on your business. Building and managing a team that shares your vision - and then laying it out with a timeline and a business plan.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional building a services business or a business with your own experienced sales teams you will benefit from my Selling with Confidence sales training program:

● Handle any sales situation with confidence
● Generate new business, build referrals, and increase sales to existing customers
● Develop focused action plans and improve productivity and business-wide efficiencies
● Increase profitability through productivity, negotiation and selling skills
● Achieve predictable and consistent sales results
● Managers/owners/leaders will learn how to plan and maximize their sales initiatives. Then efficiently coordinate it with sales team throughout their company

Coaching fuels your business success with sales performance and professional expertise.

Sales coaching usually takes place over several engagements to build those skills that may be lacking. This can have a huge impact on their performance (statistically 3 out of 4 salespeople are not effective). Factors which could affect this number are a lack of training, skills, habits or awareness of how they interact with customers.

I can help with your sales execution through Sales Consulting in the following areas:
● Business analysis & planning
● Business structure and best practice proven tools
● Goal setting
● Setting and tracking performance metrics
● Training new managers to successfully transition from superior sales representative to outstanding leader
● Hiring and training your sales team
● Integrating sales with other departments and get them working cohesively in one direction
● Providing skills development to your manager to create a focused high-performing sales team

Every small business eventually comes to a bend in the road where the path ahead is unclear. Do you worry about what’s around the corner? Or do you apply new leadership and management skills to address business challenges and opportunities to shape your future?

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. Creating the space and the systems to have small business success takes leadership, good execution and a healthy dose of stress management.