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My name is Pearl Cicci and I am a Holisitic Nutritionist, Health Coach and Personal Trainer on a mission to help people feel lit up through implementing my signature method to decrease chronic stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Allowing you to feel more grounded, energized, motivated and happy.

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IT IS EVERYTHING! What we eat really makes all the difference in how we feel and our overall wellbeing. It is my goal to make healthy eating less of a burden and more of an enjoyable daily experience.

I provide them with the best ways to move that promote longevity. I am source of accountability and make working out enjoyable!

There is no secret. You need to have a why strong enough, be dedicated and stay consistent to building healthy habits with food and movement.

I love building relationships with amazing people and seeing their progress through their health journey. The outcomes and goals that I help people reach are truly life changing.

My dad first planted the seed when I was young but I always wanted to help people on my own terms and support them in ways I would not be able to in another setting.

I am a one stop shop and can help them reach their health and wellness goals in the most efficient way.

Yes, I do zoom meetings or phone calls (when appropriate) with my clients.

Currently everything is virtual. Zoom meetings has been the easiest way for to me stay connected with people while having them feel comfortable.


Health coaching support for 3-6 months to provide you with the accountability and personalized advice to create healthy habits for the long term

1:1 personal training in person or virtually. Providing a fitness and wellness plan, accountability and support to create consistency exercise routines to achieve your dream body goals.