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Panax Nutrition offers nutrition counseling services that integrate evidence-based modern nutrition with holistic health solutions. Our aim is to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing for the mind, body, and soul.


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I believe that diet is one of the most important aspects for anyone's health and wellbeing. What we put into our bodies fuels our cells, feeds our systems, and ultimately provides the nutrients that allow our bodies to function. That said, there are many other factors that influence our health outside of nutrition. For example, our thoughts and emotions, our stress levels, our hormonal balance, our environment, etc. While I believe diet is a huge factor in maintaining optimal health, I also believe that we need to address these surrounding factors to truly look and feel our best.

I love so many aspects of my job. I love working with people, educating people, and the various challenges that working in the field of nutrition brings. However, my absolute favourite aspect is that I get to play a part in changing people's lives. It is an incredible feeling to have a client come off of the medication that they thought they would have to take for the rest of their life. It is amazing to see someone with a terrible relationship with their body and food turn into someone who truly loves themselves and no longer feels guilty when they eat. It is these kinds of victories, no matter how small, that I love most.