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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


The Ontario Academy Of Music & Art (OAOM) is one of the largest Online North American Certified Educational Establishments providing Academic Music and Art Education Canada-wide. At the OAOM, we believe in making high-quality classic education accessible to everyone, from young beginners to advanced pedagogues and artists who wish to continue advancing their skills.

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14 September 2023

I am very happy with this Academy as my son studies two subjects here. We started with Piano and then he wanted to take Vocal classes as well. Both programs are taught by great teacher-professors, and they both have a personal approach to my son. I see definite progress which makes us very happy. More...

27 April 2023

Great educational center providing online education Canada-wide.
We live in Quebec, and my daughter has been taking Violin and Theory classes for three years now, and she advanced in both programs noticeably. She feels fortunate to be able to learn from great musicians and she enjoys her classes very much. They have certain expectations for each lesson which keeps my daughter disciplined.
We are happy to recommend this Academy to anyone who is looking for a reliable school/academy to enroll their children.

10 January 2023

I contacted the Academy through the bark. Although It's been 3-months only that our daughter learning Piano with them, but we already see difference. The teacher is kind and highly professional in her approach to my daughter. They also helped us to choose the right instrument. This is the best online school out there. We are happy with our choice. More...

17 December 2022

Great teachers and management team. We are pleased with how our children advanced within six months of enrollment. The teachers are strict in a meantime they don't forget to keep kids excited and have fun during the sessions. I think the school has great rules in place and we are happy finding them. More...

13 October 2022

My son who is 6 years old is enjoying his Piano classes. He is playing well and because of his great teacher always eager to practice at home on his own. Yes, I recommend this school.

7 September 2022

It's an honor for me to write this review to share my experience with this Music school. We enrolled our son in this Academy as he wasn't progressing with his previous teacher: he was completely discouraged and was thinking about quitting Music. My friend's daughter was already a student at OAOM, and I could see how she was improving and practicing at home. Since the enrollment, my son advanced, he is practicing daily (without us reminding him), and two weeks ago, he took an exam and got 94. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the professor Mrs. Ruge and the entire team of OAOM for providing exceptional service and caring about students. We are happy with the results and highly recommend this school. More...

20 July 2022

First, I would like to commend the admin who is very quick to respond to any inquiry. Second, their teachers are all professionals, very skillful and knowledgeable in their craft. It's been more than a year now that my daughter is doing an online piano lesson with them. I've seen her improvement and her eagerness to learn. Now she's moving up to Level 4. Special thanks to Ms. Rima for her passion and patience in teaching. I highly recommend the Ontario Academy of Music & Art. It's totally worth it. More...

21 June 2022

Piano Lessons

They gave good teacher and management staff. The teacher is so dedicated and disciplined in order to help the student build effective practice habits. Coach them on excellent technique and plan lessons. The management staff also is dedicated to keep the process. Also so friendly!!! More...

25 May 2022

Professional teachers, great customer support team, overall very happy I found this Academy. They provide a great opportunity to adult learners as they customize the program and help students achieve their goals.
I would love to mention my teacher, Mrs.Berman for the constant support, encouragement, and exceptional education she providing to me.
- Andrew Yu

Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Reply from Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Thank you, Andrew! Your review is greatly appreciated!

23 April 2022

Amazing music school. My son currently learning the violin as well as piano. Every teacher in this school is fantastic and each and every one of them got a different method and talent!
The customer support team is always prompt to respond and ready to help and accommodate any inquiry whether it's a time change or any other requests.
Thank you very much to the entire team of professionals who work here.
- Avi Lenkoff,

Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Reply from Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Thank you, Avi. Your review is greatly appreciated!

24 March 2022

Great program, highly educated teachers, and outstanding customer support team.
My twin daughters are enrolled in the Music and Art program and they are enjoying the classes very much so.
I want to thank both teachers, Mrs.Lucien and Mrs.Judy for their ongoing support, patience, and the skills they are providing to their students.

Charles Zhang,

18 February 2022

My sincere appreciation to the entire team of the Ontario Academy of Music and Art for providing an exceptional education to students who need it the most.
With the help of a great Piano teacher, my son, who has Autism disorder and Tourette syndrome, was able to learn how to read and write notes: play and memorize short songs, and we've been noticing a significant change in his mental health.
I can not thank enough his teacher, Mrs. Berman, who is patient, kind, and a true professional.
I am forever thankful to this school, and hoping to see my son continuing his education and achieving his own goals!

13 February 2022

My daughter has been with this academy for almost a year now. I've seen how she progress according to her level with the help of her teacher. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Rima for her patience and dedication in teaching my daughter. This academy is highly recommended for those who are interested in enrolling their kids to music. More...

25 January 2022

My son has learned so much since he began playing Piano two years ago. The teachers are not only expert musicians they are also engaging and really know how to make learning music both rewarding and a lot of fun! My son has been inspired to learn Vocal and Art. This is partly his passion but mostly due to the encouragement and support from outstanding music teachers!
I highly recommend this school and can not thank enough the entire teaching staff and the management for making the process extremely easy for students and parents.

Michael Lazarus

29 December 2021

We are so happy with this music school. We signed up our 12 years old son who lost his interest because of his previous teacher who did not have any skills whatsoever, however finding the Ontario Academy of music and art and having one of the greatest music teachers in Canada was amazing.
The program itself is excellent: they give an opportunity to young students to learn fast and not get bored yet they focus and assimilate the theoretical part which is very important.
We are really thankful that our child learns from the bests and we are highly recommending this school.

John & Mery Kaplan

5 December 2021

Had an opportunity to take adult Piano classes through OAOM. I have to say I did not expect such great results in a short period of time. The teacher is very professional and knows how to tailor the learning to the individual. Classes are very interactive. Staff are friendly and helped me get set up in no time. After many failed attempts to self start coming to OAOM has been the best decision I made. Would highly recommend. More...

2 December 2021

The best music school in Ontario. My children love their teachers and enjoy the program. The customer support is great too. They are always prompt to respond to inquiries and always try to help and accommodate.
I am very happy I found this school for my children Helen and Damoon.

Hanna Nazani,

25 November 2021

Excellent program, the teacher is great, my daughter is enjoying her Piano classes.

4 November 2021

Communicative, responsive, always trying to accommodate my schedule, and the teacher is great.
Overall I am happy with this school.

26 October 2021

Reliable and approachable. The teachers are very professional and they want the best for their students.

Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Reply from Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Thank you very much, Stephanie. Your feedback is much appreciated. Truly Yours, OAOM Team,

20 October 2021

I got a response within 10 minutes after placing my request. The trial class was informative and I can not wait for my next actual class.

18 October 2021

Outstanding program! Very quick response from the staff member. My daughters are enrolled in both music and art programs: both teachers are professionals and extremely nice.
I am highly recommending this school.

10 October 2021

Excellent program and the teacher is outstanding. My son started playing within one a month and he is enjoying it so much. I highly recommend this Academy to anyone who wants to get results fast. More...

9 October 2021

Piano Lessons

They responded on my request shortly after I posted it. Overall introduction was very informative. Definitely recommend them.

22 September 2021

An exceptional Music school and they teach Canada-wide. I love the program and the teacher is a young, enthusiastic, and extremely patient person who knows how to approach teenagers. My son is enjoying piano classes. Yes, I will recommend this school to others. More...

8 September 2021

I enrolled my daughter in this Academy and wanted her to learn some basic Piano: she end up loving the program and now preparing for an upcoming test. Seeing how well my child play who had no prior experience in such a short time makes me so happy. Her teacher is great and highly professional.
Yes, I recommend this Academy, and the programs they teach.

4 August 2021

Piano Lessons

Excellent. Nice course and teacher is good

Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Reply from Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Thank you so much for the great review, Amee. Truly Yours, The Ontario Academy Of Music & Art

17 May 2021

My son had his fifth lesson with this Academy and I hear him playing way better than he was before with the previous teacher that was teaching him for 2 years with minimal results. This Academy is very worth it and they deliver what they promise I just wish I knew about them a long time ago. More...

Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Reply from Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Dear Yndira, Thank you very much for your review. Your time and effort in sharing your experience with our Academy are much appreciated.

15 April 2021

I just wanted to take a minute to express my sincere appreciation to the Ontario Academy of Music&Art and the piano teacher for providing the highest level of education to my son Anderson. For the past year, my son mastered his piano skills, developed so many new techniques, and he wants to continue as a professional musician, and that's been our dream since he was very little. His teacher is not only a great musician but also a compassionate individual who truly cares for others.
Finding this school was a blessing for us and I highly recommend this educational establishment!

Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Reply from Ontario Academy of Music and Art Online Education Canada wide

Thank you very much for the great review, Mr.Jason. Truly Yours, The Ontario Academy Of Music & Art

23 March 2021

I was very skeptical regarding online education in general, not to say online music lessons, but my daughter advanced a lot within a couple of months after I enrolled her in this school. I am not a musician: however, I can see that the program they are teaching here is different, and I regret that I didn't find them a few years ago when my daughter was starting taking piano classes and doing her first steps in music.
Also, I would like to mention my daughter's teacher, Ms. Rima, she is a true professional, very patient with my daughter, and cares for her students. I am happy I found a good school for my daughter.

29 January 2021

This is a great school with a great music and art program. My son has been taking twice week Piano lessons and once a week art class. Both teachers are true professionals and overall we are happy with the services provided. I recommend the Academy to parents who really care for their children's education.
The prices are reasonable as well. It's worth it.

21 January 2021

Professional and skilled teachers, great customer care team, always open to accommodate schedule changes to support parents who have a rocky schedule. My daughters like their Violin teacher and they are really interested in continuing their education. More...

19 January 2021

I enrolled my 12 y/o son two months ago and so far everything is looking great. He likes his teacher, she is very patient with him, never rush or push him. She is a professional and intelligent person who tries to educate my son and keep the process fun. The prices are very reasonable and the management and the staff are very nice and responsive, it's a great and professional team overall.
We are happy so far, thank you!

7 January 2021

My son has been taking classes for two months and we are happy with the results he's been portraiting. He has LD and we were told that taking Music lessons will be beneficial for him. His teacher and therapist both noticed that his reading got better and he is more relaxed at school as well as home.
I really like this Academy and I find them very busy, however, they are always on top of the students and they provide feedback if need be.
Yes, I highly recommend the Ontario Academy of Music and Art.

21 December 2020

We enrolled our children 3 months ago and I can say that our kids are enjoying Music and Art classes with the Ontario Academy of music and art so very much. The teachers are great, and the program is customized to each student's needs. Within the first month, my wife and I started noticing that our kids are actually playing new songs and working on different technical skills that they are never done with their previous teachers. I also would like to mention the customer service and the management team, which always goes above and beyond to meet parents' expectations.
I am glad my friends recommended this school to us and this is a small token of our appreciation to spread the word as well.

Thank you and happy holidays!

30 November 2020

What I like most about this school that they provide a high quality of education and they care for students. My son has a mild ASD and had a music teacher in the past who was rude and eventually made my son quit the lessons, however, I was referred to this Academy and they made me believe that it is possible for children with autism to be enrolled in music and art programs. So far the learning process been smooth, my son loves his piano teacher, and recently he was transferred to level 2. I can't find enough words to impress my gratitude for this school, and his teachers. More...

25 November 2020

I love my Piano teacher. She is nice, full of knowledge, and has a great personality. It's extremely easy for me to learn from her and I am so happy I found this school. I learn a lot during the class and already able to play my favorite songs. More...

17 November 2020

I never write feedback but I thought I will leave a review since I found this school by word of mouth and I am so thankful for it. Great program, great teachers. My son is enrolled in both Art and Music programs and he is enjoying it so very much. In such a short time of 3 weeks, we could see progress in his play, and also Art program helps him a lot since he has some minor issues with motor skills. I want to thank both Art and Music teachers, and also the administrative staff for their hard work. Thank you all! More...

11 November 2020

I highly recommend this Academy to people who truly want their children to be professional and educated.
Academic Education is extremely important and it took me a while to find the right institution with great teaching staff. I heard about this Academy from my community and decided to get in touch. I had a long conversation with the owner who is also a teacher, after discussing step by step the program and the future development plan, I decided to enroll my kids and so far I am amazed by the quality of education my kids are receiving. The teacher is strict and my kids are getting feedback after every class which keeps them motivated and make them practice on a daily basis and I already seeing results.
Thank you.

2 November 2020

Great experience. I am an adult and I signed with the Academy 3 months ago, my teacher Ms.Lusine is great: kind and professional. She designed a special program for me that suits my individual learning needs so we focus on what I really want to learn. I am in New-York, and glad that they offer remote lessons.
Highly recommend this institution.

28 October 2020

My daughter loves her violin teacher and I notice progress. Taking into account that the classes are held online this school is doing great and the teachers are professionals. Overall I am happy and I recommend this school. More...