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OnePeopleTO (as in Tkaronto) is a Black-led, queer-positive cultural & traditional healing sanctuary.

Decolonize your healing journey.

Learn from, compensate & celebrate Black, Brown, Indigenous & traditional healing practitioners of colour.

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Yes, I do offer virtual/remote services for reiki, astrology, and tarot. This is a great way to stay in the comfort of your own home and still receive the value of the desired service.

I sanitize all fabric materials between client use, wash hands before and after each appointment, and will wear a mask if requested.


Reiki is an amazing non-denominational therapeutic tool that helps one access deep healing and relaxation that anyone can participate in regardless of faith, current medications or personal belief.

In a session, a client usually lies on a massage table fully clothed while the practitioner rests their hands on/around the client's head, various joints and feet as they conduct and guide energy throughout the recipient's body.

Reiki can also performed without any touch. This is great for people that have touch sensitivity, trauma or general discomfort with physical touch. The result is a feeling of overall wellness, ease and satisfaction - very similar to the after-effects of a deep tissue massage or healing acupuncture session.

In light of the pandemic, virtual/distance sessions are much more common than in the past and folks can stay in the comfort of their home. These sessions can also be recorded for future playback.

A tool for insight & planning, astrology is so much more than what is in your daily horoscope.

By using your personal birth details (or the date your company was established!), you can plan to make the most of key moments and timed windows of opportunity that are unique to you while alerting you to potential landmines along your journey.

Astrology is a journey of co-creation with the Universe & cosmos. Learn how to use this ancient tool for personal, spiritual, self development and guidance.

Why Tarot?!

Because it's how Spirit communicates - in signs, pictures and symbols. Why would Tarot ever be considered something to fear - unless there is truth in what it offers.

Tarot is non denominational, can be applied to various situations and speaks to the reader and querent through feelings, visions, and insights. Tarot teaches you how to hear what the universe is saying and validates your intuition.

Did you know that the illustrator of the original Rider-Waite Tarot is a Jamaican woman, Paula Coleman Smith? All communities have the ability to connect to Source and OnePeopleTO helps to remind us all of that innate gift.