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New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations is a British Columbia based Canadian owned and operated Professional Private Investigative Services Firm. New Data has developed a well-established network of Investigators and professional affiliates throughout North America, Asia, Europe and UAE.

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Helping clients and providing “New Data” and evidence, empowering our clients while having to make difficult and often litigious decisions.

In short: Making the most impact with every assignment.

We are motivated to assist our clients through difficult decisions, not by our fees. We have the Skills and Experience to make a Difference!


At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations we provide expertise for a wide range of Investigative, Risk Solutions and Surveillance related services. Every assignment is approached with an objective to provide “New Data” to our clients, uncovering, acquiring and documenting evidence through whatever legal means necessary, utilizing the latest investigative techniques, software, equipment and technologies.

At New Data our Management and Investigators work effortlessly with our clients, legal counsel, adjusters and corporate decision makers in providing a tailored range of Risk Mitigating Solutions such as:

Fraud investigations

Bodily injury investigations and surveillance

Long Term Disability or LTD investigations and surveillance

Surveillance operations for insurance companies, corporations and individuals - domestic & international

Legal Support - investigative services

LTD Litigated investigations and surveillance

Integrity Audits – cash handling

Open Source or Cyber investigations

Corporate investigative services

Due diligence investigations for corporations and individuals

Civil litigation investigations

Risk solutions for corporations and individuals

Background profiling

Witness locates and statements

Network and data security

TSCM or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (bug sweeps or eavesdropping detection)

Covert video systems and installations

Security consulting and reviews – risk / threat analysis and physical integrity checks

Accident benefits investigations

Executive, VIP or personal protection

Undercover operations – Re: loss prevention and or embezzlement

Missing persons and locates

Domestic and family matters

Intellectual or Property – copyright, trademark and patent infringement

Labour Relations

At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations Inc. preemptive planning and safeguarding is essential to success and necessary to stay competitive in the fast paced ever changing business environment.

Our experience, investigative techniques and diversity allows us to develop clear solutions in the present while planning for the future. Our Consultants and Investigators will identify and analyze many factors of our client’s risk management needs and problems, allowing our clients to focus on building rather than repairing.

At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations Inc. we work closely with our clients, their management team, legal counsel, adjusters and corporate decision makers providing a diverse list of investigative and consultative services such as:

Surveillance of any nature

Open Source or social media investigations

Risk or Threat assessment

Legal and intellectual property matters

Forensic Accounting

Missing persons

Witness interviews and locates

Undercover operations pertaining to theft, fraud and loss prevention

Technical countermeasures (eavesdropping & bug detection)

Executive protection for both corporate and entertainment industries

Domestic and family matters

Network & Data security

At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations we consider surveillance an art, or as we refer to it as the “Art of Surveillance”. The art of surveillance is making something very unnatural like following another person in very public places for days on end, look very natural, all while obtaining constant video evidence for hours and many times for consecutive days.

New Data leverages technology, years of experience and a commitment to continued professional learning and development in our ongoing effort to provide meaningful evidence that will assist our clients in making difficult and at times litigious decisions.

There are no easy assignments anymore and we understand that in order to be effective conducting surveillance on a regular basis we need to utilize access to publicly available information. At New Data we will focus our investigative acumen to provide as much information as possible, prior to commencing any surveillance.

In addition to using the best camera equipment available today our Investigators also are equipped with several covert video monitoring systems, providing seamless coverage in very public places.

New Data is committed to providing exceptional Service, detailed Results with total Accountability. Our team of experienced surveillance operatives are ready to assist our clients in dealing with specific situations requiring surveillance such as:

Insurance Claims (P&C)

Insurance Claims (Auto)

Long-term Disability Claims

B.I or Bodily Injury Claims

Corporate Due Diligence

Employee Absence or Attendance Issues

Slip or Trip and Fall Claims

Income Replacement Benefits

Accident Replacement Benefits

Legal Support for Civil Litigation and Criminal Litigation

Domestic and Family Matters

Fraud/Embezzlement Pertaining to Loss Prevention

Undercover Operations and Counter Surveillance

Covert Video installation and utilization

With the fast pace of business today, time can be a limited commodity. Businesses and key stakeholders are faced with making decisions that at times will lack history, experience or knowledge of a particular personal or professional relationship. Trust in business is critical as well as the ability to enforce contractual obligations. Our team of proven investigators utilizing every legal means necessary will provide services and searches in many different situations and scenarios.

At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations we have an extensive history in providing support to the legal community. Many of our Investigators have successfully testified in court, where their evidence and testimony has resulted in measurable mitigating outcomes and meaningful caselaw.

At New Data our Management and Investigators work effortlessly with, Claims Adjusters, Paralegals, Lawyers and the legal community supporting criminal and civil proceedings by providing the following....

New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations provides professional comprehensive, Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures (TSCM) bug sweeping / electronic eavesdropping detection. We only use the latest technology and techniques. Our experts are trained to deal with all aspects of transmitted voice or data communications.

At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations we have pioneered processes and techniques in conducting cash handling integrity audits, service level and corporate brand audits. These services have been provided to;

National restaurant brands
National hotel or hospitality brands
Night clubs
Pubs and Bars
Businesses where cash is predominantly or regularly utilized for transactions
Sporting Venues

At New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations we work closely with Corporations, Executives and their (HR) Human Resources team, assisting them in managing labour and union related issues. Due to the complexity and sensitive nature of these types of assignments we recommend a consultation with one of our experts.

See our website for more information.

An Open Source, Cyber or Desk investigation is typically conducted from an Investigator’s desk and generally not in the field or out of the office. This type of investigation has evolved over the past many years, so much so, that many investigations are conducted solely from a computer. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and alike have helped shape the investigative process.

Pleaae visit our website or call for more information.