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Fast & long-lasting results. Our clients see results in 2 weeks! Get your own personalized fitness app, with a certified Strength & Conditioning expert at your fingertips.

Trusted by professional athletes and residents all over the Burlington, Ontario region and members of Burlington Training Centre.

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7 customer reviews

28 December 2020

One of the best designed fitness apps ive used. Very straight forward.

28 December 2020

Easy to use, easy to follow, great support

26 December 2020

The best training and coaches around

26 December 2020

Great app! It's very straight forward. Just download the app, and it shows you everything. Very easy to follow up on workouts.

Good job, guys!

25 December 2020

User friendly and straight forward! Makes workouts super easy and shows you how to do everything.

25 December 2020

Wonderful app! I'm so excited to see my results after using this 😊 great job guys!

25 December 2020

So much better than a lot of the Fitness Apps I've used! Great trainers, with vast knowledge of physiology and what goes on "behind the scenes" during workout & recovery.


Our coaches are only one message away. With our app being able to sync to almost all devices we can get an in-depth look at the work your doing.

Set a goal, plan for it, follow your plan with support ---- Reach it; then set a new goal & Repeat!⠀
You can't manage what you can't measure. Take us everywhere you go and let us help you reach your goals.

Seeing clients get DRAMATIC results faster than they thought possible, and getting SUPER excited about it! Just ask for some testimonials and we will show you screenshots, before & afters, etc.

It pains me to see people trying over and over, but not getting the results they want. Especially those people who are doing many things right, but they don't have the correct guidance, structure and exact science to fast-track tangible returns. While training myself for professional sports, I worked with many athletes and regular people in my region to help them get where they wanted to be! After a while, I decided that I wanted to help more people; that it was my purpose to help people feel better about themselves and improve in their every day life. So I created my fitness app, which allowed me to help people from around the world and have a centalized system that is also fun & engaging. Workouts are never boring.

We care more than anyone else. You become part of the family, and you get undivided attention. You can email me at 2am with your ruminations your health issues. You'll never get robots and generic messages. There is ALWAYS a human touch, and you can ALWAYS get in touch with your trainer and expect a detailed, thorough response for your needs.

Yes! Our elite trainers upload your custom programs to your app for easy tracking. Many people start a workout or meal plan without any guidance, direction or tracking of results, leading to burnout after 1-3 weeks. Get the coaching, motivation and fitness knowledge you need, in order to succeed! With 4 professionally trained Instructors on staff, we are flexible and can help you stick to your workouts. Improve your fitness and stay in shape, without worrying about your busy schedule, or a crowded gym.

We are strictly remote, though we do have clients at our location on Fairivew St. in Burlington with appropriate safety measures. While Ontario is in lockdown, we are happy to provide 100% remote services for your health, fitness, nutrition & hormonal balance.


Our certified Strength & Conditioning coaches upload your workout and meal plans to your app for easy tracking. Many people start workouts or meal plans without any guidance, direction or tracking of results, causing burnout after 1-3 weeks.

Our team of Naturopath Doctors provides the nutritional programs & plans that are custom tailored to your specific needs. Your monthly program comes with done-for-you meals and recipes, as well as hormone & supplement guidance from our team.

Get the structured training & nutrition program that is tailored for your needs. We work with professional/amateur athletes from a diverse range of sports: MMA, hockey, football, rugby, wrestling, soccer & more. Inject results into your game.

When you're trying to improve your health, you have to be mindful of what you put into your body. We put together the most effective natural plan. Our trusted team of Holistic Nutritionists has over 10 years of experience. Safe supplements that won't react with any medication and prevents withdrawal symptoms.

Your Health & Fitness Road Map. Speak with Adam for FREE today! Call or text 905.220.3395.

Many people start a workout or meal plan without any guidance, direction or tracking of results, leading to burnout after 1-3 weeks. Our elite trainers upload your workout & meal plans to your app for easy tracking. With a structured program, you’ll know every exercise & meal for the day just by looking at your phone. Never miss a workout or healthy meal again! Our app makes tracking easy, and our professional coaches work with you monthly, along with step by step video tutorials to ensure you’re well on your way to reaching your goals.

There are 3 key body systems that need to be functioning optimally for you to feel and function at your best. The Hormone System, the Digestive System and the Detox System.

These systems get hit hard as a result of modern living(fast pace, high demands, busy days, high stress, poor food choices, sugar and processed foods, excess caffeine, excess alcohol, physical stress, intense training, mental/emotional strain, lack of rest, screens at night, poor sleep, too many medications or supplements, food sensitivities, and more).

We identify which system or systems need improvement and start working on them.