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Hi, I'm Mike. I am a freelance photographer based on southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

I create lifestyle, portrait, family adventure, brand storytelling & documentary photography that helps brands visualize their culture, transforming products and services into memorable, focused and authentic stories and experiences that resonate, inspire, teach and influence choice.

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Ask yourself not 'is this a good photo' but rather 'what does this photo express'.
Photography is generally about understanding light, followed by composition and capturing moments that are either authentic and real, and/or compelling in some way.

What are your vision & goals?
What is your budget & timeline?
Do you have a location(s) in mind?
Are you open to collaboration and suggestions?
(Generally I am not interested in a one-way transaction..photography for me is about collaboration and a shared vision)

Meeting people and creating images that say something. I get most excited about projects that have a larger meaning either culturally, socially, spiritually or aesthetically. Pretty pictures are great, but if there is a story to be told that's what is compelling for me.

Still figuring it out but I would say the opportunity to grow personally, professionally & spiritually through adversity is attractive. As a dad with 2 boys, the ability to have more flexibility with my time is critical as they navigate adolescence.

I know how to identify and navigate the parameters that make a great photo or set of photographs. This comes from an extensive background in advertising and graphic design where I honed my ability to compose imagery and understand why things work visually. I operate with a general philosophy that less is more and truth is king. Simple visualization is always easier to digest and the strongest imagery is always clean and simple.

I follow all the protocols advised by provincial health officers. I keep my mask on, have backups should they be needed, keep my distance given any number of scenarios and generally use basic common sense for location scouting and making sure all parties are briefed and understand on-site protocols for conduct so everyone can focus on the task at hand and have peace of mind while doing so.


Brand storytelling photography is for passionate and committed business owners keen to elevate the overall visual presentation of their company and forge a deeper connection with their local community and brand culture. A day-in-the-life story of your brand told through a series of artfully composed and thoughtfully executed photographs that:

• create a sense of place and personality
• communicate your brand’s values and practices
• showcase your people, products and services
• share a behind-the-scenes peek into your
• evoke connection with your customers
• shape positive opinions and influence around
what you do

My approach is friendly, informal, and minimally disruptive. My goal is to make you feel like you & your staff are in the company of a friend rather than performing for a production. I do not manipulate the scene or pose subjects, though I may provide direction from time to time. This method tends to set most people at ease in front of the camera. Together we'll create an expansive portfolio of beautiful photography for your brand's web presence, social media, print materials, ad and marketing campaigns, trade show displays, investor reports, and more.

Lifestyle photography transforms products & services into relatable stories that communicate your culture, resonate with your local community and drive an emotional response. In today’s competitive market, consumers purchase a lifestyle and a feeling more than a product. People can smell bullshit a mile away in today’s highly saturated media landscape, so authenticity is essential. I look to find real moments and then shoot inside of those moments in order to tell your story in the most authentic way possible.

Imagine the lifestyle of your customers. Where are they? What are they doing? How are they dressed? Who are they with? Now turn that vision into a selection of photographic assets that can be used across all your marketing channels, giving your audience something to experience & connect with.

I shoot portraits of a whole range of people for a large variety of reasons:

• Instagram & Lifestyle
• Personal Branding
• Family Photoshoots
• Documentary

During any portrait shoot I am after authenticity. To facilitate this I collaborate with people to create a scenario that is organic & natural where real moments are happening so I can shoot within those moments capturing the essence of the person in their element. As a photographer it is my job to create trust and an atmosphere of relaxation for people. This is achieved through real conversation, how I carry myself, and generally having a positive, easy-going, jovial presence and collaborative spirit.