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With over 20 years in the fitness world competing the CEO of Massemeltdown has seen it all. Passing this knowledge down to his team of trainers Massmeltdown is confident and efficient in its practices. Looking to be your best on stage or just feeling healthier and fitting your clothes better, Massmeltdown is here to get you to that goal.

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We use one of the top software training sites to guide, track, and support our athletes.
with check-ins set weekly, bi-weekly, monthly based on the clients needs. These check-ins are extensive and allow the client to rate their training week, ask questions, give feedback if they require any special attention, as well as keep us a coaches up to date with cheats weight measurements and much more. We listen to all the feedback an make the necessary adjustments to continue with the forwards momentum or if we need to adjust based on lifestyle, work or any other reason.

The thing that is the MOST important is consistency. Hands down this is what it will take.

Massmeltdown has been around for 13 years now and what is the most rewarding aspect of this job is the freedom to work with people all over world and what is even better is when the opportunity comes to travel and meet the clients we have and get to train and interact with them.

Ryan the CEO has always been driven and always into fitness and bodybuilding. It just seemed fitting to make the next step and become his own boss and dow what he loves everyday. Since then he has made numerous business ventures both in the fitness industry as well as out but training clients has always remained a passion of his and continues push and expand Massmeltdown's impact of clients world wide.

Clients should always choose a coach that is willing to work with them as well as understands their needs. Not all coaches that are amazing are for everyone. We believe we have a great balance in our team and can provide to the needs of a wide variety of clients. Best way to figure out if we are good for you is honestly taking that leap of faith and really giving it your all. With a client like this we are destined for greatness and results.

We are an "Online" training company, Everything that we provide and work with allows clients to work on their own schedules and based on their equipment that they have access to. the platform that we use is a web based program that allows clients to log in from any device that has wed service. Although we do meet with clients depending on geographic circumstance. We always love to meet with clients in their area if we are traveling.

We work with limited equipment and focus on mental and physical health during this time. Diet and supplementation is KEY to staying healthy and keeping the immune system operating at its BEST. Video calls and messaging allow access to our trainers always.


There is no "FAD" diets use in our programs. Our trainers us tried and tested methods that truly work. We will customize the diet and workout program to your needs and to your experience level. Working with food likes and dislikes as well as building workout programs with what you have available to you.

When it comes to weight loss we want you to keep it off ! This requires retraining the mind and unlearning bad habits. We are here every step of the way.

When it comes to adding muscle to a bodies frame things can get quite confusing.
-How many calories do I need to eat to add but not gain fat
-How often should I train
-How many body parts should I train in one session
-How long is enough or too much in the gym
-How many reps and sets
These questions are very common and they require different approaches for different clients. The key to success is to have a coach that is able to adapt and see the client for who they are and what their needs are. We at Massmeltdown have coached 100's of clients and worked with all body types and we are very confident that we can get you the results that you are looking for.

There is no secret that if you want to keep the results that you achieve during a "diet" phase that you will have to maintain a level of work ethic that will allow for the results to stay. But when diets become goal orientated and life returns to normal after the event or achieving a certain look what happens now ? Truth is Massmeltdown's will teach you the lifestyle approach to carry on even after the goal and deadline has been reached. We take the time with clients to showing them how to properly schedule their "cheats" and actually help them determine what are the "good cheats" and which ones to steer clear from. Teaching them to balance life and fitness in a way so they see that they are doing this to enjoy life not to make it their life.
We at Massmeltdown are very confident that we can show clients how to apply balance to their life and achieve their fitness goals at the same time.