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My knowledge and experience always allows me to deliver the best solution for your task with reasonable timing.

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10 November 2020

I want to add that computer experts are common, but a computer genius is rare. Maksym Steplyuk is that genius.

10 November 2020

I'm pleased to say that I've had the privilege of having Maksym as my computer "help" angel for at least ten years. He has been helpful to me, in sometimes miraculous dimensions, in at least three different ways: technically (in terms of computer mechanics and electronics); digitally (in terms of retrieving lost or corrupted files and cleaning out viruses); and personally (in terms of complete honesty, fairness and discretion). If there is anything wrong with a computer that can be fixed, Maksym can fix it, even if you originally thought it would be hopeless. Maksym is driven by hope. He is also driven by his extreme dedication to get to the bottom of things. He will not leave one stone unturned to find a clear and affordable solution to one's problem. His knowledge on the subject is endless. On the technical side, he can take a computer apart and put it back together again, and recommend the most affordable and economical replacement of parts needed. On the digital side, he has recovered files I had thought were lost forever, and applied solid (and affordable and economical) anti-virus solutions. As for honesty and discretion, his solutions are offered at the lowest possible price, and he always explains what he's doing and why. In Politics, it's what is called complete transparency. You are never in doubt with Maksym, that you are getting more than your value for the money you spend. I have no room here to detail all the many little, and big, miracles he has performed on my computers, but I can enthusiastically affirm that I cannot picture my computer without seeing Maksym standing behind it, protecting it with all the care and passion he puts into his work. More...

9 November 2020

He knows his work very well. When I asked for help he alwas was their, and new how to fix the computer and what to do. Thanks a lot.


I like to help people.
It allow me to solve interesting tasks and get creative.
Also, I like to find solutions that also helps planet and your pocket.
Like for example instead of throwing PC, Upgrade outdated components in it.

It allow me to find more friends.
Some flexibility on my time.
Access to more interesting projects.

Everyone who selected my service, normally stay with me.
Even after I moved to another country.
Also my area of knowledge can benefit you in many ways.

If task allow so than there is no issue.
I can host remote session and controllable secure screen sharing on request.

I do not needed anything.
My remote clients for last 10 years included but not limited by various regions (Australia, Ukraine, USA, Russia).
For the cases where on site visit is required, I do use all necessary precautions, first I am doing is sanitize your piece of tech before starting working on it.


Can restore data from HDD, SSD, Flash
As long as mechanically it is still work.
Even if you fast formatted data it still might be there.

Can create and help to maintain DB for your needs.

Can teach how to use your computer.
White use of "Layman terms"
Can teach in: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Topics not limited to:
Basic knowledge about PC
Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
WEB browsing
Security for beginners
Other topics

Wide variety of Software and Hardware assistance in your needs.

Including but not limited to:
Building new system

SOHO is stands for Small Office Home Office

VBA is the programming language that allows to make Microsoft Office even more powerful.

Can Assist to create such cool subprograms.