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East York, Etobicoke, Mississauga, North York, Thornhill, Toronto, Vaughan, Willowdale, Woodbridge,

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Get a free quote from this professional


Visit: www.magentapropertycare.com
Click: the "Contact Us" page
Complete: the Quote Request Form.
We will get in touch with you. Thank you in advance. God bless you. Stay Safe. Be bless!

We offers a full-range of lawncare, landscaping and property services for residential and commercial properties.

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To request a quote, please visit
www.magentapropertycare.com and click on the "Contact Us" page to complete the quote request form. We will get intouch with you. Thank you and God bless you in advance!

We offers a full-range of lawncare, landscaping and property services for residential and commercial properties. From regular maintenance to design and installation, our team has the skill and experience to enhance your property's curb-appeal and increase it's value. Call us today or request a quote and discover the difference.

Magenta Property Care is a family-owned and operated Lawn, Landscape and Property Care company serving residential and commercial clients in the Toronto area.

At Magenta Property Care, our passion is to deliver exceptional quality service every time we service the properties of our existing and new clients. This is why we have such a long lasting reputation which sets us apart from other lawn care companies.

We are dedicated to taking the worry out of all your landscape maintenance needs.


We provide outdoor services that requires us to be on your property.

Dear Home Owners,
As COVID-19 is affecting our lives and continues to evolve daily, it is imperative that landscapers
implement safe operating procedures and Best Management Practices based on and compliant
with government guidelines. The first priority is the safety of staff, clients and the community
as a whole. As landscapers, we can help to maintain healthy gardens and look after the
surrounding environment while providing mental health benefits for communities and
sustainable jobs.
For your WELL BEING!!
Healthy Living spaces for us!
Why are we out and about?
We need to ensure your plants are healthy and continue to thrive. A maintained landscape
contributes to mental health benefits as well as public safety; should lawns and landscapes
become overgrown they become fire hazards, may attract pests or vermin, and have negative
effects on the mental well-being of residents. Unmaintained buildings may also experience an
increase in crime, such as burglaries, further decreasing neighborhood safety and morale. Some
landscapers can check on seniors (from a distance) and empty homes where owners can’t be
there due to travel or other restrictions. Landscape and lawn care companies play an important
role in keeping healthy people employed and supporting the economy.

What are we doing?
• We are keeping the required distance and staying on top of regulations as much as we
• We are not having contact with the public, we will not be talking to you in person. We
ask you to stay inside while we work. Please email or call us.
• We are sanitizing our tools, trucks, and hands regularly.

Landscape work, in most cases, is performed outdoors in small teams , or individually, with
limited public contact, posing a lower risk of spreading COVID-19. Additional measures are implemented to ensure safety of workers, clients and community. Please ask us for details.